naofumi and melty
Naofumi explains they were ignorant of how to be heroes and properly clean up, leading the Church to see them as fakes and plan a, The Four Heroes have no success in breaking through Balmus' Cathedral Spell and Naofumi finds his Rage Shield's curse effect is greatly nullified within The Cathedral. A focused Naofumi blocks Balmus' attack and the loss of many of his followers prevents him from quickly regaining mana. Insulted, Rabier fights to kill her, but using her Mana Sword she wounds him, and he falls back out of a window.

Melty attempts to convince her father to reconcile with Naofumi, but Malty exacerbates the situation. Learning of a mysterious disease spreading through a village, Naofumi's party goes to investigate and finds out the disease began after Sword Hero Ren killed a Dragon nearby and left the body to rot instead of properly disposing of it. Naofumi confronts Glass in single combat, where she reveals herself as a Hero from L'Arc's homeworld, the "Fan Hero." Second Princess of Melromarc (formerly)Crown Princess of Melromarc (formerly)Queen of Melromarc Do-Gooder She is against Naofumi's opinion of remaining in Raktehelm because she wishes to return to Melromarc as soon as possible. Naofumi learned the full depths of his shield's power, and uses a staggering variety of shield types (and some limited offensive power) during his adventures. Powers/Skills As Raphtalia and Filo are ready for Class Upgrades (, Equipping Raphtalia and Filo and annexing the Lute Party with Knight Ake as their unit captain, the Wave starts and Ake's Unit help civilians as Naofumi's party kills monsters. Back in the present, remembering her past, Raphtalia is about to strike when Naofumi reminds her how much she's grown. Naofumi will only allow it if they pay 150 silver coins to prove their loyalty. However, Balmus uses an advanced counter ability and nearly wins until Queen Mirelia's army arrives to support them. Mel (by Filo)Second PrincesDoll PrincessThe Heir to the Throne Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older. [5] The second opening theme is "FAITH," performed by MADKID, while the second ending theme is "While I'm Next to You" (あたしが隣にいるうちに, Atashi ga Tonari ni Iru Uchi ni) performed by Fujikawa.

Melty recognizes Pope Balmus wields an ancient weapon which replicates all the Four Cardinal Weapons, supposedly lost long ago. Using the opportunity, Naofumi uses his. Melty calls out Motoyasu when he attacks Naofumi in the middle of the capital and causes a lot of collateral damage, pointing out that no real hero would carelessly put people in danger. L'Arc and Therese then attack the Heroes, explaining they are from yet another world besieged by the Waves. Naofumi senses something is wrong moments before one of Melty's bodyguards attempts to assassinate her, but Naofumi protects her. During the meeting, Mirellia informs the Heroes of the upcoming special Cal Mira, Introducing themselves, L'Arc and Therese think Naofumi's name is an alias, having heard of the despicable Shield Hero. Aqua Slash: Fires a ball of water that turns into a blade. They learn that the seed from the tomb is what Spear Hero Motoyasu used to end a local famine, but the sprouted plant came alive and began attacking the villagers. Fitoria force-unlocks many Filolial Shields for Naofumi, which he can't use yet. Meeting at Erhard's shop, Melty explains to Naofumi's party that she is the second princess who was made, Dejected, Melty goes to her father to talk as Naofumi is met by a small party wishing to join after he saved Lute Village, their hometown. Malty S. MelromarcBiscas T. BalmusChurch of the Three Heroes Family

[3] It ran for 25 episodes. In order to save their homeworld, they must kill the Four Heroes. Based on her actions and behavior, Naofumi deduces a previous Shield Hero raised Fitoria, but she can't remember after living for so long.

Glass easily defeats the other three hero parties, and challenges Naofumi's party. Even against Naofumi's many shields with Raphtalia and Filo's support, they can't land a single blow. In the anime adaption of The Rising of the Shield Hero, Melty is voiced by Maaya Uchida in the Japanese version and by Jackie Lastra in the English version. After a month of leveling up in preparation for the next Wave, Naofumi unlocks a huge variety of transformations for his shield, each with a unique ability, while Raphtalia rapidly matures into a young adult woman. Filolial Knowledge: Melty loves Filolials, like her mother, so she knows many things about them. Come dawn, Reichnott is arrested while the maids hide Naofumi and Raphtalia in the kitchen pantry and Melty distracts the knights.


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