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For this purpose Mozilla Firefox is recommended since it is the most compatible out of all the browsers. You can use it wherever you like since the converter will output the text in Unicode which works everywhere.

All these dialects are commonly shared by countries including Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland.

English too, is germanic, so there are some similarities between the two.

injury, pain, harm, hurt; disease, plague; turf knoll in the middle of barren ground (f), treasure, necklace, jewel (n); jewels, treasures (n pl).

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Translation Memory come mostly from parallel corpuses that were made

We also translate Old Norse to and from any other world language.

Old Norse is a germanic language once spoken by viking tribes in Scandinavia.

Z. It makes our dictionary Old Norse English real, as it is created by native speakers people, that uses language for every day. Currently we have 28 sentences translated.

road, way; journey; glory, honor; direction; side; dimension; mode, manner; veita (tt), wēta (ath) (‡), waita (‡). at bottom. cut, shear; cut through; cut open, pierce; make incisions, carve; slaughter; ski; snow-skate; stick; wood (block of wood); wooden tablet or stave; one of the boards forming a door frame; shields in a row on the bulwarks of a ship, 'fortress of the snow-skate (of the sea)' (m).

Some liberties have been taken with the English definitions to facilitate sorting them in a usable order.

of wheat) (n), hall, house consisting of one room; (m) (a complex) dwelling; ground (m pl). forward; from the front; from the front side; fame, growth, success; advancement, benefit, profit; luck; courage, ability (m), foremost, forward, facing forwards, standing in front; outstanding, excellent; (superl.)


Glosbe dictionaries are unique.

know; be aware of; understand; be certain of; know how (to); know of; find out; see; penalty, punishment, liability to penalty; injury, misfortune, prophetess, seeress; witch, sorceress, soothsayer (f), guard, watch; warden; coastguard, watchman (m), wergild, the legal value of a man's life (m), Empress Zoe the Great, c. 978 – 1050 AD, Byzantine Empress (f), tale, short story, 'strand' of rope or yarn (m), freeman; subject; a good man; servant (m).

V With an expertise of almost two decades, we have served millions of customers for all sorts of translations.

equip; provide; set, place; arrange, array; man, occupy; draw up; assign (a seat); put in order; set; crowd, throng; divide; share; change; amount to; shape; exchange; decide; have dealings in; decide (course of events); throw; shoot; hop; launch (boat); roll (the eyes); Skofnung, possible Shin Bone, the name of King Hrolf's sword (m), manly, bold; magnificent; of distinguished appearance (adj), leader, notable or outstanding person, paragon (m), Skuld (personal name, mythological), Debt, 'that which should become', norn (name of a norn); valkyrie (name of a valkyrie), Skuld, Debt, that which should become, one of the three Norns) (f), must, shall (obligation, purpose, necessity, fate); should; ought (v), cutting, slice; a trench; the flensing of a whale (m), cup-bearer; trencherman; officer of high rank (m), reason; sake; tax, due; incumbrance (on an estate) (f). smooth, even out, tidy, trim; cut even, make equal (in comparisons), equate; exposed equally, naked or unprotected (adj), as deep-witted, as deep-scheming, as resourceful (adj), equinox, equal length of day and night (n), Yule, midwinter heathen feast, later applied to Christmas (n pl), Jormundgand, name of the Midgard Serpent, the world serpent (m), halberd (one type of halberd), long spear (f), contest, competition; spirit, ardor, courage, ship; fast coastal rowing ship; a middle-sized cargo and troop ship (m), trade goods, wares, articles of trade (m), wreckage or pieces of (Greenland) canoes (n), boat (small boat), canoe; sledge-runner (m).

Our Last update: 10/07/2017 - 2314 entries.

We can professionally translate any Old Norse website, no matter if it is a static HTML website or an advanced Java/PHP/Perl driven website. should only be used as an aid for further research. The runic symbols are hard to understand and are especially difficult to write in.

thus, therefore; for this reason; because of this; Thvinnill (personal name), name of a Viking (m). It helps us save time, we don’t have to wait for a translator to reply and vice versa. get, take, procure; grasp; marry; put, give, deliver; catch; have, make use of; receive; suffer; (with ppart.) It’s a great way to make the plain boring old interface of most of the social media websites interesting. We also offer services for Old Norse interpretation, voice-overs, transcriptions, and multilingual search engine optimization. Translators who take upon the task of translating Old Norse to English are mostly those who either belong to countries where the Norse language was once spoken and plenty of transcripts have been found in those areas or the ones who are linguistic anthropologists. Besides Norse, we provide translation services for all Nordic languages.

coin, money; penny; 1/10 eyrir; piece of property, article; advice, counsel; expedient, means; plan; agreement; authority; intention; policy; wish; advise, counsel; consult about; rule; discuss; plot; set, arrange; decide; govern; prevail; have to deal with; go, take one's way; sea-captain, 'Oðin of the chariot (of the sea)' (m), Ragnarok, the twilight of the gods, the world's end (also referred to as the, Ragnar (personal name); Ragnarr loðbrók - Ragnar Shaggy-breeches, a legendary Viking chieftain of the 9th century (m), effeminate, cowardly, (passively) homosexual (adj), parrel (a sliding ring or collar that confines the yard and sail to the mast but allows vertical movement) (ship/sailing term), sail (vertical leech of sail) (ship/sailing term), Rangarvellir (place name), Rang River Plains, Ratatosk, the squirrel that carries insults between Níðhöggr and the eagle (m), red (also frequently as a descriptor for gold) (adj), Regin; son of Hreidmar, brother of Fafnir the dragon (m), harness, trappings; rigging, tackle; ship's equipment (ship/sailing term) (m and n). Glosbe is a collaborative project and every one can add (and remove) translations. Although it is closest to Icelandic, it has lesser speakers than one can know of.


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