ff6 rage guide

After some scenes, go north, but don't enter the main gate doors. Go south from here and enter the door here. From the B2F Fork, take the northeast door. Treasure: Teleport Stone | At the entrance of the harbor, examine the crate behind the soldier. Go upstairs, east, then south onto the switch: this opens up the eastern door. This does not count for the Veldt.

Head east, then south downstairs along the linear path to the southeast to east. Now with 1 friend found, Sabin, you can begin your journey to find friends! Treasure: Magicite Shard | Northeast of the room. Treasure: Regal Gown | Take the stairs from the Crystal Mail down and you'll have a chest. Go upstairs, and outside, and then upstairs and into the doorway for the chest. If Cyan is your 4th, then you play with your 3rd character instead. So bringing Celes + 4 total party members will force you to play with 3 party members down the stretch which as you may imagine, not in your favor. Take the door to the west. Flip switches, I had Down Up Up, then walk out. Return to Grand Caverns. If any of the tonberries get near you, that's a dead teammate you have to revive. Flip that and then walk around for the chest. But if you use leap or run away from battle, it'll skip the ending sequence where you learn Lores and thus miss it.

South of the mountains here, you should notice five trees in a + shape. Arrange the chests as they appeared earlier. @An Angry Yordle You absolutely have to defeat it.

Reflect, Lv. This website does not collect personal information.

Go west into the door. Go back out and go west to the Inner Eye Labyrinth. Take that shortcut. You'll find a save point. Treasure: Death Tarot | By following the linear path, you'll pass a chest that's on the lower level. : Darkside | Fail at light maze puzzle (required for Gau's rages), Bestiary #116: Aepyornis | Near the Cabin, Bestiary #20: Chippirabbit | Near the forest, Bestiary #117: Nettlehopper | In the Forest, Bestiary #118: Captain | Cyan fights the Captain 1 on 1. Head to the auction house. Treasure: Gale Hairpin | Large area, east wing, first room at the bottom of the stairs, chest at the north end, Treasure: Holy Water | From the Gale Hairpin, head south and take the WEST door into the bathroom, chest.
Now take those stairs we skipped to the next place. If you set Edgar as your party leader here, you get 50% off all items in the castle. In case you forgot, the Cultists' Tower is the giant tower on Serpent's Trench where you found Strago being a maniac at ground level. Create as you like. Go to the pub and talk to the thief at the bottom left at the table. Name and Email fields are required. Examine it.

24 Total.
Red Dragon cannot be damaged. Secondly, it's a three party dungeon, which means you'll have to split up your party. In the next room, there's two doors again. Leave and go north. Proceed to the house where the kid entered.

During battle, if you leap from a battle, Gau will learn every rage of the monsters within that formation. Go back inside now because you're not done. So sit tight. After the fight, save and heal up. Bring them to Shrine of Repose, save, heal up. 6 – Fran Is Whelmed, FFXII: Revenant Wings (12) — Ch. Runic worked on Ultima in the old game, but I cannot confirm if it does in this release. RPGClassics.com - Providing RPG info on all your favorite games with a sprinkling of personality Enemy Sketch Control Rage 1st Class Fight, Ore Wrench Battle, Ore Wrench Stone Abolisher Duster, Poison … You can go north for the plot, but for collection purposes, we're going south to Mobilz. SWAP TO PARTY 1 | Put Party #1 on the switch outside of the Shrine of Serenity. 50+ Points: Doma Castle is no longer occupied by the Empire.

Treasure: Berserker Ring | Just north of you you'll find that chest. After crossing the shortcut, go south. You may want to consider bringing a Black Belt for auto-counter due to time restrictions. Exit using the door just south of that room. Red Glutturn uses Heartless Angel which leaves everyone at 1hp before he flees. Take those stairs. Else, all No gets you the Genji Gloves. You want to be on the right side. Treasure: Elixir | Empty chest loot from Phoenix Cave, Treasure: Flame Shield | Empty chest loot from Phoenix Cave, Treasure: Phoenix Down | Empty chest loot from Phoenix Cave, Treasure: Valiant Knife | Empty chest loot from Phoenix Cave, Treasure: X-Ether | Empty chest loot from Phoenix Cave, Treasure: X-Potion | Empty chest loot from Phoenix Cave. There are only two spawns for the Death Warden. Bestiary #112: Heavy Armor | You'll have to fight one of the magitek armors AND survive. Go up to the east stairs and go behind the house. Head to Arvis' house and go out the back. In battle it gives Gau a high percentage chance of doing Catscratch, an ability that at first does about a thousand damage to a single target, but soon will … IF YOU DON'T GET IT HERE, YOU'LL HAVE TO PLAY WITH RNG (1.25%) TO RESPAWN HIDON. Head east and down the stairs and into the doorway to return to the Flame Labyrinth. Treasure: Hermes Sandals | After the fight, go upstairs and inside. Dragon #2: Ice Dragon | Narshe Northern Mines, Dragon #5: Holy Dragon | The Cultists' Tower. 67+ Points: The Armory is now unlocked at Imperial Observation, see next area for details. After gaining control, equip Celes. Everytime you return from a hard save, you'll start an entirely new pack (which isn't so bad). Note the pipes to the right, enter those pipes and head south, then you'll see a room to the east with two chests. Take two staircases down. Enter, go north and go through the door to your left placing you in the main castle hallway. 4 Flare, Lv. Go south and step on the switch.

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Treasure: Magus Robe | At the fork, go west for a chest. Treasure: Teleport Stone | Continue along the other path, pass a switch, then south to find a chest. Go up the stairs at the northwest of this area and you'll find a dragon. You will hear the Veldt BGM when you land. Treasure: Elixir | From the Phoenix Down Chest, go up the middle stairs, then go down them to find a chest in a symmetrical position, Go down the left path where the Phoenix down was and follow the unnecessarily long stairs to a room. Once inside, you can go to the light and save. 10 to be exact. Take the right one down and you'll find a chest. Southeast will move you to the next area. It triggers a door somewhere. Save again, heal up. Head downstairs to where the Regal Gown chest was.

Before heading up there, go to the Inn. Since you don't control the raft, you shouldn't have too much trouble getting all these fights. You'll fight 5 consecutive fights then a boss fight. Locke will unlock it.

Treasure: Phoenix Down | Examine north barrel to the west of the house where a kid was.


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