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nationTooltips['player-2805'] = JSON.parse('{"id":2805,"name":"Timothy Liljegren","position":"D","identifier":"timothy-liljegren","faceUrl":"https:\/\/s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com\/static.fantasydata.com\/headshots\/nhl\/low-res\/30003648.png","teamName":"Toronto Maple Leafs","playerRating":71.87378772751072,"playerPositionRank":null,"playerPositionRankColor":null,"capHit":863334,"draftYear":2017,"blogUrl":"https:\/\/theleafsnation.com\/tag\/timothy-liljegren?utm_source=nationinfobox&utm_medium=url&utm_campaign=nationinfobox","blogLogo":"https:\/\/api.dailyfaceoff.com\/uploads\/nation_site\/logo\/5\/theleafsnation.png","dailyfaceoffUrl":"https:\/\/www.dailyfaceoff.com\/players\/news\/timothy-liljegren\/3215\/?utm_source=nationinfobox&utm_medium=url&utm_campaign=nationinfobox","dailyfaceoffLogo":"https:\/\/api.dailyfaceoff.com\/uploads\/nation_site\/logo\/7\/dailyfaceoff.png","hockeyfightsUrl":"https:\/\/www.hockeyfights.com\/players\/24302","hockeyfightsLogo":"https:\/\/api.dailyfaceoff.com\/uploads\/nation_site\/logo\/8\/hockeyfightslogo.png","puckpediaUrl":"https:\/\/puckpedia.com\/player\/e\/224910?utm_source=nationinfobox&utm_medium=url&utm_campaign=nationinfobox","puckpediaLogo":"https:\/\/api.dailyfaceoff.com\/uploads\/nation_site\/logo\/9\/puckpedialogo.png"}'); yet, which gives you some sense of the depth the Leafs are dealing with. Assuming that Dubas makes no moves to change the outlook of his defense as well as resigns Dermott, the Leafs top-6 can look something like: It is still in question if Dubas will pursue any free agents or trades for defenseman this offseason, but, that is still a respectable defensive core for a team that was known to have great struggles on the blue line this past season. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. On the surface a 6’0″ LHD with 49 points in 60 KHL games was impressive, but it seemed as if the Leafs were adding an offensive LD when they already had a surplus of offensive LHD. Your privacy is safe with us. Best defenseman in the KHL in 2019-2020 and ready to play in the NHL in 2020-2021. The key difference is that Lehtonen is UFA after his 1 year ELC where Zaitsev was RFA, so the Leafs should be solely focused on making the most of his 1 season under $1m instead of extending him. He represented Jokerit at the 2020 KHL All-Star Game and was named KHL Defenceman of the Month in three consecutive months from November to January. It all adds to an already strong case for Lehtonen to be in a Leaf jersey on opening night. Some friendly fire on a TLN writer here (sorry Nick!) nationTooltips['player-2893'] = JSON.parse('{"id":2893,"name":"Calle Rosen","position":"D","identifier":"calle-rosen","faceUrl":"https:\/\/s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com\/static.fantasydata.com\/headshots\/nhl\/low-res\/30003617.png","teamName":"Toronto Maple Leafs","playerRating":72.7542686026459,"playerPositionRank":4,"playerPositionRankColor":"#8bb669","capHit":750000,"draftYear":0,"blogUrl":"https:\/\/theleafsnation.com\/tag\/calle-rosen?utm_source=nationinfobox&utm_medium=url&utm_campaign=nationinfobox","blogLogo":"https:\/\/api.dailyfaceoff.com\/uploads\/nation_site\/logo\/5\/theleafsnation.png","dailyfaceoffUrl":"https:\/\/www.dailyfaceoff.com\/players\/news\/calle-rosen\/3309\/?utm_source=nationinfobox&utm_medium=url&utm_campaign=nationinfobox","dailyfaceoffLogo":"https:\/\/api.dailyfaceoff.com\/uploads\/nation_site\/logo\/7\/dailyfaceoff.png","hockeyfightsUrl":"https:\/\/www.hockeyfights.com\/players\/24226","hockeyfightsLogo":"https:\/\/api.dailyfaceoff.com\/uploads\/nation_site\/logo\/8\/hockeyfightslogo.png","puckpediaUrl":"https:\/\/puckpedia.com\/player\/e\/37021?utm_source=nationinfobox&utm_medium=url&utm_campaign=nationinfobox","puckpediaLogo":"https:\/\/api.dailyfaceoff.com\/uploads\/nation_site\/logo\/9\/puckpedialogo.png"}'); and recently extended Teemu Kivihalmewindow.nationTooltips = window.nationTooltips || {}; nationTooltips['player-2857'] = JSON.parse('{"id":2857,"name":"Justin Holl","position":"RD","identifier":"justin-holl","faceUrl":"https:\/\/s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com\/static.fantasydata.com\/headshots\/nhl\/low-res\/30002424.png","teamName":"Toronto Maple Leafs","playerRating":71.9990099082037,"playerPositionRank":61,"playerPositionRankColor":"#ffd66a","capHit":2000000,"draftYear":2010,"blogUrl":"https:\/\/theleafsnation.com\/tag\/justin-holl?utm_source=nationinfobox&utm_medium=url&utm_campaign=nationinfobox","blogLogo":"https:\/\/api.dailyfaceoff.com\/uploads\/nation_site\/logo\/5\/theleafsnation.png","dailyfaceoffUrl":"https:\/\/www.dailyfaceoff.com\/players\/news\/justin-holl\/3271\/?utm_source=nationinfobox&utm_medium=url&utm_campaign=nationinfobox","dailyfaceoffLogo":"https:\/\/api.dailyfaceoff.com\/uploads\/nation_site\/logo\/7\/dailyfaceoff.png","hockeyfightsUrl":"https:\/\/www.hockeyfights.com\/players\/14849","hockeyfightsLogo":"https:\/\/api.dailyfaceoff.com\/uploads\/nation_site\/logo\/8\/hockeyfightslogo.png","puckpediaUrl":"https:\/\/puckpedia.com\/player\/e\/46905?utm_source=nationinfobox&utm_medium=url&utm_campaign=nationinfobox","puckpediaLogo":"https:\/\/api.dailyfaceoff.com\/uploads\/nation_site\/logo\/9\/puckpedialogo.png"}');. As of right now, no one knows exactly what to expect from Lehtonen, but as the KHL’s best defenseman, he should be, at worst, an upgrade over most bottom paring players. He won the KHL's top defenceman award before coming over, much like Zaitsev. Plays a pretty good two-way game. On May 4th 2020, the Toronto Maple Leafs signed LHD Mikko Lehtonenwindow.nationTooltips = window.nationTooltips || {}; Dubas has also been trying to find the right fit to play on the right side of Morgan Rielly but to no avail.

