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Type Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The military of the Chiss was represented by the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force which was also known as the CEDF, the Chiss Expansionary Fleet and the Chiss Defense Fleet. Untitled Obi-Wan Kenobi television series, How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Chiss_uniform?oldid=9411770, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. The Chiss were considered an honorable people who did not kill more than they thought was necessary to accomplish their goals. Culture The "Quick GTN Information" section can dispay 3 types of data.

The Eighth hey wore dark red, and naming patterns indicate that they were known as the Mitth family. The origin of the Chiss were largely unknown, even to the Chiss themselves though some scientists thought that they were the result of a long forgotten Human colony that had been lost to time.This was the leading theory held by not only Chiss historians but scientists within the New Republic who held the view that this colony predated the formation of the Old Republic.

Though this was the impression projected, the Chiss were also a thoughtful people. However, this policy was capable of being broken if there were good and valid reasons for doing so. A Chiss stood between either 1.6 to 2.1 meters in height though an average height of an adult was believed to be 1.7 meters. The Fifth Ruling Family were the Chaf, who wore yellow, and apparently held a specific portfolio for diplomacy and foreign affairs, while the Second and Eighth Ruling Families shared a military oversight role. The Phalanxes were a completely separate entity from the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet which was deemed a foreign affairs asset rather than a military one. Their territory sufficed for their entire population needs. This was not a universal characteristic as certain individuals with the ability to learn under such circumstances were able to continue to fight. Regardless of these details, one thing that is clear is that the aesthetic of Chiss military uniforms was part of a wider visual pattern, in which specific colors were associated with specific social groups. Chiss[1] These contained basic information that every Chiss absorbed during their childhood after years of intense schooling.

As such, they were quick to take offense at any insult that was perceived against their position. Much of their ability to solve problems stemmed from their reliance on data and when facing unpredictable situations, typical Chiss behavior meant that they would rather flee in the scene. The Chiss held great pride in not only understanding but conversing in such a convoluted language.

Physical and technical specifications

Every Chiss was known to had claimed affiliation to one of the four families which was determined by both tradition as well as place of birth. This led to many to conclude that the early Chiss existed on Csilla prior to it succumbing to an ice age.

Whilst the CEDF patrolled the borders of Chiss space, the Phalanxes responded to any threats that got past the Fleet. One version of the uniform was capable of absorbing energy and had armor plating, protecting the wearer from blaster fire. Furthermore, anyone that violated Chiss Ascendancy space were to be intercepted by the Household and Colonial Phalanxes who zealously guarded their territory. For the duration of their service, every officer in the Chiss military was attached to one of the Ruling Families as a "merit adoptive," and while under normal circumstances, this Family status was lost when an individual left the service, those of particular ability were said to be "born to trial," and given the opportunity to make their Family status permanent.

Their government was highly structured and ordered with the rule of law being enforced by the ruling families. However, they were not above using biological weapons of mass destruction against a foe should it be felt that their survival was threatened. When among non-Chiss, individual members of the race were often aloof and pensive as they plotted tactics which would ensure a victory if a confrontation were to occur. The families themselves were quite aware of any opportunity where they were able to exploit the weakness of a rival. Honour is very important to the Chiss race, and the actions of a Chiss are always subject to scrutiny. The Chiss had a keen interest in art and science and were skilled in mathematics. Individuals with the ranks of Aristocra and Syndic also served as high-level representatives of the Families, with seemingly plenipotentiary powers, though an Aristocra could hold only collateral rank within the internal hierarchy, and a Syndic at least could be Trial-born. It was known that anyone that was caught hiding illegal substances or supplying cargo to their enemies were likely to have their goods confiscated. There was a hierarchy of leadership within each Family, consisting of brothers and sisters (known collectively as siblings), plus cousins, and ranking distant relations—the last being the highest level that the most able Trial-born could reasonably hope to achieve. These served as a homeguard unit that protected the 28 colony worlds as well as the planets of the ruling families.

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One of the institutions where their military trained was known as the Chiss Academy that gave tasks to its students with high marks awarded depending on the degree of success achieved in the mission.

IA- Chiss. These ruling families were composed of clans that were headed by government officials known as Aristocras.

Being nearly impossible to enrage, they preferred to only act when all factors had been taken into account with the issue itself analysed. Even honor guard details of warriors wore military black instead of their house colors. In many similar respects to the Galactic Empire, the Chiss military was well armed and trained military force that encompassed several advanced as well as orderly worlds. During their childhood, Chiss were taught to read through the great stacks of data of the great library on Csilla. Those chiss that belonged to the same house defended one another at every opportunity whilst those from competing houses searched for facts that could be used to snipe or undermine the other whilst attempting to secure any advantage for themselves.


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