hilary jones drummer

On top of that, from the introduction of crack cocaine into Black communities by OUR VERY OWN CIA to the overpolicing and mass incarceration of generations of Black men, America has been hellbent on destroying the black nuclear family and in doing so left behind generation after generation of single parent (or no parent) households. I’ve heard this same line from neanderthals like you (sorry, no offense Neanderthals!)

We all have to change!!! Hillary said stupid B.S .

To my non-black POC allies and friends, we see your struggles too, so thank you for using your voice to lift ours in our time of need. You said, “So be easy on her..I’m sure she is just frustrated.” Would you be easy on a Latino or Asian or black person if they said what she did, about white people? Black people should thank their stars?

Studio Recording Booking. Music and all art erodes ignorance and unites us in the knowledge that diversity is a gift to all who care to unwrap it.

You know nothing of the truth of anyone else’s life and you don’t care. I’m glad DW and Zildjian have withdrawn all endorsements, any other name musicians should also reject any association with her. America has never wanted us to win, but could not let go of our bodies. You are a fuckhead James. Much appreciated. White privilege is a bunch of bulshit!

She can say whatever she wants to and suffer the consequences of losing endorsements and hearing from the public at large as we have the same right to speak our mind.

Since you appear to NOT be a musician, let me educate you.

She does this at the risk of her career as the companies who endorse her will not stand for any of it. QUICKER. Then again, Trump especially was saying we need to take the country back from an allegedly un-American president.). While the music community at large is protesting social injustice and police brutality, DW Drums artist Hilary Jones unleashes a racist rant. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the vulnerable in our communities in our commitment to call out privilege and intolerance wherever we see it. Links to their social media account can be found below: DW: https://www.facebook.com/dwdrums/?tn-str=k*F. UPDATE: Drum Workshop has publicly announced that they do not align themselves with hate. (Although, as a side note, it is interesting that both Reagan and Trump ran on making America “great again,” although their base tends to react with hostility when people criticize America, like Hilary Jones demanding people be grateful.

You have to be kidding me. Who were the bombers? I don’t know where her career was, I wen to her website and she says she has toured, recorded with some pretty great musicians, but she doesn’t list just who, which as a recording artist.

When the physical shackles were removed in 1865, freed slaves were promised 40 acres and a mule – instead the institutional shackles indentured them as servants to work on the 40 acres for the same masters to whom they were enslaved . They and their Elite people are the cause of every problem since the beginning of this American Nightmare!!!

Needed ,but very Dangerous and Riots and looting are never economical. She also referred to low IQs (a spurious measurement that has been used for racist purposes by the likes of Charles Murray) and used two words associated with denigrating other cultures: “savage” and “primitive.” She clearly implied the superiority of “Anglo Saxon culture,” which is definitionally a white supremacist sentiment to hold.

This has been a fight that has lasted more than 400 years, and it continues today as we fight for a better tomorrow.

Your fucking people raped and killed hundreds if thousands of black people and still do. As the author of the online petition, I learned quickly that neither Zildjian nor Attack have any professional association with Hilary Jones and that the suggestion of this on her website (I verified this before including their brands in the petition) is inaccurate. How many white men serve little to ZERO jail time? As rfgs already has noted, no one is taking away her right to express her opinion, but none of us is entitled to sponsorships and platforms from private entities.

I also agree with him that only the latter deserves respect. Let me ask you, would you be ok if this were your child’s opinion? J’ai jamais aimé Karen Cherry…Elle joue de la batterie? Are you kidding?

She is a crazy, extremist who is so far right that she couldn’t be more wrong.

The mere fact you agree says you’re a racist, too but you’re one that doesn’t think so. I,Din’t say it already post my comment!!!!

No, society will push back and in a big way.

This Ohio inventor is credited for 61 patents, including the portable X-ray machine, the portable refrigeration unit and the two-cycle gasoline engine.

Even if she did apologize, the damage is already done. She’s insulting, intolerant, inaccurate and just plain nasty.

If you listen to Hilary Jones’s, rant its like African Americans are a bunch of freeloading criminals that have contributed nothing to America. I believe the rape part was untrue.

And lake there of one. Sure slaves may have killed an owner or two, but that was to survive. Does it bother you that far more whites than blacks steal vast sums of money more often through scams and embezzlement?

This is not an Either/or proclamation, when there is a crisis we have always rallied around that crisis, it does not diminish any other crisis, It just brings awareness and support where it is needed. @James, NO NOT going to be easy on her. Be our allies and continue to fight next to us and to defend us as we continue to fight for our space, our rights, and our lives. Rebuttal of every ignorant thing that came out of her mouth. “Right to her opinion”………you are kidding, correct? Thanks… Jeff. To have that much hate in side her should cause her music to be spoiled just like sour milk. I am finally ready to share my feelings rather than just share images, and I hope you are willing to read them.


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