slime rancher can drones use warp depots
Changed the colors of fill meters for the science resources. Fixed bug where small items around the oasis plant would rest just under the visible ground. Not much is known about the Valley outside of the fact that it is owned by the one and only Mochi Miles. The Dry Reef and the Moss Blanket have new, explorable areas. Adjusted the volume for some sounds including extractor working sounds.

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Added puddle and hunter slimes to the Range Exchange, Added ravian flocks to Moss blanket and other parts of the Range (pretty bird-like things way up in the sky). First, they are much more efficient and profitable. Fixed bug where FOV would sometimes reset on game startup. So I decide to free them, and now need to decide what to put here instead. Two new gordos have been added to the Moss Blanket and Indigo Quarry. Slime Rancher. Fixed a bug where gamepad button icons would show the wrong thing for a frame before switching to the correct icon. Enabling it will prevent screen tearing but can affect framerate. Fixed bug where you could pick up Gordo Snares with the gordo on them and reuse the snare. Once you place it down, the Stabilization Pad will take 10 minutes to get ready You can use stuff to make more, interesting things like Condensed tarr, pancake largos, and new resources. It's quite romantic. Hopefully it doesn’t cause as much anxiety as the one you stare at in real life, reminding you that you should be replying to those emails instead of reading Slime Rancher patch notes. Fixed bug where PS4 controllers on PC could not bring up the game menu. Fixed bug where oasis music was sometimes not playing properly on game load. Added Japanese translation! Puddle slimes will now dramatically reduce their plort production when ~8 puddle plorts are nearby. Fixed confusing no-longer relevant bit in starmail from Thora. Fixed bug where Tarr were occasionally playing some incorrect non-Tarr slime sounds. Fixed a very science-y issue with quantum slimes.

Silos, Plort Collectors). Fixed text of the "Builder's Shop" title. Target: What the drone is looking for on your ranch.2. For our final planned update of 2016 we're making some fixes and adding some silly stuff for you to enjoy. My normal slime count per pen is 10.

Fixed bug where Rush Mode was sending rancher intro emails. Fixed bug on restoring default screen resolution on Linux. Fixed bug where saving before getting Thora’s first Range Exchange offer would immediately give you said offer on game load. Our best guess is they were cheating because they didn't want to explode :(. Refinery and Refinery Link have been added as a destination—for science! Significantly reduce memory usage by game music (roughly 650 MB savings!). All rights reserved. Fire slimes are a rare breed of slime that lives on ash. I expect I still have many hours left in this game, but I can see the end of the journey drawing near. Adjusted some effects on shooting items from the vacpack and depositing plorts in the market. Warp Depots combined with Drones could make for some very interesting ranch design and let your resource runs go on a bit longer. Please note that you will need to complete a NEW Range Exchange request from Mochi in order to trigger her contacting you.

You will not regret buying it, you certainly get your money’s worth. Fixed bug where sound would sometimes cut out after too much time around Dervish Slimes.

And while it can’t be grown in a garden, it can be used to [REDACTED]. This was another combo I had from early game that lasted to the late game, the boom rad is another of my favorites. Fixed bug where fruit on garden trees could sometimes appear too low on the tree. But come on, they’re just carrots. Puddles be praised! In order to fully explore the Glass Desert and collect all the slimes and resources within it, you’ll need to bring life back to it in the form of oases. Improved efficiency of grass mesh. Fixed bug where Tarrs placed on Slime Stage could quickly escape. Way to bury the lead in these patch notes. It should be slightly faster now when you have a very large number of saves, provided they are saved with the newest format. Upgrades, expansions, lab construction, the 7Zee Club, not to mention Ogden’s Retreat and Mochi’s Manor. Once you unlock the Blueprint, you will be able to craft the drones gadget from the Fabricator! Mochi will GENEROUSLY (emphasis added by request of Mochi Miles) pay you for every 10 plorts you deliver.


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