how to send pictures on corrlinks

Credit card charges made on the CorrLinks web site will appear on your credit card statement as CorrLinks/AdvTecGrp.

Send prints from your phone or computer to your inmate. If you still don’t see messages, try deleting your temporary internet files. Send your inmate those photos today! To see all unread messages, click the “Unread Messages Only” checkbox.

Text service is an optional premium service and will require you to enter a credit card to make the payment(s). If you have any questions about using CorrLinks, please leave them in the comment box below. Text service is an optional premium service and will require you to enter a credit card to make the payment(s). Is there a charge for using this site? , Can my message be held up for delivery? MUST BE 18 OR OLDER - MUST READ TERMS OF SERVICE. You can choose from the below mentioned package as per your requirement. Since when can we send pics through corrlinks??? Upload the photos from your phone, tablet, or computer. The emails aren't going through , why aren't the email being sent or received ? Inmates cannot send a response via email. No need to set up Corrlinks account to use the Text Inmate Plan. Then click "Accept". ITS ON COMPUTER CAN I GET IT SENT TO CELL PHONE ALSO? 2. Coronavirus in Prison. Talk more for less with a local phone number. He has the screen but he says its asking for the last 4 of his social security number, he doesnt have one. Is the site down? Click on the name of the inmate in the subject box to proceed to the next step. The process to use this site is very simple – please see Question #1 – How do I use this site. The first one is the link to the CorrLinks web site. You will be notified when they are again available for messaging. My email passcode is not working for my email to set up an acct.

Video session times are set by each institution, but are generally available every day of the week! Unlimited monthly messages with our service for just $15.00 per month (Note: inmates must still pay the BOP to use Corrlinks on the inside). With our system we eliminate those codes. I haven't reached out but I'm wondering now, if he has blanked me do I ask for him to bin the pic (if he hasn't already) or do I leave things alone? Send pictures of the items you write about in your correspondence—your friends and family, the pets, the neighborhood, etc. Simply start a new message to reply, Samia... was sent to you via email to the email address the individual used in their corrlinks contacts. What is Corrlinks: Not Exactly Email. Beats going to print them out and sometime’s it’s hard with a busy schedule. I am trying to register for free messaging. You will be taken to your message box, where you can compose messages. Please help. Since when can we send pics through corrlinks??? 1.

How do I do that? The company operates the Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS) which allows friends and families to use the system and subscribe to the CorrLinks service, being a fee-based system inmates need to pay in order to send or receive mail. This will send notices to your regular e-mail inbox whenever they message you through CorrLinks. Have used them for 2 months now and havent had an issue. Click Register. Help. to have it sent again. Click on the verification link. Help please, I've recently had the free corrlink messages it ran out and I'm trying to pay for it using my girlfriends debit card but it won't allow me to do so help. To make sure I understood this correctly, that only the inmates have to pay for emails.? Can an inmate use their own existing email address to communicate.? Although the inmate is still on my corrlinks account and I am able to write him but I am not getting any messages back. We know you do a lot for your inmate – the phone calls, the visits, the letters, but keeping their spirits up in between those phone calls and visits can make the difference in them having a really good day, or a bad one. If it was me, I’d just reach out and ask him if everything is okay.

The company is prisoners resource. CorrLinks is the official e-mail system used by the Bureau of Prisons to allow federal inmates to communicate with those on the outside. Please follow these steps:

2. Why does it say my inmate is unavailable? The Text service allows CorrLinks emails to be sent and received directly to phones that do not have data plans and is currently only compatible with four carriers; Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T. Once your account has been approved, you can start using their services and send or receive message to your inmate, all communications are monitored by the institute housing an inmate for security reasons so there can be a delay in your message.

Must be 18 to view this website and have read our Terms of Service. 5: Click Ok Sounds like you have more of a clue what’s up if you saw visits are suspended, something is going on with the facility, not him! With your account you can add inmates with whom you wish to communicate. How do I cancel a wrong registration to corlinks? If you don’t hear from him in another two weeks you could always write and say, hey haven’t heard from you in awhile, if you unable to pp right now it’s all good, but I had a bad experience with an ex and pictures, would you mind sending it back or tossing it out so it doesn’t end up taken by anyone I don’t know. Messages are generally delivered by the institution staff at a time of their choosing. We are working with employers to help find inmates work before they're released. If you’re communicating with a federal inmate you will need to add inmates with the identification code sent to you by email. Can you send a picture via Corrlinks? if your messages are not delivered it might have been held up or rejected by the institution for security reasons and therefore fee will not be refunded as the fee charged by them is the cost of transporting the message to the facility. I like this app more than the textin app.. is it any other way that I can get shiny and I just want to take some, It will not let me email anybody it says message received how can i get it off and let me email, I know it took me a little but im trying to get this shot started. Registered User : Join Date: Sep 2015. You can contact CorrLinks from  Customer Support .

517897 is the new registration code that I was provided via text. CorrLinks understand the communication barrier which is why they provide direct email access to federal inmates. Otherwise, they could be sending you messages and you will never know it, unless you regularly check CorrLinks. You can upload photos from your camera roll, computer gallery or even Facebook account.

Brand new to all this and Corrlinks.

This is not how works to email an inmate, and it is where much confusion resides as far as new users are concerned.

We are working with employers to help find inmates work before they're released. We have however made it easier to stay connected to your loved one:, Jan... Are you referring to the CODE? Only pay for shipping & handling for additional photos you send. I don’t know how corrlinks works since I’ve only ever used JPay, but there’s no way you can’t send him a stamp or some units or whatever to ask if everything is okay? Will you refund my balance? Send them photos from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. You can write messages to individual or numerous inmates at a time. How do you get characters back on your account so you can email. I have the same issue that Jean has below. Thanks in advance.. if your having trouble with the whole corrlink process we bring the inmates corrlink email straight to your phone as a text message and responding to them is as easy as responding to any other text message. Thanks for your replies! CorrLinks is a way for family and friends to communicate with their loved ones incarcerated in prison.

The Text service allows CorrLinks emails to be sent and received directly to phones that do not have data plans and is currently only compatible with four carriers; Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T. There’s lots of reasons why he might be taking a while to respond. Give him a little time to respond, sometimes these email services can be a little  finicky. You can find the appropriate mailing address by visiting That site just seems to confuse the hell out of me!


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