pros and cons of living in indio california

All Rights Reserved. I lived in the Bay Area for 2 years and absolutely loved it.

The are many airports in California such as Burbank Bob Hope Airport, Fresno Yosemite International Airport, Long Beach Airport, Orange Country Airport and Sacramento International Airport. If you can put up with the negative aspects of living here you may enjoy living somewhere truly special.

Many public schools are failing, unless you live in the 'burbs with multi million dollar homes or in the ritzy enclaves like Ross or Mill Valley.

There is always something to do, celebrate, and see in this part of the world.

so back to CALI it is!

In fact, the International Longshoreman Union in northern California made sure that Walmart opened its mega warehouse in Corpus Christi, Texas instead of California.

CONS and PROS:When you use the BART rail system you realize it is very efficient and will take you anywhere in the Bay Area for a reasonable price because, as a taxpayer funded boondoggle, it costs BART something like 80 dollars per person to use.

I'm torn.

Everything is either hot dead, or cold dead.

Not all... Before you start reviewing moving companies or inviting any into your home to develop estimates and quotes, you should ask these important questions to... Home decor books, magazines and blogs are filled with interiors that look so effortlessly chic and stylish.

As one of the biggest states in the USA, California offers a huge range of exemplary places to live. CAL expect to be hiking right along with 50 others which kind of ruins the experience.

Walking would not be any faster (nevermind the heat and the smog..) because of all the stop lights, overpasses and just mere winding your way through the streets. The lifestyle and dynamic economy in California; due to the weather in California and also the availability of all the facilities the life of living in California is lovely and enjoyable and nothing is lacking. If Mexico is so great, why are they in California? Commuter rail lines are also available including Altamont Commuter Express, Coaster and Metrolink. I love how California is where everything begins and is created. Permits for everything right down to a lemonade stand. Earthquakes? I won’t lie, seeing these beautiful trees every single day out my backyard window still makes my heart skip a beat.

Cost of living is very high. 1.

Southern Cal is the place to be, but dont come here, too many immigrants as it is. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at:, Common Butterflies Found in Coastal Southern California, Trash to Treasure - Unusual Attractions in Southern California, Palm Desert, California: A Kid-Friendly Vacation in Southern California, Dharavi, Mumbai: The Pros and Cons of Living in a Slum, Learn About Lillie Langtry, and See Her Fabulous Home in California, Photos of Ocean Beach Trail, Cliff House, and Sutro Baths Ruins: Our San Francisco Experience. I was born and raised here (58 yrs.) The median household income in California is among the best in the nation at $77,000 (as of June 2019). In general, the metropolitan area of Santa Maria-Santa Barbara has the highest retirement home costs in California. "chances are if you live in southern california you live closer to the beach"...? If finding a family friendly city is important to you, look no further.

Beautiful Lake Tahoe. So Many qualified and skilled people have moved out of California and why? They had all their stuff on display-- Mars Rover, educational movies, etc.

The Cons of Living in Northern California – The Cost of Living. The low pay, especially in San Diego, Monterey County and other areas in California make it HELL. I found from visiting that people generally do not say hi. Tourists who want luxury accommodation are in luck as California has an excellent offering. But beautiful.

There is no place on earth that has a more beautiful array of natural beauty to behold. what about the cost if living in Cali? But if you get tired of it, can't you just go out to the woods/mountains/lakes/etc? Shooting at each other in public. What can I say?

I honestly think it's a matter of perspective. thank you for writing it and sharing! However, I love seasons and I am not too keen on the tight property lines. This gives me a feeling of claustrophobia every time I am in California, unless I am driving to the Bay Area from L.A. PROS: You can sell your house and move to another state like Florida or Texas and buy 5 houses.

2. That has been my experience. I lived in the Bay Area for years. As of June 30, 2019, the unemployment rate for California stood at 4.2%. 10. It has friendly weather conditions and the best you can ever experience here on earth.

Often many of both can be seen on the same block.

It's a very bad feeling and unlike a dream, the feeling is real for many of us. I left the midwest because I thought I was a bit more liberal than most of the people I lived around and needed a change of scene.

Do not move to SoCal unless you are independently wealthy and can afford to move into a multi million dollar home with security up the wazoo.

The reason is simple. What seasons? This supports the Maven widget and search functionality. I guess someone thought we wouldn't need insulation, or earthquake proof structure, for that matter.

Over half of everything anywhere is in Spanish. Obviously this isn't a comprehensive list, and it's based on my personal opinions. I love the fact there are arts, theatre, sports, and endless outdoor activities.

Pro: People in California Are Happier.

7) People. This part of the world is very environmentally friendly.

Moreover, the Californians also enjoy high-quality food from the Central Valley. That results in traffic. PROS: Californians know that GMO crops are dangerous and work to make them listed on consumer goods. CONS: If you are conservative, California is not liberal but raving lunatic liberal. It is not just a Hollywood; California as all thing and also put in attention that California is the top dairy state it has the best agriculture, cows horses, farm life, it produces one of the best.

To provide a better website experience, uses cookies (and other similar technologies) and may collect, process, and share personal data. Also, our house is on a hill (like much of the bay area) so there is no real yard for the kids to play outside.

Rents are sky high.

There is no pressure to look good at all you can be you. 1.Weather . Bad traffic; the traffic of California is notoriously bad, especially in the big cities. Taxes are sky high.

Try to move to a safer part of Northern California as there are many safe towns and cities. I like nor cal weather. Other than that fantastic list, but take it from someone who's lived here their entire life, that one is rubbish.

I grew up in the Bay Area for twenty years and am now living with my husband in Denver. It is also one of the most beautiful especially in March during the rainny season ( the only time of year when the hills are not brown). As I said before, I live in the Sacramento area.

With the sunny, warm weather, you have ample opportunity to make your way to whatever beach your little heart desires.

Ask yourself these questions when moving to different areas. As far as climates go, California has it all. Your crimes, strife, and being Densely populated all hint at a large inner city high school. For the record, the majority of people in California, about 90 % DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SURF, you need to go to Hawaii for that or very small parts of so cal.


It feels far more crowded than it was a decade ago.

Better save your pennies if you want your child to get a decent education in -- private school.

Now it is like a surreal movie.


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It is a nice place to visit even if we can't live there.

8. I live in England with my family (hubby and 2 kids) and we are seriously thinking of moving to California in 2 or 3 years. Some parts of Northern California and California as a whole see higher crime rates than other states see. Another disadvantage of mobile home park living is a poor home appreciation potential. But, California is a nice place.

CONS: California is very crowded. Natural disasters: The beauty and sunshine of the Golden State might be outweighed by the high risk of a natural disaster. California legislature signs approval for the official breaking ground of UC Baker, expected to rival UCLA in attracting genius minds from around the globe 9). There is graffiti everywhere. Northern California is home to a lot of wonderful weather. (Interesting how all the middle and upper classes in Mexico learn English but the working class Mexicans never seem to know it. This puts me approximately 1 1/2 hours driving time away from San Francisco, 3 hours driving time to Santa Cruz and the boardwalk, 1 1/2 hours driving time away from Lake Tahoe, 9 hours driving time / 1 hour flying time to Los Angeles, 2 hours flying time to Las Vegas, NV, 2 hours flying time to Seattle, WA, less than a 2 hour drive away from some great ski slopes...I could go on.


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