subnautica base building ideas

‘front’ to ‘rear’). Hopefully one day the game will let us rotate those ladders. If I wanted the Moonpool to align with the smaller side on the front of the small base, then I’d have to change my own orientation when laying down the initial compartment. We’ll start with ladders. The ladder will align with the forward most part of the hatch when facing the same direction that you were facing when placing the compartment. However, you can still deal with them once you understand the mechanics. There are three orientation issues when building in Subnautica. Note that this only effects ladders placed in the connector compartments such as the I, L, T, and X. Ladders placed in the multipurpose room will always align with the ladder along the outer circumferance of the compartment to give you as much foot room as possible. This guide helps out with some base building tips as well as the orientation issues you may have had with the Moonpool, docking, and ladders. See more ideas about Subnautica base, Base, Subnautica concept art. But the foundations are perfectly suited for the smaller compartments.

In this next screenshot, I’ve added a hatch and upper level but I’m still in the same position. It seems that the multipurpose room gets used the most, but it also offers the least bit of flexibility. To get this just right, your Moonpool will need to be above the water line with a bit of a gap between the lowest spot of the Moonpool and the legs. I did this to create a cheap observatory above lifepod 5 that easily fits 4 – 6 lockers without crowding. Tips For Building Your Base In Subnautica. The ladder rule still applies which means ladders will always align perpendicular to the long side of the Moonpool. If you ever get turned around while inside a build and forget which direction your station is facing, this lettering will get you orientated. Your character will also always exit to the left after docking. Nov 6, 2018 - Explore Mike Fernandes's board "Subnautica Base Ideas" on Pinterest.

Now note which side of the lettering the ladder gets placed. Using Vertical connectors, you can build up above the waterline and then remove the connectors below and you will end up with a floating base. In this shot you can see that the level of the water is low enough that you are looking down over the water line, rather than being submerged enough to create a new waterline just for the Moonpool.

Once the first compartment is placed, the Moonpool will always align along it’s long side (The side with two connections) compared to the first compartment placed.

In this example, I can enter the base through the top of the lifepod.

I will need to enter in order to build a ladder to reach the 2nd level. If you’re like me and somewhat obsessive with builds, then these issues will be a major drag. Your email address will not be published. The foundation adds +2 stability. Note that it will always appear perpendicular to me along the long side and if attaching to an existing compartment, there is no way to rotate it. The Moonpool can be placed above the water line so that you can see the surface of the water. This is handy as a storage solution early on and the tiny base is out of way of more important builds you have in mind. Of course you can get far more creative than this and combine both underwater and above water elements without using islands. The direction you face when placing your first compartment of your base determines which side of the hatch the ladder gets placed on. Just be sure to use the same dimensions as the other screenshots.

Required fields are marked *, Subnautica: Tips and Tricks for Base Building. Craft equipment, pilot submarines and out-smart wildlife to explore lush coral reefs, volcanoes, cave systems, and more – all while trying to survive. Adding a familiar face. For this reason, most of my base builds have the Moonpool orientation seen above, otherwise I have to deal with awkwardly placed ladders that seem to get in the way. Saldy, this would also change the orientation of the Ladders. Home » Guides » Subnautica: Tips and Tricks for Base Building. This will help you to decide on tube placement when connecting the rest of your station to the Moonbay. Luckily, you can always desconstruct to get your materials back and restart your build if needed.

Using the digital picture frame, you can use any image taken with your PDA as art. Descend into the depths of an alien underwater world filled with wonder and peril. Though you have to get inventive when trying to make room for larger work stations so that they don’t block passages. However, if you upload an image directly to the screenshots folder for your saved game, then you can use *any* image you want, real life or otherwise.

The bulkhead with doors add +3. The Seamoth will always dock facing left when looking directly in the same direction as when the Moonpool was placed (I.E. There are three orientation issues when building in Subnautica.

I like to use the smaller compartments in creative ways using windows whenever I can and handling stability with foundations instead of bulkheads. This means that you can’t rotate the Moonpool by repositioning yourself unless it’s the first item you place.

If you’re like me and somewhat obsessive with builds, then these issues will be a major drag. In fact, the foundations don’t work very well with the multipurpose room because they simply don’t snap to in a way that is useful. This cannot be emphasized enough because it ties with all of the other orientation issues below. This works in survival. As a general rule, just remember this: When placing your first compartment, the direction you face during placement determines the ‘front’ and ‘rear’ of the base, how ladders get placed, and the direction your Seamoth faces when docking, as well as the side you exit your Seamoth on once docked. Note the unused hatch, which happens to always have text that appears upside down when facing the same direction of the compartment placement. In this first screenshot, I’m about to lay down a X compartment.


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