volvik magma golf balls review

Volvik Magma golf balls come in white or yellow only. With that, an individual can find the ball better and expect it to be more durable. Volvik vivid golf balls are manufactured by Volvik organization. For instance, the brand has soft core layers for individuals that want a softer impact and a quality putting experience. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. This model is more expensive than the usual colored, matte-finished Volvik golf balls you’re used to seeing. Volvik once fell into the second category but is making a hard push to become a brand played by all golfers. Another aspect that makes these worthwhile is the patented 336 design. These affordable golf balls make your golf session worth it. See more here. With the same mindset, you can identify if a putt is going straight when you draw a line around the ball. Due to the quality and performance, Volvik golf balls are very much in demand. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. We wanted to evaluate the cost per value ratio of these golf balls and how they differentiate from other brands. The Volvik Magma is designed for golfers seeking super distance and soft feel, especially for senior golfers with a low swing speed. When you find out the S4 has a dual-core, you might end up asking yourself how. Thanks to the distinct putting line on this product that enhances the aiming and permit golfers to play a more accurate shot. Octahedron dimple exterior ensures better response. When it comes to picking the most bright golf ball, it is widely recommended to stick away from the blues and the green colors. When we first started our research, we did not know much about Volvik to start with. They are crafted for individuals that want to stand out on the course as well as be able to notice and see their golf balls easier. To put it simply, this the easiest ball to see, which means fun for anyone, and really long, as it will stay in the air longer than other golf balls. Now, for the fact that it only comes four in a pack, they are quite expensive, making them more of a collectible. In order to achieve this, Volvik sets this up to be a high launch, low spin ball. While purchasing this golf ball, you can pick the shades according to your desire. For instance, the construction quality ensures both a quality exterior and interior design. Ultra soft design and quality urethane cover.

Quite expensive in Australia at $6.50 a ball so for pensioners we can't afford to lose one really. Other Volvik balls I played but didn't include Volvik Magma doesn't conform with the USGA rules so isn't advised for tournament play.

}, Best for High Handicappers: Volvik XT AMT. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. They have multi-layer golf balls, known as golf balls that have a different core, mantle, and outer layers. If you haven’t given Volvik a shot yet, it’s certainly worth a try. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The suits of cards around the numbers are pretty cool, Low spin off the tee, high spin around the greens; a match made in heaven, This is a tour performance golf ball; it’s also priced like a tour performance golf ball, Shallow dimples help with flight stability, keeping longer shots straight, High launch design thanks to dual power core, Many golfers do not like matte finish the first time they use this type of ball. Customer Questions & Answers See questions and answers. Edited By: Andy Salgado Updated By: last updated: Nov 08, 2019. With that in mind, the larger core is designed to ensure distance and maximum value. Part of the design that ensures these definitive qualities is the Bismuth enhanced core. Volvik Solice is our favorite model when it comes to this. Related products. Then It most likely is a Volvik golf ball! When choosing our top pick, we like finding a product that can relate to a majority of people in the market. With that in mind, the three-piece design has an aerodynamic exterior and a soft interior that allows for an optimal green spin and short game control, making this set ideal for putters. Well, we are eager to share with you. This next set of golf balls have been designed for quality and are known as one of the best in the tour. Your email address will not be published. All rights reserved. None of their models are more representative of this than the Volvik S3. This is a three-piece golf ball and is designed to help the average golfer produce more spin. Larger core improves shot accuracy and distance.

Forget what you already know about Volvik. It has a Soft Ionomer that contains a Zirconium material. On the audience demand, we are going to review some of the top Volvik golf balls that you will love using on the golf course.

Having bright colored balls definitely have their advantages, but stay clear of greens and blues, they can be hard to see. This pattern allows for the product to have a better overall aerodynamic design. This is an excellent follow up ball, and I'm still seeing a slight increase in my distance and my slice is still manageable.

Volvik Vibe contains a urethane cover that delivers strength. This golf ball is unique in the fact that it combines Volvik’s neon colors with an amazing matte finish plus all the amazing performance of our Crystal golf ball. With that, these are made for optimal spin rates as well as solid layers both in the core and exterior shell. People from all around the world are preferring Volvik golf balls. Time to talk about what may be one of the most professional designs in the industry. Top subscription boxes – right to your door. Here are two unique features of these golf balls. The cover is just a little too soft for us.

What it creates overall is a quality improved flight design that ensures better stability while in the air.

