nats vs redis

Redis offers a real Pub/Sub fire-and-forget system, as well as a real Stream data type.

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In practice, these message inboxes are like task queues. This property also enables independent failure, which is a good feature for many workloads. These services only do graceful degradation because for more sensitive use cases (e.g., a payment service asking an order service to start processing a paid order), other asynchronous mechanisms I’ll describe below are more common. After each batch of installations is fetched, each installation is sent to a respective Sender.

Currently, we have two senders - iOS and Android, which use APNS2 and FCM respectively. Finally, there’s also a newcomer: Redis Streams. The simplest form is Service A and Service B doing direct remote procedure calls (RPC), by invoking Service B’s HTTP REST endpoint from Service A, for example. We made our choice - create an external service that will be able to handle the demands of our customers.

The most well-known tool in this category is RabbitMQ, followed by a plethora of other tools and cloud services that mostly speak AMQP (Rabbit’s native protocol) or MQTT (a similar open standard). I want to leave you with one last consideration before concluding.

An IRC-style chat application (i.e., without history), or a plug-and-play real-time processing pipeline for volatile logs/events works well with a brokered approach. Just as before, your chat system is not going to be only a stream of messages. © 2020 Redis Labs. If you are not familiar with the language, here's a great article [About Go Language  - An Overview]( There are many subtle implications from this change in design.

They are rightfully described as “TCP sockets on steroids.” In practice, you import the library into your code and use it to instantiate a connection that can employ various built-in message routing mechanisms, such as Pub/Sub, Push/Pull, Dealer/Router, etc. Let me tell you the story behind why we chose to include NATS Streaming in our stack.

The difference is not just in persistence, but in the general idea of reliable delivery (i.e., application level acks) vs. fire-and-forget. The simplest way to use Streams as a communication tool is to push to a stream what you would otherwise publish over Pub/Sub, basically creating a resumable Pub/Sub. Since Streams was not available before Redis version 5, some people opted to use Pub/Sub in situations where they would have preferred better delivery guarantees, and are now making the switch. Streams are an immutable, append-only series of time-directed entries, and many types of data fit naturally into that format. About. The difference is not just in persistence, but in the general idea of reliable delivery (i.e., application level acks) vs. fire-and-forget. After switching to the Push Notifications service, which is enabled by default with Parse Server 2.3.3 on SashiDo, you will be able to send push notifications to your clients about 20 times faster than before, without pushing the limits of your Parse Server and slowing down other requests. It is also possible – and sometimes preferable – to implement service-to-service communication over streams, entering the realm of streaming architectures. Brokerless means that participants are still connected directly but have the option of employing a different pattern than RPC. And when each push is delivered to either APNS2 or FCM, the response is passed to the Status workers. Of course, we should start with the elephant in the room: Apache Kafka, as well as alternatives like Apache Pulsar (from Yahoo) and re-implementations of Kafka in other languages, plus a few SaaS offerings. We appreciate your interest!

Back to our communication use case, all streams implementations also allow clients to tail a stream, receiving live updates as new entries get added. EXEC, To get to a working solution, you’ll need to defeat seven evil concurrency problems. Let’s talk about communication tools and patterns. You only need a Redis client for your language, and can use PUBLISH and (P)SUBSCRIBE to move messages around.


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