is rife putters still in business

Give it a go! Only problem was nothing was really going on…and until just recently as far as I know they didn’t even really have any product on hand in the country to sell. Though if your a fan of his designs and want to know if he will still be making putters in the future…the chances look pretty good   Word is he’s working on some pretty special putters right now…but whether or not you will see much of them in the US…we will just have to wait and see. To the average consumer everything looked to be running smoothly. #Switch2Rife, Bottom image is a Rife putter roll with Roll Groove Technology. as well as honest reporting on the latest issues affecting the game The RFX Series has it for you. And will they continue to innovate and make putters that consumers enjoy putting with now that Guerin is out of the picture. He is also the inventor of face groove technology and founded the original Rife Putter Company in 2000.

This enables Rife to produce products that are truly innovative and perform better than anything on the market. From then until he sold the company to 2011, Rife continued designing putters to be sold under the Rife putter brand. Now…you might be saying “well in today’s economy it is tough”…but this seems to have less to do with the economy and more to do with simply a poorly run company.

Hard to believe but the man’s name who is engraved on the bottom of all these putters hasn’t owned any of the RIFE Putter brand for quite some time. “Too many chiefs…” and well…just too many chiefs to make a single decision. If you have been holding onto your original Two Bar because you love it but it is time to replace it, you now can. “Too many chiefs…” and well…just too many chiefs to make a single decision. Best known for creating the famous Two Bar putter, he has designed over 40 models that have been used to win over 100 tournaments worldwide on all professional tours. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. money, time and performance. Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk. Check out this article: The common bond between the two is the desire to create something special, combining Guerin’s design and innovation with Stephen’s business acumen. Well no concrete numbers or anything official on the final purchase price but from past possible buyers the deal seemed to be around the $2 Million dollar mark. Stephen Riley, Company President and Director of Operations qualified as a PGA professional in 1998 and established a hugely successful golf accessories distribution company throughout Europe and the USA. Happens all the time, especially in the golf business. Looks like these may be made for the Asian market from what I have heard. Could be a different steel. The 2018 version of the Two Bar Mallet is available in heel shaft, center shaft, silver, black and red. RFX Series is your prescription to your putting ailments at a great price! Hindsight is always 20/20…but to think that a putter company which once sold $9 million dollars worth of putters in 2008 and was “#1 on the Champions Tour” for several years could get to a point where the company was literally worth nothing more than its name is hard to believe. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I have been talking with insiders about the sale of RIFE for close to a year now and the last time I checked there were 17 owners of the RIFE Putter company. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, 2019 Epic Forged Star Mens Gap Wedge Mens/Right, Pre-Owned Tour Edge Golf Exotics XJ1 Fairway Wood, (your email address will not be published), Shot Scope Case Study: 30 Year Olds versus 60 Year Olds – Putts Per Round + Driving Distance, Sub 70 Golf, Jason Hiland and The World Wide Web. That's right, it's BACK! Learn how your comment data is processed. Well that’s kind of the life the RIFE brand has been living for the past couple years.

Which led to delays which led to a complete stall in the day to day business operations. And believe it or not even after all the press this deal has gotten I still cannot get anyone inside RIFE to tell me that the deal is even done yet. They made a pretty successful driver, the CFD several years ago. But…for those interested in what Mr. The interchangeable weight system allows you to change the weight of the putter head, generate face balance, or toe hang and even modify the color. The Antigua I have is the best putter I own. Our focus is on infusing performance driven design with our patented Roll Grove Technology, and the distinct quality of our materials. Which you might find odd…but with the sale of RIFE nothing can be considered odd.

ZERO PERCENT! Guerin Rife Putters. Find which Guerin Rife putters is best. So what happened to the RIFE brand and where did this all go wrong? That means providing you with equipment reviews you can trust,

is rife putters still in business By money, time and performance. Evnroll was founded by Guerin Rife and Stephen Riley at the PGA show in 2015. Million dollar question is will Innovex as the new owner put them back on the path they were on years ago or will they go in a different direction all together. Well that’s exactly the issue RIFE Putters has been going through for the past couple years. #PowerToThePlayer, I bought one from Guerin out of his trunk when we played in a a scramble together – still use it. I have 2 Scotty Newport 2 terylliums, Bettinardi, Ody, etc.. and the Rife is the one that puts the ball in the hole. RIFE GOLF is a premier golf equipment manufacturer. So how much did the man that actually started the company Guerin Rife own in his own company? You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Rife has been doing since this time…we will have more about that in the near future. All this being said I think RIFE has a great core of followers who love their putters…and I am sure they are looking forward to seeing where the brand goes moving forward. I don’t know how they did it…but for the last year they managed to make it appear to the consumer that it was business as usual over at RIFE. We are here to help educate and empower golfers. That's right, it's BACK!

But it seems like their inability to come to an agreement took the once well known and well respected putter brand to a stalemate of sorts. Anyways back to RIFE sale and the debacle of what could have been. These numbers are pure speculation but from what I was told the breakdown would be something like $1.4 Million to the majority owners and $600,000 to the remaining owners. As a special thank you please use PROMO Code RIFE4LIFE on your next purchase and receive 25% off. Guerin Rife, Company CEO and chief designer, has been creating putters for 25 years starting with the very first cavity mallet.

So what was the asking price for the RIFE putter brand?

Many of you were probably not even aware that the RIFE Putter brand was up for sale much less being sold to an almost unknown company called Innovex Golf. Thank you for becoming a Rife4Life member! Loved the

Waiting for our egg retrieval yesterday! And in the meantime the company once selling millions and millions of dollars worth of putters became stagnant and drained of almost all of its past value to a future buyer.


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