teeth movie analysis

In the midst of the act, Brad recalls that, while still kids, Dawn bit his finger, but it was not her mouth that bit him. None of them completely satisfies him. Photo courtesy of Joyce Pierpoline.

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the film, its producer and director explain how the vagina dentata-themed movie overcame a bungled studio release to find cult acclaim among young women.

"The movie industry is still run by men, I guess, and they don't like the idea of seeing dicks get cut off.

She also tries to look after her sick mom, whose illness appears to be linked to the nuclear power plant O'Keefe bikes past en route to school. Teeth (2007) Synopsis: Dawn grows up in the shadow of a nuclear power plant.

Years later, Kim has developed cancer and teenage Dawn -- well, the title of the movie refers to a biological abnormality she has developed down there. The poster that the distribution company settled on is styled according to more conventional horror tropes: Dawn reclines in a stark white bathtub, her face erased of any emotion.

Foundation artistic director at the Sundance Film Festival Mystelle Brabbée claimed it was "one of the most talked-about films at th…

"I'll be talking to someone and say, 'I did Teeth,'" Joyce Pierpoline exclaims, "and their body language changes completely!". ", Pierpoline pulls even fewer punches when it comes to naming names. Or, as Juno might call it, "Vaggie D." Depending on who you ask (not that you should bring it up in polite intercourse), it is said to represent the male fear of castration and of feminine sexuality in general.

Around me, expensively dressed industry executives tap smartly on MacBooks or raise sparkling toasts to future deals. It's like a punch in the face.

They messed up. I lean towards it being misogyny," Lichenstein says. Photo courtesy of Joyce Pierpoline. She attends groups with her two friends, Alisha (Julia Garro) and Phil (Adam Wagner). It's fun. But despite a mostly warm critical response, Teeth performed poorly at the box office.

You get the shots that will make you cringe--the filmmakers don't skimp on the juicy stuff--but nothing outrageous. A local film commissioner happily took them to a number of potential locations. In her anger, her vagina bites off his penis, and she leaves him to call his mother for help.

It's about a strong woman.". There was that time with her stepbrother Brad in the inflatable pool when they were just kids, when he cut his finger while touching her under the water, but she repressed that memory a long time ago.

Metacriticreported the film had an average score of 57 out of 100, based on 22 reviews. Now Brad has (under-)developed into a tattooed monkey-boy who spends all of his time in his thrash-metal cave of a bedroom with his Rottweiler, a bong and some skinny girl who is not his girlfriend. Dawn fights back and inadvertently bites off his penis with her vagina.

The alternative poster for "Teeth." ", Like Lichenstein's agent all those years ago, executives have pulled Pierpoline aside and told her a TV remake would be a bad idea. Dawn puts on make-up and goes to seduce her stepbrother.

She then researches "vagina dentata" and realizes that she may have it. It also symbolizes the woman's anxieties about penetration, and/or her desire to devour her mate, who is attempting to fulfill his own bio-mythological destiny by returning upstream to spawn in the womb from whence he originated.

Its title refers to the ancient trope of the vagina dentata. Rated R Dawn is chewing her lip with a knowing look, a wry expression on her face.

That is, until he got wind of Teeth's plot.

She likes Tobey, a guy at school, and he likes her. "Teeth" sinks its incisors into a cross-cultural myth known as vagina dentata.

Most men don't want to see that." He wants what he knows he can't have: Dawn.

But nobody ever said it was going to be easy. For More Stories Like This, Sign Up for Our Newsletter, I was a teenager when Teeth was released, and I remember swerving the film because the poster made it look scary. When I mention this to Pierpoline, her eyes fractionally darken and she flinches in irritation. Every film studio—even European ones that Lichenstein and Pierpoline thought might be more liberal about vaginas—turned it down. Dawn meets her stepfather and Melanie at the hospital after her mother has died, and seeing her stepfather hurt and hearing from Melanie how Brad told her to ignore her mother's cries for help earlier, she becomes emboldened by her power and goes back home to seek revenge. (Dawn: "Get off." Underneath, the word "Teeth" is traced in blood red lettering on a black background. The film received mostly positive reviews from critics on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, which reported that 80% of critics gave the film positive reviews, based on 69 reviews—with the consensus "Smart, original, and horrifically funny, Teeth puts a fresh feminist spin on horror movie tropes." Soon after, they give in and meet at a local swimming hole. Despite the intervening passage of time being mostly kind to the film, they're still getting rejected at every turn.

When she tries to get out, he repeatedly locks the doors.

One prominent feminist critic I emailed for comment declined to speak about Teeth, on account of it being a male-written, male-directed film. The scene Emerson describes takes place at a waterfall, where a consensual kiss between Dawn and her classmate Tobey turns into attempted rape. At Sundance, Weixler received the Grand Jury Prize for Acting. In a bloody, nightmarish, young-romantic way, it's kind of touching. It's been a decade since low-budget comedy-horror Teeth premiered at Sundance to positive reviews (its lead, Jess Weixler, received the Special Jury Prize for Acting). "I was at a friend's house in New Jersey," says Pierpoline, "and her 16-year-old daughter shrieked, 'You made Teeth?

Though initially afraid she will hurt him, she finds that when she is relaxed and is consenting to the sexual activity taking place, her "teeth" do not engage. The following morning they have sex again, but mid-coitus, Ryan's friend calls. "A lot of men still run agencies and departments. Director Mitchell Lichenstein: "Either the studio didn't get it, or it was misogyny." Neither is it horror; at least, not really.

Believing that one's virginity is "the most precious gift of all," she encourages her fellow Promise Ring members to remain chaste until marriage. A decade on, she's still pissed off about how its release was handled. Why?

"We needed a hospital set, a school and a house," Lichenstein remembers.


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