should i tell deimos i killed nikolaos
Should you kill Nikolaos The Wolf of Sparta? Deimos and Nikolaos are 5 star legendary lieutenants.

Unlocked, the stone revealed a series of symbols. Put 75 hours in, did every mission, finished the modern day arc, and the cult arc, and thought I did everything right along the way. This is the final fight and you will kick your sibling from the cliff. The Minotaur in Messara – Myths and Minotaurs Quest in Messara. She actually has those skills that she had during her boss battle. You allow Nikolaos to intervene with Stentor. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Kassandra held the spear out to the fissure, and the magic within forced open a set of concealed doors. Assassin's Creed Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. On the hill above stood Deimos. You must not kill Stentor here, either. Historical information I was convinced something bad was about to happen at the end.

Kill Stentor? >=[ man, i almost regret sparing Deimos after that one. Aspasia is the head of Cult of Kosmos.

Good luck! Main Kill Stentor? Daughters of Artemis and Daughters of Aphrodite, She drew her spear, only to be taken back into memory of when she was young, hunting down a boar. Nikolaos and Deimos are the only two lieutenants worth getting. Whatever he did, that's worth keeping in mind - and Assassin's Creed Odyssey is deeply about the theme of family, after all. For me the ‘best’ ending, and the one I played to try and get, is one where everyone but Deimos lives. It will be harder for you to convince him to give up his plans to conquer Greece. I like happy endings in games or movies. Like in the above quest Where It All Began you will have two choices to fight or not with your sibling. As such, Odyssey is packed full of stories. During this storyline you have the choice to kill Nikolaos or let him go and act like you killed him. No Phoibe, no Alexios, not even Barnabas. My favorite bit now is having them all on my ship together as Lieutenants and bantering back and forth. Same feels good to have your whole family on your ship. Except I killed Nikolaus (man threw you and your brother of a damn cliff for zeus’ sake!) Trust me, I've searched myself. Credit to Ubisoft - they know how to create a tragedy, one of truly Greek proportions. Return to Myrrine and talk to her. I played as Alexios and his scream of rage shook me to my core. The end result is hunting down Elpenor. After the conclusion of the Cult storyline I do the Atlantis storyline. The voice acting (both from Alexios and Kass) is outstanding. Hell even Stentor is decent as well, actually the entire family makes for well balanced lieutenants as they cover all aspects from ramming, javelins, archery. Our TVFanatic/MyHourglass round table debates who really killed Deimos, if killing Ava was justifiable, and who Eric should be paired with on Days of Our Lives. I know it didn't actually SHOW it happening, but Deimos touched the spear of Leonidas and I felt that implied that during the pass from sibling to sibling it showed the TRUTH of the past, and that Deimos was never abandoned, and I thought that was the game changer. Not only that, but if you kill him, you’ll later on have to battle Stentor, another powerful, high-ranking Spartan.

431 BCE To save Deimos, choose the following in the conversation: "The Cult is using you." I was going with my gut the whole time, and definitely thought I had made some pretty bad decisions along the way.

For me the ‘best’ ending, and the one I played to try and get, is one where everyone but Deimos lives. But you will not fail again. She later visited the vault on Andros mentioned by Herodotos, with the construct within augmenting her fighting abilities with the Spear. Same here. I know that later in the game you can tell Nikolaos not to go to Stentor. Your mater will cry for the loss. Makes for, imo, a more cohesive story over all.

Memories Awoken was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5. For the bad ending, you just have to do the reverse of what is mentioned above and pick to fight your sibling in the end when you are at the cliff. Appearance

This is the last chance to kill or save Deimos. Deimos confronting Kassandra about their past. It is no big deal though, I just wanted to share my shock lol. Leonidas took several arrows to his body, but refused to die, even after having to break off the tip of his spear.

Same! Malis, GreeceAndros, Greece Perhaps it’s the fact that I take special care in other games to ensure everyone survives. The Nikolaos Choice: should you kill or spare the Wolf of Sparta? is chosen).

If you want a chance to get the best ending, spare Nikolaos' life... and then head to our best ending guide to learn about the additional four choices you need to make. Kassandra departed the lair of the Cult of Kosmos, making her way to Thermopylai to meet with Herodotos at the Lion of Leonidas. Memories Awoken Kassandra met with Herodotos at the Lion of Leonidas, learning of her connection to the late Spartan King.

I did some googling and if you answered correctly she is is supposed to say to Kleon "Im not your puppet" when he sends her away. Kassandra departed the ship, making her way to the shore to proceed to a seemingly impassable cleft in the rocks. You Don’t Need The Cult – You will try to talk about peace with this choice. There are around 43 members in the Cult of Kosmos and you will have to locate their identity and then kill them one by one. Is it really necessary for him to live because I kinda hate him (I really hate hate him). Also it helps to tell Deimos to “hold on” when the tree falls on them in the mission called The Battle of Pylos. Here you will have to answer three riddles, one wrong answer and you are dead. It just runs in the family. Why Did You Want Nikolaos Dead – If you ask him this then he will tell you there is no profit in a quick war. She didnt say that in my playthrough so I must have effed up something in that conversation. Source Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guide by Okay, so, you know, Nikolaos is the man that raised you.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. The soldier ran Leonidas through with his sword, but Leonidas stabbed him with the tip of the spear. I basically want the good ending without Stentor, is that possible? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Medusa the Gorgon – Romancing the Stone Garden Quest in Petrified Islands. I answered that every chance I got. You Won’t Leave This Mountain Alive – If you went with this choice you will face Deimos again.

There are two more endings which are triggered by different objectives. Given the name of this site, we're of course rather happy to see Assassin's Creed Odyssey full-on embracing many aspects of role playing game design. (If "Why was Sparta alone that day?"

Same. Decide on this option, if you don't want to unite the whole family, in the later chapters of the game.

Episode 7: Convince Nikolaos to intervene with Stentor when you meet them again in Episode 7 (only available if you didn’t kill Nikolaos in Ep. Getting the worst ending gives the main character better motivation to systematically hunt down and slaughter every last member. "I don't want to fight you." Do you have a picture of their stats? Deimos will be at the edge. Just to specify. You'll meet Nikolaos overlooking a battlefield. The bad ending is actually my favourite and I really wish Ubisoft had the balls to make it canon. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. They are: You will get artifacts by defeating all the monsters. You killed Deimos; You don’t kill Nikolaos.

Things will not go well between the family. She entered into a lit chamber where a stone construct sat. How do you get this ending?

Yet I still got the best ending somehow, although I wasn't entirely happy with some other threads. For this ending, you will have to kill all the cultist in the game. Previous You will have to go to the Volcanic Islands and complete The Gate Of Atlantis quest where you will be facing four mystical creatures. Sitting at dinner with Nikolas made me wish I had him killed off too. As they approached the island, Kassandra and Herodotos entered into deep discussion about the spear. This choice will make Deimos more hostile towards your hero in the future. Then I looked on at the scene with both Deimos and Mater laying there, and thought, “yep, that’s a good ending to all this bloodshed.”. I thought I had played it for the good ending, but low and behold, I got the mater stabbed in the back too. There is one major point to make about the decision of what to do with Nikolaos, however: Assassin's Creed Odyssey has nine different endings, but one  in particular is absolutely the best ending to Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

Deimos will be at the edge.

Unrealistic. Falling to his knees, he looked to the rising sun, only for it to be blocked by a Persian soldier.


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