exchange 2016 retention policy not working

The Teams PG are working to improve this. We all assume that Professional Plus simply brings the additional software OWA). I am looking forward to being disproven. Then, run the following command to check if the applied retention policy has linked the correct retention tags: Get-RetentionPolicy "Policy Name gets from above command" | fl Name, RetentionPolicyTagLinks,Isvalid. The exact syntax is escaping me but its visible by piping get-mailbox to fl. Which means the Retention Policy is not being applied OR forced to run. - edited The sent items policy works perfectly, the deleted items does not. The policy did not run for over a month. The earliest chat I see on my laptop is from 5/5/17, more than 13 months ago. If you can post the support incident number here, I will pass it on and I am sure the support team will relook at their advice. If you have feedback for TechNet Subscriber Support, contact There are 3 types of tags apply to different folders or items, details see: Retention tags are classified into the following three types based on who can apply them and where in a mailbox they can be applied. ‎07-30-2018 on mark the replies as answers if they helped. Everything I have read says otherwise. Still the items are not getting deleted from deleted items, Exchange Server 2016 - General Discussion, Default folders that support Retention Policy Tags.

The deletion tag is applied on the Deleted Items folder. The functionality of the Teams retention policy relies partially on the Exchange Managed Folder Assistant (which I knew previously). I'm being told it can take up to 90 days for the chat messages to actually be removed from the local Teams client. ‎07-30-2018 There are two ways that you can do this. November 06, 2019, Posted in October 20, 2020, by Create and optimise intelligence for industrial control systems. Nydia Cavazos Please run the following command to check which retention policy have been applied to the mailbox: Get-Mailbox "UserName" |fl Name,RetentionPolicy . It shows all that should be deleted as "This Items is expired" with an I and blue circle around it. I have a similar policy on my sent items.

So I know they are being applied and can see the expiration (through The move to archive retention policy is working however, but there are emails that are over a month old in the archive. Our delete policy is setup as "All other folders in mailbox" and then set to permanently delete after 14 days, but it's not working. We have an ongoing issue, but at the moment the general feeling I receive is that the techs don't know how to fix it, and are getting word back from higher ups to just say "well, make a change and wait another 30 days" to kick the can down the road. We also have a 15 year In-Place Hold set for all employees. My data loss prevention tips are not working in Outlook 2016 for some users. When you create a Teams retention policy, it will only apply to data that is created from that point forward. I have already used start-managedfolderassistant as well. It lists the Retention policy with the experation date (11/4). We tried on another PC inside our network. 2. on The Issue: We applied a retention policy 4 months ago that will clean up the deleted items folder by deleting anything older than 90 days. I created new retentionpolicy with retentiontags of deleted items and the action is set to delete and recoverable after 30 days, i have already applied it to a mailbox but even after few days, i cannot see the count changing although the emails in the deleted items show as received more than 3 months back. At 90 days, we saw many people's deleted items folders were cleaned up. Why don't you just use Mimecast? This issue occurs because the message is stamped against the DPT or RPT instead of the personal tag. Nydia Cavazos 2. run the command: start-managedfolderassistant -identity *** Email address is removed for privacy *** MailTip options are all ticked, including the Policy tip notification. This is bad news. The retention policies pertain to retention in your Exchange mailbox retention, not the actual service chat history to my understanding. Users can’t change the RPT applied to a default folder. This is what I expected. Just checking in to see what came of this. The Managed Folder Assistant processes all mail items in an Exchange mailbox based on their creation date, and the compliance records created by Teams are mail items. Any ideas? on However, I'm not seeing that happen. OWA works in all instances so this tells me it is not a policy setting issue. Thus far: Verified retention policy was created correctly, Verified policy is in place via powershell (both Exchange Online and Security / Compliance), Have waited the 30 day waiting period two times over. I don't want to double post and this is more appropriate for the problem. But your own chat access will still be available via the Teams service / UI. connect to exchange online using remote powershell. 1. connect to exchange online using remote powershell I double checked and both accounts are set to the same retention policy, the default one. Then i liked for itemsinfolder for get-mailboxfolderstatistics for deleted items folder, and verified in outlook. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I see the same old messages no matter where I sign in, other PC's, mobile app, etc.

Microsoft Exchange Server subreddit. by on I went and ask the Teams development group about the statements made by support. Next I placed no policy tips for this user. We have a retention policy applied to it that removes anything older than 2 weeks, but it doesn't appear to be working. on Yep, unless something has changed since this post was written, this TechCommunity Blog Post says the same: Ahh. Consider the following scenario: In an Exchange Server environment, the default retention policy is applied on the In-Place Archive mailbox.

For some reason the archiving is not working. :p Will be keeping an eye on this thread. We have an account that receives a ton of mail, and it was quickly filling up, so we added an archive to it. 1. Spin up a new server, install Exchange 2016, import our SSL certs over to it. Since you are working on Exchange Server account, I suggest you to post this query in TechNet forum for better assistance. 1. Processing of policy is NOT based on date on which policy was created. We can use the MFCMAPI to check that. MFA processes mailboxes every seven days (its SLA). Mail tips (like Out of Office) are working just fine. That seems odd to me because it is not how the Exchange Managed Folder Assistant works with mailbox items. Basically, you probably didn't buy standalone or Professional Plus because - like most people including myself - we don't realize this article is buried in the bowels of the internet. Find out more about the Microsoft MVP Award Program. Data loss because PR_RETENTION_DATE property is not updated when user has rule to add policy tag on incoming messages delivered to inbox folder. I've been playing with the retention policy/tags in Outlook 2016 on my own machine as they showed up from day one. Same issue as the Exchange 2010 OP . That is, messages that have reached the age limit that's set in the policy aren't automatically moved to t… before isolating the issue, could you try to perform the steps and see if there is any improvement? I set up a retention policy on Deleted Items. This thread is locked. Then again, I am not super well-versed in this particular area, and so it is possible that I am also overlooking something as well. If they log in through OWA, the policy displays appropriately. This is an Outlook issue. Retention and access to Teams 1:1 chats without an Exchange Online mailbox, Is EXO mandatory for Teams retention policy to work, Teams chat retention policy does not apply to 'recents' on left hand sidebar, What's New in Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Ignite 2020, The 3 phases to fuel Microsoft Teams adoption in your organization, Protecting your information and staying compliant with Microsoft Teams, Ignite Live Blog: Session BRK3215 Microsoft Teams Architecture Update, Microsoft Teams Rooms Intro | Your Integrated Meeting Solution | Microsoft Mechanics, Microsoft Teams Rooms Setup | Step-by-Step Guide | Microsoft Mechanics.

I've let them know what you report. Glad to know everything is fine, you can mark an answer to close this case. Is there something I'm missing that's preventing the retention policies from working? To do this, follow these steps: Microsoft is researching this problem and will post more information in this article when the information becomes available. I do not see how this can be a licensing issue when it works for some users but not all. Using Outlook 2016 in an Exchange 2010 environment, retention policy "mail tips" don't display for the Outlook clients.


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