funny welsh quiz

Leading Teams Leadership Models Organisational Culture Leadership Styles Improving Workplace Performance Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Coaching and Mentoring Leadership Philosophies. Select Welsh and start the quiz. Geoffrey Howe, 17. Who is Wales's most famous poet and playwright? The TV series, Torchwood, is filmed in which Welsh city? The super-duper bumper Welsh Ultra Quiz! The Mabinogion, 36. 12.

Name the setting for the TV series called The Prisoner. Poets and vegetarians, 30. If you love picture rounds, don’t forget to check out our UK picture quiz now. Adele Cosgrove-Bray is a writer, poet, and artist who lives on the Wirral peninsula in England. Tom Jones, 15. Get your results After taking the quiz, you will receive your results by email. Can you name the stadium that is home to Swansea City football club?

Which English king was born at Pembroke Castle? Where in Wales became the first area in the UK to be designated an 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty'? On the border of England and Wales is an ancient earthwork which is also a well-known walk. Do you know the name of the river that runs through Cardiff?

What was the old Latin name for Wales? What is unofficially considered the national sport of Wales?

Sir Anthony Hopkins, 8.

Fingers crossed you got more than 50%!

Mynwyn, 25.

Which well-known Welsh entertainer is known for having women's underclothes thrown at him whenever he sings? 13. Cymru, 32. Which town was St David a bishop of?

Which actor from Port Talbot won an Oscar for his portrayal of serial killer Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs?

King Arthur, 14.

How long is the Wales Coast Path – 870 miles, 970 miles, or 1,070 miles?

The answers are written in italics next to the questions.

870 miles, 17. How many national parks can be found across Wales? 4. Who is the Patron Saint of Wales? How many national parks can be found across Wales? Where was Welsh singer Shirley Bassey born? The Principality Stadium.

Waterman, 26.

Cardiff. The Welsh corgi has two distinct breeds, one is the Pembroke Welsh corgi, can you name the other? What is this called? 2.

Where is St David's shrine?

The River Taff, 18.

Port Merrion, 10. Cardigan Bay, 8. 1.

Alternatively, see how well you can do right now!

Name the Welsh boxer who won Joe Lewis's world crown? Mount Snowdon. We are desperate to visit Wales again and explore the beauty of the Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia National Park.

Caernarfon, 34. Which vegetable is used as an emblem of Wales? Which Welsh politician was Minister for Health in the post-war government from 1945 to 1951?

A dove, 28.

An electric light shares a letter with an apostle? Delivery Management.

Name the popular Welsh TV presenter and singer who first shot to fame as a child, with her album "Voice of an Angel". Did you enjoy our Welsh quiz? Which group of people is St David said to be the patron saint of? Alternatively, you can share it on social media and test your friends too. Welsh people settled in Patagonia in 1965 to help spread the culture and language. Which yellow flower that blooms in Spring is closely associated with the Welsh? Celtic. Cryptic Quiz - Welsh Towns Add a Roman X before the flying insect? Which legendary British king is closely associated with Wales, with some suggesting he held his court at Caerleon? Levitate, 29. Pull the plough, 27. Daffodil. Red, white and green, 4. Welsh fashion designer Julien Macdonald was born and bred in which Welsh town? Owain Glyndwr, 37.

Cardiff, 38. Posted on Mar 17, 2016. If so, share it with your friends and family! 15. What is the name of Wales’s rugby stadium in Cardiff called? Test them and see how they do. Only this quiz will tell you . Richard Jenkins. What is the name of the river that flows through Cardiff? What is the name of Wales’s rugby stadium in Cardiff called? Are you planning a Welsh-themed party or celebrating St David's Day? I absolutely love everything about Great Britain - hopefully I can inspire you to visit a few of my favourite spots and experience the best of the UK!

Which sea lies to the west of Wales?

If you were born on St David's Day, what would your star sign be? 9.

Which yellow flower that blooms in Spring is closely associated with the Welsh?

What infamous deed bythe romans took place on Anglesey? As that doesn’t look like it’ll happen for the next few weeks though, we wanted to put together this Welsh quiz to put you to the test. Privacy Policy, Wales Quiz Questions and Answers For Your Next Virtual Pub Quiz. About Us. What is the name of the highest mountain in Wales?

The Great Orme is a prominent limestone headland next to which town? The Irish Sea, 11. How well do you think you know Wales? Aled Jones, 20. Saint David’s day is on the 1st March.

Which Welsh politician was well-known as the founder of the National Health Service (NHS)? St Giles' Church, described as "the glory of the Marches" and at 180-feet long the largest medieval Parish Church in Wales, is in which town? Which well-known Welsh entertainer is known for having women's underclothes thrown at him whenever he sings?

If you enjoyed this quiz, make sure you check out our quizzes about Great Britain, England and Scotland.


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