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Your email address will not be published. A horse-mouthed, fire-breathing liberal femoid who supports open borders and nigger worship has been elected once again by the braindead populace of New Zealand. Plus: the Russian TV presenter taking on Vladimir Putin, how Chinese society has changed over the years and an open letter to Theresa May. That’s how many infections New Zealand has counted to date, according to Johns Hopkins University, while 25 people who contracted Covid-19 have died. New Zealand, the first country hit by Covid-19 to declare it was free of the virus before going into lockdown again, is set to declare that it has overcome a second wave of the illness, cementing its position as one of the countries with the most successful response to the virus. Previously I was a news reporter for HuffPost UK, the Press Association and a night reporter at the Guardian.

I used to be a believer that women did have the right to vote. Not only are wealthy white men capable of understanding (if they are of moral character) the nuances that go into governing a nation state they are also those people who are most interested in preserving their essence by voting for ideas and policies which benefit their descendants.

Auckland was placed under alert level 3 in mid-August, with gatherings severely restricted and people encouraged to stay home except for essential reasons, such as work. No surprise, I guess, that women have risen in political power as democracy’s vogue has grown.

A prolific writer, historian and social commentator, Brandon Martinez is a 21st century counter-cultural heretic and rebel intellectual for the new European Reconquista. in Journalism. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Namely that only wealthy educated white men who are men of property should be given the right exclusively to decide the fate of the country. Even her opponent was a femoid.

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The changes mean that the 100-person cap on gatherings will be lifted, and social distancing will be done away with in bars and restaurants.

These rat jews have all the bases covered in sham democratic elections. Even now, with more freedom in some ways than men have, NO women are on the cutting edge of thought, science or technology. Caring for things intellectual not a tenth as much as men care, they are docile students who faithfully parrot back what the teachers tell them, for the sake of things like grades and graduation, not out of a hellbent pursuit of verity. National leader Judith Collins said she called Ardern to concede defeat and congratulate Ardern on an “outstanding result” for the Labour Party.

We profile Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand's new prime minister. BOX 804, SADDLE BROOK, NJ 07663.

(Europe is second to East Asia in height of average IQ and lowness of birthrate.) I also know of the great correlation between IQ and birthrate.

Plus: the Russian TV presenter taking on Vladimir Putin, how Chinese society has changed over the years and an open letter to Theresa May. You may opt-out by, EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, New Zealand Extends Lockdown As Covid-19 Spreads For First Time In 102 Days, New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern Slams Trump For ‘Patently Wrong’ Comments About Their New Coronavirus Outbreak. Get in touch at isabel.togoh@forbes.com, or follow me on Twitter @bissieness. A whole lotta' shakin' goin' on down there, eh Prime Mister? Previously I was a news reporter for HuffPost UK, the Press Association and a night. Leftist Negro-Loving Sluts Meet Proud White Man, France: Groids & Leftists March in Favour of Undocumented Invaders.

Several countries that had started to lift restrictions at the start of summer are being forced to reintroduce some of the strictest measures, the latest being France, which on Saturday declared its highest-ever number of new daily infections (17,000), while authorities placed Paris on maximum alert, forcing restaurants and bars to close for two weeks. To send a check / MO or cash by mail: Payable to: PASCAL PUBLICATIONS, P.O.

* Allow a few daytime hours (USA EST time) to receive the pdf links. NEW ZEALAND’S SEDUCTIVE COMMUNIST PRIME MINISTER, JACINDA ARDERN.

Whichever candidate gets the best coverage, wins the election, usually. Biden-Trump Second Debate: I Love Niggers, No I Love Them More, VP Debate: Nigger Bitch Harris vs ZOGBot Pence, Matador Goes on the ATTACK Against Green-Haired Degenerates (SPANISH), Former Prison Inmate Explain Why Jews / Child Molesters Automatically Get Murdered in Jail, White Kid Graduates From Biden Supporter to White Power in 5 Minutes, White Man Quickly Realizes He Must Organize Collectively & Racially to Survive Ruthless Laws of Nature, Maniac Jews to UK: “Shut Down Bitchute & Prosecute Anti-Semites!”, Austria: Subhuman Terrorist Raghead Kills Five in Shooting Spree, 45 Non-Jew “Goy” Children Rescued from Hebrew Prostitution Pedo Snuff Ring. What a pleasure it is to consider that after one’s lifelong, daily absorption in political thought and investigation, one has as many votes as the feeblest of the mentally feeble who are swayed by pathetic rhetoric about what “the American people” want.

