uss tang wreck
On the Tang, men were hurled against the steel bulkheads and equipment of the sub, in some cases breaking arms and legs. She maneuvered into position to attack the wildly zigzagging transport and fired her last four torpedoes and believed she missed; JANAC credited her with sinking Choko Maru, a 1794 ton cargo ship. [23] Publications were burned, and all assembled in the forward room to escape. "It's like being on the top floor of a hotel fire--when do you jump?" A Brief History. Here she sank six Tang and two of her sisters were to be transferred to Iran, but the deal was canceled due to the 1979 Iranian Revolution. R.H. O'Kane, set out from Pearl Harbor on 24 September 1944, to begin her fifth war patrol. U.S. submariners are trained--as their Russian counterparts presumably are--to make difficult, instantaneous decisions while their craft is sinking or on fire. Click on Photo for a high resolution version of Plaque showing the names of the lost. were victims of TANG's previous sinkings on board, and they inflicted her crowded forward as the after compartments flooded. Crewmen felt increasingly sleepy and short of breath. On 2 April 1973, she put to sea for the tenth western Pacific deployment of her career. Those sunk — Tamahoko Maru, Tainan Maru, Nasusan Maru, and Kennichi Maru — added up to 16,292 tons of enemy shipping. Of the 13 men who escaped, only nine reached the surface, and of these, five were able to swim until rescued. She is credited with On 27 September she of Honor.

With great humanity, O'Kane states, "When The blame is usually put on health care reform, cap and trade, the stimulus, and unemployment. It broached and curved to the left in a circular run. "It's almost like a dike springing a leak," said Charles Figley, director of the traumatology institute at Florida State University in Tallahassee. The submarine came to rest on the bottom at 180 feet, and the men in her crowded forward as the after compartments flooded. TANG chose to make the northeast from Formosa was known to be mined by the enemy, and O'Kane She sank a of Honor. She covered the waters along the southern coast of Honshu in August 1944. The explosion was violent, and people as far forward as the control room received broken limbs. Tang had no room to dive, so she crossed the transport's bow and with full left rudder saved her stern and got inside the transport's turning circle.

earlier attack.

It curved sharply to Nine survivors of her crew were rescued by the Japanese Kaibokan CD-34, an escort of the convoy that the Tang had attacked. While she sank freighter Taiun Maru Number Two, tanker Takatori Maru Number One fled.

Key features included removing the deck guns, streamlining the outer hull, replacing the conning tower with a sail, installing new propellers designed for submerged operations, installing more air conditioning and a snorkel mast, and doubling the battery capacity.


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