In case you want a golf ball with low compression, then try out the Volvik Vibe Golf Balls. Let’s talk about the Volvik Vivid Matte Finish golf balls and what individuals can expect from this overall product. Volvik Vivid Prior Generation is suitable for a high handicapper. That means one big price drop and HUGE SAVINGS for you! People from all around the world are preferring Volvik golf balls. Please add your custom text before adding to cart. We talked about 322, now we want to talk about 366. - Excellent Visibility in FIVE Glossy Color Options. The finish is intended to offer less glare for an overall better visibility once on the green. With that in mind, the composition of their golf balls is individually designed depending on what the needs of an individual are. Although this brand does not particularly tout water resistance, the balls will not fade if that is the primary concern. Volvik Magma Golf Balls - The Volvik Magma golf ball is an illegal distance three piece golf ball that pushes the limits of how far a ball can fly.Part of the new 2010 Volvik golf ball line, the Volvik Magma golf ball is designed for golfers who want more distance, a lot more, plus great feel around the greens.The Volvik Magma is the next generation of the Volvik Raiders but with enhanced distance … Either way, prepare for more and more bright golf balls going forward. It happens to be the exact number of the octahedron dimple pattern that the brand has used to design these golf balls. This design is a quasi-cuboctahedron dimple pattern that is longer descending and allows for distance without drag.

There are the best golf ball brands, and brands that everyone knows.

This page works best with JavaScript. The redeeming factor, the control, and distance you gain are worth paying a few extra bucks. Made for quality and designed for seasoned golfers, these golf balls are quality designs. At the same time, it is easier to launch the ball higher with more control. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. How much distance can be gained with the illegal Volvik Magma? For orders placed on Saturday or Sunday, your tracking information will activate when your order is picked up by our shipping carrier on Monday. Only trying to keep the masses happy by making this pick #2. As far as cost and value, we can say that this happens to be one of the most costly sets from this brand. For a lot of models and variations, a Volvik golf balls review applies to many, this one does not. I can't recommend this ball for senior golfers. If your desired setup isn't available, we'll notify you and suggest comparable options. Advanced Members; 0 737 posts; Feedback. Tweet This Product . Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Here are two features of this quality item. Share Followers 0. Eventually, there will be a time when you improve enough as to where you won’t need extra help with distance. What one of the many benefits of these golf balls are the overall longer distance design without sacrificing the impact. This means those who are brand new to the game, as well as golfers that have been playing for years. Now that we have talked about a wide selection of golf balls, it is time to share a different kind of set of golf balls. A Volvik golf balls review wouldn’t be complete without an option with a metallic finish. The only way there wouldn’t be is if somehow the ball expanded fairways and holes—not going to happen.

With that, this brand has excelled at creating a masterful color quality design that is scratch resistant and works alongside the overall exterior quality of the golf ball. Volvik is a well-known brand in the golf accessories industry. As we discuss cost and value for this product, individuals should take into consideration that the low compression design creates a valuable experience. The putting feel is due to the optimal spin rate design alongside a durable and powerful zirconium cover with 466-Octahedron dimples, the largest number from this brand. Overall, it helps individuals achieve the active shot they desire.

Alongside this, individuals can expect the color to not chip or fade easily. It got to the point where a colored ball was starting to get called a Volvik, the same way tissue is called a Kleenex or a plastic bag a Ziploc. If you are an individual and you want maximum spin and enhanced distance, this is the product to get because of the power core. For the price as well, we can see why they have five-star reviews and are highly touted. You’ll immediately notice this comes with a slightly high price than most golf balls designed for average golfers.

This is a three-piece golf ball. However, the fact that you can personalize them makes the product even better. You can either choose Matte Blue, Matte Sherbet Orange, Matte White, Matte Yellow, Vivid Green, Vivid Orange, Vivid Pink, or Vivid Red color. The design of these golf balls ensures better performance quality overall for individuals. When it comes to cost, the range of these golf balls tends to go up primarily because of the aesthetic design and unique properties of them. The Volvik brand has been producing quality golf balls for 40 years. Well, this adorable and stylish golf ball design is known as the Volvik Vivid XT Matt Pink. For a high-handicapper, you want something that is easy to control. When it comes to a product such as this, the color quality overall has to be designed from a quality material and composition that ensures the not harming the overall quality of the golf ball. Thanks to a softcover and a mid-range compression level (85), it’s easy to add a few yards off the tee. The 366 number happens to be the quasi-cuboctahedron dimple pattern that this brand has used to ensure the overall quality of the exterior core. My goal is to share insightful reviews, guides, and manuals for people desired to know more about golf.

If you struggle with alignment, this will help. What is the best golf ball for a high handicapper? Volvik Magma golf balls are designed to help a new golfer keep the ball straight and hit it longer. Straighter design with more consistent soft feel. These vivid balls are so bright in color that the golfer can quickly locate them even in dense grass. Be the first to review “Magma” Cancel reply. By hitting the ball higher and on a better launch angle, you can maximize your potential distance without increasing swing speed.


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