The countries with the lowest average IQ, in sub-Saharan Africa–black Africa–have the highest birthrates. It’s a mistake to let any nonwhite, or Jew, or woman the right to decide any issue whatsoever.

This contrasts with the approach on the other side of the world, in the U.S., which has seen 7.4 million infections to date, and 210,000 deaths, with President Donald Trump continuing to make public appearances despite being hospitalized with Covid-19. New Zealand Extends Lockdown As Covid-19 Spreads For First Time In 102 Days (Forbes), How New Zealand ‘Eliminated’ Coronavirus (Forbes), New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern Slams Trump For ‘Patently Wrong’ Comments About Their New Coronavirus Outbreak (Forbes), Full coverage and live updates on the Coronavirus, I am a breaking news reporter for Forbes in London, covering Europe and the U.S.

Most of the country, with a population of 4.8 million, is at an alert level of 1, the lowest level that indicates the virus is contained, while capital Auckland will move down from level 2 to level 1 by Wednesday. Results are still being counted. My, what a long ring-finger you have, "Jacinda."

Trump was an exception to that rule because there are enough smart white men in America who consume better media sources. REBUTTAL BY . The Stupid-19 scriptwriters had Big Jack' crack-down HARD on New Zealanders's liberties -- including free speech! A puff-piece on the cover of Time Magazine always constitutes "prima facie" (at "first face") evidence of Globalist evil. The scholar imitates, conforms, replicates; the genius questions, rebels, originates. Final results will be released in three weeks once special votes — including those cast by New Zealanders living overseas — are counted.

Jews will only vote for their own interest and the others are too ignorant to make decisions that are in their best interests. Their majority presence in universities now, is ironically more a result of their intellectual backwardness than their actual intelligence. With 87% of the votes counted, Ardern’s center-left Labour Party has won 48.9% of the vote, meaning her party looks likely to score the highest result that any party has achieved since the current political system was introduced in 1996. Coalitions are the norm in New Zealand, where no single party has ever won a majority of votes under the current system. The countries with the highest average IQ, South Korea and Japan, also have the lowest birthrates. * OCTOBER 19, 2020 NY Times: Jacinda Ardern, Hero to Liberals Abroad, Is Validated at Home.

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But Trump is just controlled jew opposition so it didn’t do any good anyway. Democracy must lead to failed or deeply defective societies.

I studied Social Anthropology at the London School of Economics, where I was a writer and editor for one of the university’s global affairs magazines, the London Globalist. Learn how your comment data is processed.


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The masses are untrained imbeciles who follow the trends pushed by jew-media outlets. Most people are too stupid to be entrusted to elect the right leaders. New Zealand had declared just over 100 days free from community transmission in early August, but authorities soon after reintroduced lockdown measures that same month after several members of one family with no links to overseas travel contracted the disease. I think of this a lot as the U.S. election approaches and I anticipate casting my paltry little vote. Jacinda Ardern has won a second term as New Zealand’s Prime Minister after her success at handling the country’s coronavirus outbreak helped secure a landslide victory. After several brutal months of repression, New Zealand was declared "Covid-free" -- the obvious "lesson" being that cruel totalitarianism worked wonders in New Zealand -- and that some of those "emergency powers" should therefore remain in the state's hands, even after the "crisis" has passed (.

1. Half Truths & Globalist Bias of The NY Times Front Page Headlines _____ FREE SAMPLE 1 FED RESERVE NOTE ... Lady of the Rings: Jacinda Rules Sept 8, 2018; Jacinda Ardern's Progressive Politics Made Her a Global Sensation Sept 26, 2018 .

Jacinda Ardern has won a second term as New Zealand’s Prime Minister after her success at handling the country’s coronavirus outbreak helped secure a landslide victory.

All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Now I’m totally against that idea and I believe that women should not be allowed the right to vote and in fact the idea of voting should be returning to the idea that was in the founding fathers viewpoints.


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