sc garter snake
nonVenomous. However, there are many variations of pattern and coloring from the typical. Description: The eastern garter snake has a variable color pattern, but may be identified by a yellow or white stripe running down the middle of its dark back—resembling the “garters” used to hold up socks. Some of our most commonly seen snakes are: Black racers; Brown snakes; Corn snakes; Eastern garter snakes; Eastern king snakes; Rough green snakes Most of the sixteen garter snake species are recorded in Southwest and Western states. Their propensity to inhabit residential areas explains the common name, garden snake.

However, there are times they can be more easily caught, for these garter snakes, unlike most of their kin, are sometimes found “sunning” on cool days in winter. Common garter snakes are only known to bite when humans try to kill them or capture them barehanded. If possible, use a camera with a zoom lens to take photographs of the snake's head, body color and overall body shape. Observe the snake from a safe distance. Locate an identification book for snakes or search online, and compare the photos and descriptions to your observations and photos. There are also usually That physical characteristic is usually, but not always sufficient to differentiate it from other species. Image … Like all garter snakes, they have stripes down the body. The common gartersnake, often referred to as the garden snake, is the most common snake found around homes in South Carolina. The common garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis) is the state reptile of Massachusetts. Traps should be checked daily so snakes can be freed as soon as possible., Clemson Cooperative Extension - Controlling Snakes around Stormwater Ponds, Report The head of a common garter snake will be wider than its neck and usually dark in color. This is the Eastern garter snake, a fast and feisty member of our wildlife community.

The picture shows a Gulf Coast Ribbon Snake (Thamnophis proximus orarius), one of the six different subspecies of the Western Ribbon Snake.

They feed on a variety of items including earthworms, fish, and salamanders, and as noted, live in a wide variety of habitats.

Common colors are yellow, brown or blue. '20. Observe the head of the snake. On its side, the garter snake usually has a checkerboard pattern of dark squares and stripes. to make themselves appear larger. That particular garter snake identification problem does not apply to the Giant Garter Snake (Thamnophis gigas) pictured at the top of this page. In Their dorsal background The common garter snake has a red tongue with a black tip. UGReptiles $20. Remove these habitats by mowing tall grass, cutting back brush, and picking up rocks, debris and piles of lumber from your property. Slowed by the low temperature they can then be picked up, but be ready – it’s then that the feisty part begins. Â, Phone Numbers | Accessibility | '20.

Williams is a winner of Writer’s Digest Magazine's annual writing competition. However, the name "garter" is derived from its dorsal patter being similar to the garters once used by Habitat: Urban areas with the availability of food water and shelter, drainage ditches, under sheds, culverts, and dense green spaces. Garter snake identification gets a good deal of attention because they inhabit backyards and multiple grass habitats throughout North America. Bluestrip Garter snakes in Florida live mostly in the Gulf Coast region. Interesting Facts: The common garter snake is one of the most common snakes found around human dwellings. Reproduction: 12-40 young appearing starting July through October. The red stripe down the middle of the body. Adult Eastern garter snakes are usually about 30 inches in length. Although not considered dangerous to humans, there is anecdotal evidence that some persons may have allergic reactions to the Note in the description the range for each species. Here you’ll find a list of indigenous South Carolina snakes, venomous and non-venomous. There are also stripes along each lower side. '20. How to Get Rid of Koi Pond Predators: Herons, Repelling Moles in the Yard With Vibrations, Snake Removal: Snake Removal -- Get Rid of Snakes, Snake Removal: Garter Snake Information and Facts, University of Michigan: Thamnophis Sirtalis Common Garter Snake, California Department of Fish and Wildlife: Restricted Species Laws and Regualations, Professional Wildlife Removal: How to Trap Snakes, University of California Integrated Pest Management: Snails and Slugs, How to Tell If Grubs Are Killing Your Grass, How to Stop a Turtle From Eating Tomatoes in a Garden. The Eastern Ribbon Snake has a distinct pattern on the body as well as the common stripes. Remove mice by trapping them, and invert halves of melon rinds to trap slugs and snails. Growing up to five feet in length, it ranks as the largest garter snake and one of the longest native snakes regardless of family. Their body color can range from blue, prominent in Florida blue garter snakes, to the many shades of red visible in West Coast species. A close up picture would show the snake’s eight upper labial scales, typical of all Thamnophis elegans subspecies. South Carolina Snakes and Snake Removal in Myrtle Beach. They prefer moist, grassy areas near lakes, ditches and ponds and places that provide cover from predators such as hawks and squirrels. Background colors may be brown, olive, bluish,


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