lg refrigerator ice maker class action lawsuit
After 2 years of problems I sold it … Lost, lots of money of that purchase!

I was going to purchase a washer and dryer too, but nope mark that brand off the list!!
I’d like to get a refund and compensation first lost food so I can buy something other than an LG. The ice maker has never worked right.

How do I join this law suit. And now it has quit working again, I refuse to pay another 400. TAMPA, Fla. — Appliance giant LG has agreed to settle a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit over refrigerator defect claims. We use cookies on our website to improve functionality and performance, to enhance the user experience, and to provide tailored content for website visitors.

Unacceptable for a fridge that cost $2,500.
Had my LG Ref since 2010. Hello, I’m having the same problem with my refrigerator. And now the same error message has come up again. I don’t see a claim on an icemaker, but i bought a side by side LG 2 years ago in 2017 and I need a whole new icemaker.

These french door models with slim ice makers are $2500 pieces of crap. Hopefully they will expand the list of qualified models and dates! Copyright 2020 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Had to have a repair person out to get it working again but he told me, it’s working now but don’t know for how long. I want them to either replace the whole thing or fix it. Jung says that LG Electronics has known about these two defects for years, yet has failed to properly fix them.

I can not get anywhere with them. I want to be in this class action lawsuit. I’ve been going back and forth with LG for years now. Moved into a new house last year & the same thing happened instead this time it almost burned my house down. Mine had the the same issue, stop working afterwards.

  • You can change these settings at any time. Which is usually only once before we have to clear it up again. I call and the previous repairman returned several days later.

    There is no problem solving that leads to any quality and effective productivity.

    They know there is a problem but want you to keep buying parts sometimes that are just reused to kick the can down the road until it is totally out of warranty.


    By Fall Sept 2017 I had an error screen problem requring replacement of refrig back panel, plus cost of warranty purchased to save money still cost me $600+ and no replacement for food lost. 2:17-cv-03664, in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey. My ice maker has the same problem with the ice cubes freezing in a lump. However, this can result in some functions no longer being available.

    LG will not back the warranty. The technician has gone at least 3 times to my house, changed the compressor and other things and we still have no resolution with this issue. Some LG refrigerators at issue may have both defects, Jung claims.

    My friends cannot believe it when they hear it. So unethical!! I called Home Depot to request a repairman.

    According to the lawsuit, the company denied any wrong-doing but agreed to settle in the interest of consumers and to avoid lengthy litigation.

    Finally there was the breaking point for me, another flood in the kitchen. It’s a shame Sears’ reputation is being potentially ruined by lack of ethics.

    LG has just built a defective product and continues to keep it on the market as it is a cash cow in repairs and in duping the Americans into keep pumping money into it. The one I bought in 2007 does the same dang thing…we had to turn off the ice maker… include me in this lawsuit if applicable….we couldn’t afford to get another refrigerator, so we are stuck with this one!

    I make my own ice and put it in the ice dispenser. Sears is actually a customer of LG like Home Depot is but they have just morphed it into a Kenmore to control all other aspects like soaking you for repairs that don’t work from their A&E Factory Services. Ours is already listed. He is also asking for an injunction against LG Electronics continuing the practices complained of here and requiring the company to conduct a corrective advertising campaign.

    THey required me to prepay for the service for $369 in order to be added to the service rooster. Thanks. All our applicances are LG. Out of all three, I believe and feel that third technician was being honest and seemed really frustrated with having to be the face of LG to angry customers. The refrigerator would develop a large sheet of ice under the freezer compartment and would then leak water onto the floor. Please note: Top Class Actions is not a settlement Jung proposes to represent two nationwide plaintiff Classes – one that would cover all persons in the U.S. who since May 22, 2011 purchased LG refrigerators with the fan defect, and another that would cover owners of refrigerators with the ice maker defect purchased during the same period.

    our LG icemaker broke down,,,same as these models above. I will half to take all the ice out let and clean it out and start with new ice. I brought a LG refrigerator and I replaced the ice maker 3 times since I brought it in 2010. Consumer Class Action Lawsuit & Settlement News, Coronavirus Legal News & Class Action Lawsuits. Having same problem for a year now!


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