The Fantastic-Finn spent last season and the start of this season playing with Jokerit Helsinki of the Kontinental Hockey League. A very skilled offensive defenseman with very good skating ability. nationTooltips['player-24360'] = JSON.parse('{"id":24360,"name":"Teemu Kivihalme","position":"D","identifier":"teemu-kivihalme","faceUrl":"https:\/\/s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com\/static.fantasydata.com\/headshots\/nhl\/low-res\/0.png","teamName":"Toronto Maple Leafs","blogUrl":"https:\/\/theleafsnation.com\/tag\/teemu-kivihalme?utm_source=nationinfobox&utm_medium=url&utm_campaign=nationinfobox","blogLogo":"https:\/\/api.dailyfaceoff.com\/uploads\/nation_site\/logo\/5\/theleafsnation.png","dailyfaceoffUrl":"https:\/\/www.dailyfaceoff.com\/players\/news\/teemu-kivihalme\/24360\/?utm_source=nationinfobox&utm_medium=url&utm_campaign=nationinfobox","dailyfaceoffLogo":"https:\/\/api.dailyfaceoff.com\/uploads\/nation_site\/logo\/7\/dailyfaceoff.png","hockeyfightsUrl":"https:\/\/www.hockeyfights.com\/players\/19787","hockeyfightsLogo":"https:\/\/api.dailyfaceoff.com\/uploads\/nation_site\/logo\/8\/hockeyfightslogo.png"}'); they also had existing European FA signings in depth D roles. It wasn’t immediately clear if Lehtonen would take a bottom pair spot from Rasmus Sandinwindow.nationTooltips = window.nationTooltips || {}; KOSICE, SLOVAKIA - MAY 23: Mikko Lehtonen #4 of Finland controls the puck during the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Slovakia quarter final game between Finland and Sweden at Steel Arena on May 23, 2019 in Kosice, Slovakia.

As it currently stands Lehtonen is in competition with Travis Dermottwindow.nationTooltips = window.nationTooltips || {}; This is due to the fact that Lehtonen will be unable to join the Leafs officially until the start of the 2020-21 NHL season. Lehtonen finished first in team scoring with 49 points (17g-32a) in 60 regular-season games. Copyright © 1999-2020 MLSE and the National Hockey League. torontomapleleafs.com is the official Web site of the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club. I don’t expect Lehtonen to maintain 2 points per game in the KHL, but he was already an outlier amongst UDFA D in points per game and another season at 0.82 p/g would still be considered a success. @mik_lehtonen tällää 1-1-osuman aikaan 19.00. 11 of Lehtonen’s 17 goals last season were on the powerplay. All three of those goals came at even strength, and Lehtonen added a primary assist on the PP in the second game to bring his total to 4 points in 2 games. Fine playing either side, he says. The Toronto Maple Leafs made yet another signing from overseas this past year. https://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=147094 Toronto Maple Leafs news from FanSided Daily, Toronto Maple Leafs Hypothetical Trade: Freddie Andersen to Colorado, Common Toronto Maple Leafs Narratives Allergic to Facts, Toronto Maple Leafs Hypothetical Trade: Matt Dumba, Washington's Ron Rivera Got Planned IV at Half vs. Eagles Amid Cancer Treatment, The Hard Truth About the Toronto Maple Leafs Blue-Line. He is a gifted offensive player that has already proven himself in 3 European leagues, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see Lehtonen step in and have an effect comparable to that of @Erik Gustafsson for Chicago.

Lehtonen does have a history of winning on his side as well: 2013-14 WJC Gold Medal2016-17 SHL Champion2018-19 World Championship Gold Medal. 26-year-old Defenseman Mikko Lehtonen was signed to a one-year $925,000 entry-level contract on … but Lehtonen’s first two games are a terrific answer to the question of “why are so many people assuming Lehtonen will be a solution on our blue line?”. Here is a list of Lehtonen’s accomplishments throughout the season amounted to (via eliteprospects.com).

26-year-old Defenseman Mikko Lehtonen was signed  to a one-year $925,000 entry-level contract on May 4. Please enter your email address to reset your password.


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