how to know if you are cursed

Far too many people overlook the importance of your intuition. It saddens me that my mother would believe this as well. What did I do to deserve someone’s hatred and rage to the point they would exert such effort and time cursing me? Please don’t for me, as I don’t know you, but, my life recently has, been nothing short of why can life become so sad and unfortunate, that I continue, to give the message don’t give in peace, and love to you, wherever you are , art father who in heaven hallowed be thy name. One morning I looked out his window and I saw broken glass on the floor of the balcony under his window. I don’t know either. Mike, please don’t end your life. Nothing witchy going on here. Dead at 5 years old. For years I know that I have had spells put on me not buy one but by several people and I do not know why . I ‘got that’ at an early age. My animal had attacked me for no reason.

Also get some sage and burn it daily. Have you found a dead or dying animal (or more) at your doorstep, recently? I need help before this thing keeps growing docs trying everything but meanwhile I can’t wear shorts or skirts very unsightly. The devil is all about destruction and he will be destroyed. I just don’t understand and I’m baffled and I can’t take the heartbreak anymore. I send you love and light for your journey. For the sake of others, I will keep it occupied……for as long as I can. Her mind is back she talks perfectly fine, and her memory is back.

Not trying to shove religion down your throat. I had almost all the above signs. I don’t know how much longer I can last. Empower yourself as world economies crumble. I didn’t acknowledge such a selfish concept in it’s early appearance. Believe it. This person is a hopeless alcoholic and drug user and everyone knows it. Just sayin”. So sick of all those blind sheeple bible bashing. I can admit when I have made my own mistakes, I am not someone who seeks sympathy or blames everyone else for my problems. This is one of those common signs of a curse or hex that dates back centuries. Or the evil work may have been done on the etheric plane – thus negating the need for a artifact like a voodoo doll or bad root. Both of my dogs went crazy and tried to kill my mom, my grandfather, a lot of strangers, me and my grandparents.

Sometimes its the only thing you can hang on to in this world and for some its very hard to find but you gotta believe. Hey buddy hope you’re still alive don’t give the devil to satisfaction fuck him made the decision today don’t give a fuck what happens anymore I’m override the shit out to the wheels fall off death before dishonor not a dishonorable death, Please get some salt and place it in the corners of your home.


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