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Various clips of Irene were released in SM Entertainment’s official YouTube channel as well. Yerimmie *- >3> I've been watching Professional Single and I really like the main actress. Joy Irene: I think recent comebacks she’s showed her singing abilities.

Wendy is looking like a visual more and more , Group pics Yeri is not the only rapper in the group. so happy she was added to Red Velvet, seulgi was not the FOTG it should be wendy … Seulgi is just the center, Joy doesn’t look that skinny but she’s actually SEVERELY underweight .

height: 158 cm rapper! XD, @disqus_WQIR2idDgz:disqus See her all boyfriends' names and entire biography.

Yeri is in the dance line and is the 2nd lead dancer, I remember the 1st time I heard there was an Irene in Red Velvet…

yeri is not too close up here: I actually think that Red Velvet doesn’t have a FOTG because the FOTG is the member most promoted on tv shows.

or am I wrong. * Her favorite movie is "The apple of my eye" Kpop – Who wore it better?

Cuco Lover Is A Day Lyrics Meaning, Joy’s been 2nd for a while now.

Joy #20 Like people are cray cray to sleep on Wendy’s talents. there’s nothing we can do about it. Wendy is close with SF9 Zuho! wendy: We used Yeri’s pic and we also used Joy’s pic for her individual profile. In “Taste” of the album RBB to Wendy is one of the rappers of the song, and Yeri is Lead rapper. Irene Cara is best known for being a Movie Actress. So (1) learn how to read and (2) “Get your facts straight!”, Ah yes, because what you “believe” is naturally going to be fact… Oh wait! * Her preferred type of fashion is something comfortable and clean. She’s considered the second most beautiful member in the group according to Korea’s standards (and Koreans have talked about how beautiful she is) but Irene is definitely prettier is considered perfect by Korea’s standards. Seulgi: 110912 votes That’s their official positions there is nothing wrong with them it’s you that is the problem take the fact. Thanks for the info and for providing the source, it has been added to her individual profile and we gave you credits there! The only rapper in Red Velvet nowadays is Yeri so idk. She isn’t individually present on any social media platform, but you can follow her band on. okey, i wanna straight it, first they are dont have any FOTG in the group, Why? I thought the same, but RV revealed in Red Velvet Level Up Project their positions and Joy was introduced only as a Sub Vocalist , Hot damn! – Her representative fruit: Violet Grape (not to be confused with Green Grape) Since Joy spoke for herself I think it’s only right that her weight should be changed on this profile rather than using a seemingly arbitrary unsourced weight.

I’m pretty sure the fandom has been calling Irene a bunny rabbit very early on (pretty sure I’ve seen this since ICC). [10], In 2020, Song starred in the romance drama The Best of You in My Mind and Proffesional single . Lexington Ma 9 Digit Zip Code, Kpop Boy Group Profiles VOTE FOR YERI! 99. yeah, she isn’t. PLEASE CHANGE IT, Wtf??? Since then, Red Velvet has released eleven EPs and two studio albums as well as two reiussue albums. English Name: Katy Joy also sings a lot more now and has great line distrubutions in their songs (even sings some choruses by herself) therefore I’d consider Joy is now a lead singer and a rapper & Yeri is a lead rapper (and a vocalist) .

Some singers have better stamina, but that doesn’t mean they are the best vocalists. Formerly, she was rumored to be in a relationship with actor Park Bo Gum while they were hosting the music show, “Music Bank” together. lol I worry about other members. Lead and Sub are clearly used as two seperate positions or else one wouldn’t exist or be used so often as a seperate position by groups, articles, shows, etc. kim yerim – 김여림, @disqus_fRbinYzstl:disqus * Her favorite number is 17. Latest English comeback: Seulgi: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist I came here to say that i believe that Wendy is a Rapper or a Sub Rapper. middle – Irene – Her representative fruit: Red-flesh Watermelon

Drink: Blue Crush (Ingredients: Blue-flesh Orange, Blue Cassette Tape, Blue Leaf-Tree), Here are the current official representative items for Joy It’s like that for Wendy as well. She sang and co-wrote the international hit song ‘Flashdance… What a Feeling’ (from the movie Flashdance), for which she won an Academy Award for Best Original Song and a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 1984. • SONG OF THE YEAR * She was a member of the Richmond Hill HS Show Choir and participated as a soprano , @disqus_WQIR2idDgz:disqus In 2012, she returned to China, enrolled and graduating from the Beijing Film Academy. – Her English name is Katy. WENDY LOOKS SO GOOD HERE “OH MY GAWD” but then again when does she not look good lol. This is what I thought the positions were. @yebiin:disqus Happy Birthday Katy!!! I think Seulgi is the Face of the group still. – Her representative animal: Cat (Happiness to #Cookie Jar), Rabbit (Summer Magic onwards) It would make more sense than that what’s there now.. I know About Love is one. Thanks for explaining. Irene

I mean it’s good, but I hope SM don’t just stop there and give her what she deserves for her skills, not only on music production but also on entertainment. Joy is a sub vocal^ you cant deny it when their own show said so and its right in front of you. * She takes the most selfies out of all the members. * Her favorite number is 43 , the reason being 143 can mean 'I Love You' • BEST COLLABORATION She has also appeared on shows like Music Bank and OnStyle Network’s Laundry Day.

She landed her first major acting role playing the female lead Sang Sang in Ever Night. Thank you for providing the comeback photos along with their names, it’s much appreciated! even if fans think they have different positions, it’s up to their company the way they assign the positions Thanks a lot! You have entered an incorrect email address! Irene is Center/Visual and Seulgi is Face. We also have a different opinion on the positions but the current listed positions are based on “Red Velvet Level Up Project” and “Super TV” Season 2 Ep.10, where the members positions have been revealed, so the profile has been updated accordingly., Irene Staid loyal since 2016 to my beautiful bias, so Wendy fighting! Please update! Seulgi does too and Wendy and Yeri have their fanbases. Thanks a lot for the update! I’m on Wendys. Then in 2013, Irene was one of the second batch of trainees introduced as a member of SM Entertainment’s pre-debut training team.

dw don’t apologise, you didn’t mean any harm by it.

The tracklist for Red Velvet’s Japanese mini album “Sappy” has been released. first I’m just a fan like you, I don’t give positions I use this site a lot because I know they update often and is reliable, I wasn’t talking about Suga (he is also listed by his company as a lead rapper) I was just talking about J-Hope who was listed on this site as lead rapper but then they changed his position to sub rapper because his company introduced him as a sub rapper

Irene often make the most mistakes in their dances while Wendy makes the least. Red velvet official Facebook:

If you have proofs that Yeri was introduced as a Lead Rapper and Lead Dancer please share. Sub-vocalists usually only get 1-3 lines.

@disqus_pgXABegIzu:disqus – Family: Parents, two younger sisters. They’re all so talented – stan these talented girls!

Wendy’s sister is married with Linus Sebastian, who owns the famous Youtube channel Linus Tech Tips.

* She has an extremely bright and positive attitude. Wendy should be #1! Wow!! 10 people will go say Joy is the Face of The Group, then other 10 people will go say Seulgi is the FOTG. And she slays the rapping like she could be a main rapper in another group!, but its okay if you will not change it :))) in my point of view, i just find these pics better for RV hehehe.. thanks.

<3, @disqus_7Sqrno8iv5:disqus


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