ffbe unit ranking jp
The +60% SPR is nice for your magic tank, but A.Rain & Crowe's TMR probably offers the same amount of effective HP. Spear version of Angrim's STMR, would rank a lot higher if spear users were meta. In the TDH meta context, it's definitely A. 100% All Status Ailments Resist, +60% Fire/Ice/Lightning/Wind Resist, Cast ウィングハート(50% Charm Resist) at battle start. +155 ATK, +110 MAG, Dark Element & +15% HP. Encyclopedia.

Want to contribute? Gut could come in pretty clutch, but 80% is still too much of a gamble to be relying on it completely. MAG & HP Materia wooooo! Is elfim the unappreciated rainbow I got while chasing Magna's TMR? BiS for jumpers (other than Cid) if you can get two of these, otherwise better off sticking to Aranea's TMR. Or you can fuse a 7★ Cloud into another 7★ Cloud for his STMR. +15% SPR, +15% HP, +15% MP, +30% Increased Summon Damage. Thanks for doing this excellent write-up! Interestingly enough, Golbez can also wear robes, so unless you're really looking to BiS him your wallet is probably better off throwing a Robe on him for ~40 less MAG. +154 ATK, +20% HP, +3 LB/Turn & +50% Phys Damage vs Machine, +170 ATK, Fire Element (50% Acc, Var: 1.1x~1.9x).

Not going to go too Ham here, but I don't understand some of your logic. please never come back on a GL banner. Thanks Xena, this post was an awesome read. Elemental STMRs are always nice, but nobody uses fists.

It caps the chain by the 3th hit if chained with a dupe whip user (including the first hit that is the base of the chain). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Behold!! .

Decent all around light armor that provides good ATK, elemental resistance and LB fill rate. BiS for himself since he also has a +30% DEF innate passive when equipped with Light Armors though most other physical tanks only have +DEF passives when equipped with Heavy Armors. +30 DEF/SPR, +50% Fire Resist, +40% HP & +30% SPR w/ L. Shield & +30% DEF w/ H. Shield. (PS: All those bold * were escaped out and fuck if I'm going to fix that...).

I'm reserving S Tier for future 2H Katanas. The extra DEF and HP are always nice though. You'll want to check this out for any further information on STMRs and 7★ upgrades in general. +34 DEF, +95 SPR, +30% HP & Auto-Regen (ST ~1800 HP Heal w/ 1x Mod per Turn).

Wiki Index F.A.Q. Better version of Reberta's GL TMR, up here because Spear are slightly better than Knuckles. Funny thing about that whip: the skill is a chaining move with the same frames as Zidane's. I just don't get the logic you are purporting to be using. God dammit, where my quad wield at? For example, you can fuse two 5★ Clouds into a 7★ Cloud for his STMR. Pretty much tailor made for Hyou who has fallen off the meta with the release of Jecht/Citan/Axter/etc. For example, some STMRs in the S tier is closer to SS while some are closer to A Tier. The 1.3x LB damage is still huge for anyone that can take advantage of it, and this weapon will still has uses against lightning weak enemies. Really good for Epeening, but Lasswell/Sephiroth's Katanas are better in most cases. Because only two units can use it, which is Golbez himself and Light Veritas. Now that parameter missions are much easier with stat cap increases, it won't see much usage. Press J to jump to the feed. BiS for herself especially if you don't have Axter's STMR, otherwise pretty useless atm. you can stop. Highest SPR staff in the game that also provides extra HP/MP, although your healer shouldn't be dying anymore at this point in game, +80% ATK w/ Gun & 50% Physical Damage vs Machine, (+25% Acc) +50% EQ ATK when 2-Handing (TDH) & +10% ATK from Equip when Dual Wielding & +50% ATK w/ Greatsword. While this STMR has +10 ATK more than Bahamut's Tear (Arngrim's STMR), it also lacks the extra LB damage that makes Bahamut's tear so OP.

Otherwise it's staying here. Offers a 50% TDH along with +50% ATK, this is BiS for any GS TDH users which currently consists of Jecht (Hyou kinda got powercreeped). There are currently 155 units in the ranking, listed from highest to lowest. There are very few uses for these STMRs. Highest ATK accessory with 100% LB Fill rate and +30% MP is insane. This is on the lower side of the A Tier IMO. +40 MAG, +40 SPR, Auto-Regen (Auto Cast ST 60 HP Heal With 1.2X Mod Every Turn) & +40% MAG/SPR, +30 ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR & +30% All Ele Resists. I don't have him, can anyone confirm whether the skill can be used by Estark only? If you have 4 Orlandus, chances are you either have a 7* Hyoh/Randi/Kurasame or is in the process of getting one of them. See Orlandu. Highest MAG Rod in the game, but the fact that you can a Rod with only 3 less MAG from a trial makes this less enticing. Want to join the fun? But still that is some fat damage.

Disclaimer: Not all STMRs within a tier are equal. My Espers. That discounts some of the other odd choices you've made here (Jake stmr etc). Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a free-to-play role-playing game developed by Alim and published by Square Enix for iOS and Android devices. Highest MAG non-weapon equipment in the game, so why is B Ranked? On par or slightly better than your average TMR (as it should), but not quite STMR level. You could also throw this on your damage dealer for some extra bulk I suppose. Sorry Lenneth bae, have to dump this here since Ang's TMR is almost as good as yours, and GL is like 8 months behind. This was a decent STMR back in the 300% cap days. +80% ATK, 2000 Self Fixed Damage at the beginning of each turn. .

As if Katana users (Citan/Auron) weren't OP enough, they just got a HUGE buff with Akstar's STMR. ok . I guess it's not that Seph's STMR sucks, it's just that Gravie's TMR is toooo good. Absolutely agree, TC is making some weird choices on the ranking. Come to our server! Obviously I like summoners and actively incorporate them into my team, so I rank them fairly high.

This, (Two-Handed) +175 ATK, Thunder Element (+50% Accuracy, Variance: 1x~1.5x).

. Also gives a TON of MP which is nice, but MP should no longer be an issue at this point in the game. Since then, so much has changed in FFBE JP, especially in the leaps the powercreep has given. +24 DEF, +52 MAG, +38 SPR & +20% EVO MAG & +10% Esper Stats, +92 DEF, +84 SPR, DEF +20% (+20% DEF), SPR +20% (+20% SPR), +60 DEF, +60 SPR, HP +15%, Resist Fire(20%), Resist Ice(20%), Resist Lightning(20%), Resist Water(20%), Resist Wind(20%), Resist Earth(20%), Resist Light(20%), Resist Dark(20%). Only useful if you're looking to take advantage of "Evoke" skills on summoners. . If anyone knows some GL ranking with notes besides that on the wiki please let me know. +60% ATK & LB Fill Rate +100% & 50% Physical/Magic Damage vs Machine.


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