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57. However, if you’re using Eh Sai in the context of “can or not”, then Eh Sai needs to be complemented with “Buay” at the end. It directly translates to “eat rice” but it’s used to mean “have lunch/dinner” or “to eat”. Join us ah. Its equivalent in the Standard Xiamen dialect is "chòe-kang". Am Chinoy too. Philippine Hokkien or Lannang-Oe (Chinese: 咱人話; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Lán-lâng-ōe; lit.


Its equivalent in the Standard Xiamen dialect is "pêng-iú". Ai mai?”.

gwa kai ki chigeh. In Hokkien, it means “to sleep”.

The Circuit Breaker Life: 10 Things You Never Knew You Were Thankful For, Immersive Installation Explores SG Youths’ Vision For The Future: 5 Reasons To Check It Out, Experience A Slice Of 50s And 60s At Chinatown Opera Festival 2019, The Secrets of City Hall Unveiled at National Gallery Singapore’s Latest Exhibition, Feast Like A King On Board A Cruise, With These 5 Luxurious Dishes Approved By Royalty. ate = appellation for eldest sister Discussions on the Hokkien (Minnan) language.

please translate. We may be stuck at home, but there are certainly a few things we never knew we would be thankful for during our Circuit Breaker life! Gua eh lao tii (note: my dad always say "wa pe yah" which also means oh my god) right?

Hokkien/Common Phrases. At least weare guided now. what do u call in hokkien the lighting of incense or praying to ur dead relative's grave/s. This National Gallery Singapore exhibition lets you journey through time and hear the stories within City Hall's historical walls. Can you kah kin anot?”.

What is in fookien sino gusto magfrontrow tulungan kita. Its equivalent in the Standard Xiamen dialect is "sóe-lé". (pinyin is allowed) translation?

Its good to see that there are some Chinese people who are willing and spend time writing about the above Local Hokkien language Me too, a half Chinese is sometimes confused which Chinese language to learn first since Mandarin and Hookien is very far sounding from each other. In Philippine Hokkien/Lan-nang, a-ma is also the word for your paternal grandmother. Travel back in time and experience the performing arts on the 50s and 60s at the Chinatown Opera Festival 2019, happening 20 to 24th November. The sentence would be something like this.

What does it mean? ), RANDOM PHILIPPINE FOOKIEN WORDS & PHRASES. [1] Examples include:[1], Philippine Hokkien also has some vocabulary that is unique to it compared to other varieties of Hokkien:[1]. Redeem a FREE $10 concert voucher from Hapz when you sign up for our mailing list. am-tsam (髒): dirty. The term Philippine Hokkien is used when differentiating the variety of Hokkien spoken in the Philippines from those spoken in China, Taiwan and other Southeast Asian countries.[3][2]. [citation needed]. Many Filipino words that end in -kok are of Chinese origin. Stop giggling. Hello, ho seh bo? If you’re a sloth, you might’ve heard this used on you more than a few times.

ate = appellation for eldest sister from a ci (“a” is a prefix for relationships; “ci” means older sister) ditse = appellation for second eldest sister from di ci (“di” means second and “ci” means older sister). Let’s go jiak png.”.

This is Eugene from are coming towards the end of March, and personally, I feel that the first quarter of 2019 has just flown by! pēnn-tshù/pīnn-tshù (病厝): hospital (literally, "sick house"). Hokkien is a Southern Min language spoken by part of the ethnic Chinese population of the Philippines.The use of Hokkien in the Philippines is influenced by Philippine Spanish, Tagalog and Philippine English.Hokaglish is an oral contact language involving Philippine Hokkien… from ko a (“ko” is an appellation for older brother; “a” is a suffix), diko = appellation for second elder brother Philippine Hokkien, like other Southeast Asian variants of Hokkien (e.g., Penang Hokkien, Johor Hokkien, and Singaporean Hokkien) absorbed several indigenous and English words and phrases which are usually only found (or are more important) in its new milieu. Don't forget to bookmark this page. Tn̂g-suann(唐山): China, derived from the term, tuā-o̍h (大學): university or college. Thanks for this. Trust me, I spoke Hokkien before I learnt English. Eh sai buay? Singapore is home to many dialect groups, but one of the most common one is probably Hokkien. (你會講咱人話嗎?

When speaking to an elder, you should be using Li Ho Bo which means “Are you well?”, Example: “Wah bro, long time no see. Di e ham bun mia si sia mi? Example: “Eh it’s 1pm already. Its equivalent in the Standard Xiamen dialect is "lāo-siông". Feel free to pepper your sentences when speaking with your grandparents for that bit of extra. Its equivalent in the Standard Xiamen dialect is "piān-gî". The real meaning of the word is “to travel” or “holidaying”.

Podcast Transcript | Hokkien: Common Words and Useful Phrases. Its equivalent in the Standard Xiamen dialect is "i-ìⁿ". bakya = wooden clog. from sa ko a (“sa” means third  and “ko” is an appellation for older brother), siyaho = referential term for elder sister’s husband

[12], Philippine Hokkien is largely derived from the Jinjiang dialect of Quanzhou but has possibly also absorbed influences from the Amoy dialect of Xiamen and Nan'an dialects of Quanzhou. gwa to lai lo. Y’all have fun.”, Example: “AH BOY FASTER HELP ME KEEP THE LAUNDRY!!! So when you want to write the word "tree" you will not have to bother with writing letters so the reader could sound out the word and you will simply draw a picture of a tree. If you had followed our podcast diligently, you would have learnt around 100 Hokkien common words and useful phrases by now!

Hello everybody! bimpo = face towel. The Japanese Beauty Showcase by Shiseido will allow visitors to discover the secrets of Japanese beauty in a “multi-sensorial journey”. sio'k (便宜): cheap, economical. Jiak Png is probably one of the most used Hokkien phrases. But I can see the Ph Hokkien is easier to learn. How’s that for committing less than 5 … [13][14], Although Philippine Hokkien is generally mutually comprehensible with any Hokkien variant, including Taiwanese Hokkien, the numerous English and Filipino loanwords as well as the extensive use of colloquialisms (even those which are now unused in China) can result in confusion among Hokkien speakers from outside of the Philippines. I want to kun already.”. Example: “Ah boy, where you going? When we are lighting incense. Only 12.2% of all ethnic Chinese in the Philippines have a variety of Chinese as their mother tongue. Required fields are marked *. The use of Hokkien in the Philippines is influenced by Philippine Spanish,[4][5] Tagalog and Philippine English. 2 Filipinos Found The Best Pinoy Fare In Singapore. husi = cloth woven from silk thread or fibers. kuya = appellation for elder brother from ko a (“ko” is an appellation for older brother; “a” is a suffix). [10], As of 2019[update], the Ateneo de Manila University, under their Chinese Studies Programme, offers Hokkien 1 (Chn 8) and Hokkien 2 (Chn 9) as electives.

tshia-thâu (車頭): chauffeur (literally, "car head", but used in China to refer to a. tshià-thâo-lō (工作): to work, to get employed. Hehehe. Teresita Ang-See, "Chinese in the Philippines", 1997, Kaisa, pg. diko = appellation for … I heard hapipo ama angkong lai tsa. Also please don’t let Hokkien die out as a dialect. [7], In the early 17th century, Spanish missionaries in the Philippines produced materials documenting the Hokkien varieties spoken by the Chinese trading community who had settled there in the late 16th century:[8][4], These texts appear to record a Zhangzhou dialect of Hokkien, from the area of Haicheng (an old port that is now part of Longhai).


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