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Travel south once more and, as a mouse, enter the western of the two rooms (the only one you can access now). Heal up if necessary and have everyone guard, because on the next turn it'll unleash Eternal Light, which can absolutely decimate you if you're not prepared. Boss – The Reaper – Difficulty The Hardest – I hope you've got about half an hour to blow, because this dude is a monster. ├ August Why not join us today? If you're looking for level recommendations, I personally beat the Reaper at level 68 and while it was troublesome, I was feeling all right if not a little battered by the end of it, so there's definitely room for a couple levels' variance. Same with the one afterward.After quite a number of cutscenes you'll reach rank 10 in the Fool Arcana and have another dialogue choice, with the options being “I refuse” or “Very well...”To continue the game, select “I refuse.” The second option will lead to another bad ending.Once you gain control, explore this area and speak with each of your teammates. ├ William ├ Accessories Unlock the door to your west, then continue east to another mouse room. ├ Temperance Arcana

Hop down the massive steps.You can't win this next fight, so don't waste any items. Anything you use will be reflected back, but it's only in effect for a single round. Your goal here is to hit a Home Run and nab the trophy, so go for it. There are a few NPCs you can talk to, but they don’t really offer much of anything worthwhile, so it’s best to ignore them for now. This only gets really dangerous if someone is afflicted by Jealousy while the Sword is in play.And the Book of Commandments will cast Distorted Pride, which is basically a Tetrakarn and Makarakarn wrapped up into one. └ Game Controls, ■ Tips and Strategies If he charges you'll want to ensure you're healed up and block if at all possible, as his Arm of Destruction can hit our entire party for massive damage.The real trouble comes if he casts Wage War and inflicts your squad with Rage, causing them to waste turns with powered-up physical attacks that are reflected right back on the user. Continue along until you reach two paths veering east.

├ Satanael ├ Negotiation Then go south as far as you're able to find a room with a chest containing a Black Robe. EXP: 105. Fight them if you want, or sneak to the eastern end, where you will come to an elevator leading to the next section.

├ Kaneshiro’s Palace Enjoy the trophy. Your opponent can move twice each turn and will mess around with Tetrakarn and Makarakarn, which you probably haven't seen much of until this point. In the next room you'll turn into a mouse, so take the duct leading south and unlock the door east. In phase two, Akechi reveals his true form as the black masked Persona User previously mentioned by Madarame and Keneshiro. Either option is viable.Follow the path all the way west and unlock the door leading back, then take the branch south into a new area. Buff you team, debuff the boss, and run this like always. ├ Athena ├ Macabre

Activate Third Eye and you should see some footprints now, so follow them as they go downstairs and to one of the bars. However, players that have completed Sae's dungeon will know that Goro ends up betraying the crew. The game can be a little tricky to get the hang of, so it may take a few tries.EVENING: Another free night. Your target is all the way down on Area 14. Directly to the south is a Safe Room, so pop in and save your game before heading north to the main pool area.Speak to the Former Noble in the southwest area of the pool deck, then speak to the Masked Guest in the southeast. ├ Uriel

Once you proceed west from the Safe Room, you'll be thrust into another boss fight. Use that first round to heal and keep the pressure on, then guard on that second set of turns because if you don't and he catches you off guard, it can absolutely decimate your party – and the last thing you want is to make it this far and lose to some Cannon Fire.This is the last form, so stay focused and aim for the goal. HP: 305, SP: 111. Despite the laid-back atmosphere there are still enemies about, so proceed carefully. ITEM: Thick Parchment. ├ Fast Money Earning Guide ├ Niijima’s Palace This is your last free evening, so feel free to do whatever you like.

When you first enter here, there will be a man you can talk to in front of you, as well as a locked chest right next to him ( Life Jacket , Diamond and Garnet ). :D. There's also a trick you can apply during Flu Season earlier in the game, wherein you attempt to save scum until the Reaper shows afflicted with Despair status (aka the flu).

├ Caroline & Justine (Strength)

├ Shadow Kaneshiro (Bael) ├ Justice Arcana ├ Knowledge The TV President is weak to ice (he has Evade Ice, which is annoying)-, but absorbs fire, so you can knock down all of the enemies for an All-Out Attack. Continue south and unlock the door there, then go and enter that big room with four enemies in it to see that you no longer turn into a mouse. ├ Persona with Special Characteristics Even accounting for the extra turns he'll gain by exploiting your weaknesses, though, you should be able to take his shots and keep pumping out damage. This Persona can be fused and can be obtained in the Seventh Palace and Mementos. It’s not a good idea to get rid of them, as they will respawn after speaking with the Former Noble.

├ Hifumi Togo – Star Confidant

└ Fafnir If you clicked on this guide, you're facing the seventh boss fight in Persona 5. They're weak to Bless skills and not very durable, so just smack 'em around until you win.After the battle, turn south and you'll find a chest containing Classified Armor before continuing into the Entertainment Hall. They can use Mediarama to heal the team and, when enraged by the President, will strike upon you with great vengeance and furious anger.

Say goodbye as Tencent pulls PUBG Mobile out from India. └ Vanadis SP: 14. It is finally time to bring down that punk in the new Palace, so get ready, but before you do, check out Iwai’s shop to see if you have any weapons or armor to buy. In the next area, hop down and head west to find a Safe Room.

Up this path you'll find a chest containing an Over Guard. ├ Astarte Save your game and consider returning to the Velvet Room if you've leveled up any.When you're ready, leave from the Prison Passageway Safe Room and head south to reach a boss fight. It's an interesting heal-trap, but not insurmountable. He has the power to control all human women, and is said to give witch… ├ Status Recovery Skills Just ride it out and murder this thing as fast as possible.The Bell of Declaration Repels Fire and Psi attacks (possibly other magic – will have to double check), and its Distorted Vanity attack will render a party member weak to any form of attack for one round. ■ News and Features Archive, ■ New Persona Either way, you're in for a long battle. ├ English/Chinese Version Release Date Inadvertently Revealed You can now take the north door in human form.Follow the path all the way around to unlock a shortcut back toward the pool, then continue north into a large hall. ├ Lucy ├ February ├ Yuuki Mishima – Moon Confidant ├ Okumura’s Palace ├ Tower Arcana Have at it. Interact with one of the stalls to initiate some scenes that will eventually lead into a mini-boss battle with the Former Noble. ITEM: Thick Parchment. ├ Cognitive Wakaba Isshiki ", P5R Meet the Phantom Thieves English Trailer Teased, English/Chinese Version Release Date Inadvertently Revealed, Famitsu Article Teased New Features and Confidants, Caroline and Justine – Strength Confidant, Phantom Thieves Awakened Ultimate Persona, Hunting Wolf Spirit (Makami) Mini-Boss Guide, Guard Captain (Belphelgor) Mini-Boss Guide, Guard Captain (Eligor) and Dirty Two-Horned Beast (Bicorn) Mini-Boss Guide, Awakened Ancestor from the Grave (Arahabhaki) Mini-Boss Guide.

Here is a list of shadow weakness to help with that advantage. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. ├ System Difficulty


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