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In Zeek and Ye Shall Find, Zoey and Cameron question on how he was nearly voted off. When the Blue Harvest Moon began, Mike's alternate personality The Malevolent One takes over, but he pretends to still be Mike to fool his teammates. However, she then states how the way Mike is always going into character is weird, but then she adds: "nobody's perfect!". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Zoey is an optimistic, kind-hearted girl who is exceedingly easy to get along with.

Zoey is happy that Duncan is starting to trust people after he takes the apple she offered him. During the challenge, Zoey asks Mal why he exposed Courtney with her chart earlier in front of everyone, saying that it was mean. When Mike turns into Vito, Zoey is shocked of how rude he is being. Zoey is grabbed by Chef and takes the Hurl of Shame. In the alternative ending, Mike distracts Chef by taunting him which causes the latter to aim fire at the former. Duncan and Zoey become teammates in Total Drama All-Stars, when he is swapped to the Heroic Hamsters after sacrificing himself for his girlfriend.Duncan is fed up with being viewed as a hero from the beginning, but nonetheless warms up to his new teammates. When the team reaches the bridge, The Malevolent One is about to hit Zoey with a club when the rest of the Hamsters appear. B gets a head start when Scott passes the mascot to him before Jo can pass it to Zoey. Zoey at her first and only merged elimination ceremony.

Chris deems Zoey as a personal winner and she will receive an advantage in the next episode.

In The Nightmare Begins, Zoey is placed on team Unidade, where she and Sam carry out their friendship from Total Drama Revenge of the Island. Although she goes together with Mal, she goes on her own while he stays behind to deal with Alejandro. Mike runs over to save her, but then more mutant gophers come. When the challenge begins, she goes with Cameron, Mike, and Gwen, and they find large holes that lead to the mines. Friends/Allies She is then rescued by Mike as Svetlana. When they catch up to Mike, Zoey wonders who they will run into. She then talks to Harold to talk about this however, he only tells her he's feeling very hungry.

This is the third time "The Beatles" have been referenced on the show. Scott then tells her that he is the only one on the team that can be trusted, which plants seeds of doubt of Mike's trustworthiness in her head. Zoey shocked that Mike kissed Anne Maria. Alias Once again Anne Maria tries to force Zoey into telling Mike to stop hitting on her, trying to make Zoey jealous of her.

Mike | Zoey | Cameron Corduroy Wilkins | Dawn | Dakota Milton | Sam | Brick McArthur | Silent B, All-Stars, Zoey is one of only three contestants to make it to the final three more than once, doing so in.

While the contestants are walking to the Chrisiseum, Duncan stops Zoey to inform her about what he knows about Mike.

Zoey owns a pet hamster which appears in her audition. Badder!

When Alejandro and Sadie both agree that Harold should be eliminated next, Zoey is extremely grateful for both of them deciding to keep her. Her design was chosen, due to lack of time and more team members liking it. As they row back, Zoey is locked in a hug by the now-giant Dakota. By the time Jo gives the maggot to Zoey, B had already finished the leg. Zoey's current design highly resembles Dakota's previous design, since her current design is a modified version of Dakota's old design. Duncan joins her, Cameron and Scott on a raft after Mal has sabotaged the remaining boats. Later, she is shown on the web with the other captured contestants. "Mike" suggests that they look in the cabin for evidence, but Cameron finds the evidence on Mike’s bed, making him furious. Before the challenge starts Scoot gloats to Zoey with his wings he'll win, until Zoey turns on her propeller to shut him up, however he uses a pipe to stop the propeller and send her plane spinning. In Finders Creepers, Zoey makes a confessional about how sweet Mike is for encouraging Cameron. Her kind nature allows her to make friends with the other campers. It then turns out Zoey was standing on the pump, preventing air from getting to Jo. However, Zoey is later captured by Ezekiel and is the first one locked up inside his cage.

On her long flight to China Abubakar teaches her a few words in Egyptian, sooner or later getting into full-on conversations with him. Mike and Zoey in the Total Drama All-Stars opening.

She goes over to the beach and sits on a rock and draws in the sand sadly.

In Eat, Puke and Be Wary, Zoey and Cameron meet up to discuss voting off Scott, seeing him as the biggest threat to them. When the team goes through the briar patch, and Mike briefly becomes Vito, Zoey is openly angered by this. To be sure, she grabs a rod and leaves herself on the water filled with piranhas. Her nose was changed into a more upwards-facing nose, and her hair was changed into a cleaner red hairstyle with pigtails and a flower similar to that on Dakota's original design. Mike and Zoey interact from the moment they meet on the way to the island and are both placed on the Mutant Maggots. As the video ends there, Anne Maria finds herself being glared at by everyone including Chris which caused him to angrily disqualify her for cheating. Zoey was one of the people who stared at Alejandro when he was given the choice to take one person with him to the spa hotel, but then she was saddened when he chose to only take himself. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. During the challenge, Anne Maria and Zoey are paired up. But her personality or backstory does not fit that much with the design we got. To this Zoey agreed, and recognizes that they are at China. According to Todd Kauffman, Zoey will be involved in a love triangle with herself.

Love Interest

She is also surprised to see that Anne Maria is attracted to Mike. In his first confessional of the season, Chris tells the audience that this whole situation reminds him of Courtney suffering the same fate back on Total Drama Island. She is given the compass and map once her team wins the first part of the challenge, and tells the now monster-esque Dakota to avoid attacking Chris for burying Sam with Gwen under the ground somewhere on the island. Don | Brody | Cadets (Sanders and MacArthur) | Best Friends (Devin and Carrie) | Sisters (Emma and Kitty) | Father and Son (Dwayne and Junior) | Goths (Ennui and Crimson) | Twins (Jay and Mickey) | Rockers (Spud and Rock) | Ryan | Kelly. In the second part of the challenge, Zoey is paired up against B for the obstacle course. He reluctantly saves her so she and Cameron won’t suspect him. Eventually the gear used to steer her plane breaks, causing her plane to lose control, and Zoey falls off of it, bounces off the blimp and unto one of the mutant goats who give she a rough time until she forces it to stop and tames it and the others. Gwen | Courtney | Bridgette | Tyler | Leshawna | Izzy | Cody | Alejandro Burromuerto | Zoey | Dakota Milton | Jasmine | Sky She then ponders over Alejandro’s last words, still not understanding the message. If pushed enough, she will release a darker side usually kept under control.


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