how to measure edf thrust

very timely as I'm currently working on an EDF design. At a fast cruise, an EDF powered plane is in its element. A side effect of this is that they take a long time to spool up and therefore have worse acceleration than a conventional motor-prop combo. Output after Submission button is clicked will appear above. A 20mm diameter motor is the most common size for a 64mm edf unit. Create An Account Here. .... For example, my the static thrust of my F9F measured about 22 oz with an unrestricted inlet and full outlet ducting. But, I've been wrong before and I will be again... Get Where Power goes when Brakes are Applied on an RC? I've seen one sight that addresses this. Use a holder like CofG to focus the force so the nose of the plane is down to the scale and it will not reflect the pressure component. We hope you found this article helpful. Controlling the airflow into and out of an EDF unit is important for getting the blades working at their most efficient speed range and maximizing the performance of your RC airplane.

Here is a pic of my thrust test bed. Register Now.

If you did, leave it a like! BTW, I tape the stand to the scale when I'm doing tests. Weather has been bad, not much testing at all. Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Website Acquisitions Inc. All rights reserved. Reason, more leakage of air out the front due to higher static pressure. Sponsorships. Remember, the EDF motor can run at the rated amps while not producing the rated thrust.

This means that your aircraft can reach higher top speeds., http://usd.qualityinstruments-direct...&numResults=25,, The following errors occurred with your submission. Calculated Values include: Wing Loading, Performance Style, Stall Speed, Hand Launch Recommendation, Wattage per pound, performance style according to power.

You'll need a Manometer and have to creat the proper ducting and laminar flow grid to get the flow striaightened, ahead of the pitot tube. Yes, when compared to a conventional brushless motor prop combo, electric ducted fans are generally faster, draw more amps and are less efficient. It's super helpful! The difference can be as much as 50% less depending on how the improper measurement is made ie: distance from the scale. I dont have a pic of it. So you are essentially fooling yourself with this measuring system. I guesss I should get it done this weekend and sell something for a whattmeter.

As a rule of thumb, the exit diameter should be about 90% of the fan diameter. Cheers, did think of that. Enter the values as described on the thrust tube page.Output values will be in the same units as you have entered them in. You need to measure both. Enter Model Weight in oz. The exhaust duct is slightly tapered on the F-86, but it ends inside the jet! Get access to additional features and goodies.

A thrust tube can help to minimize this effect, much thanks to the smooth surface as it compresses the air after it exits the main fan unit. Started, Advertising & Losses are much larger when the air velocity is higher. Get on the Zone and ask or search for anything posted by Dr Kiwi, of course! Holes in the base allow you to attach it to your workbench to prevent the fan from taking off across the room during testing. I'll study up the material. Electric Ducted Fans - What You Need To Know. The height is enough that I can change props without removing the motor from the stand.


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