el mencho dead
She’d like to go to Sinaloa and other states, but she has neither the money nor the time.

To be careful of what they post on social media. “… You don’t know how terrible it is to go looking for your children at (the morgue) among the dead and even more when there are mutilated bodies. GUADALAJARA, Mexico — Silvia Morán has been searching for her son for two years. The United States is offering a $10million bounty for his capture. Silvia has so many unanswered questions. Cristopher Rogel Blanquet/Special to Courier Journal. He said: "It was found that it was a rumour, that what was mentioned did not happen, that he had died or had been arrested are lies. The death of her second husband — Jorge’s father — from the bullet of a neighbor high on drugs.

But it had been beset by reports that El Mencho had died or had been captured by police.

"What we want is for there to be peace, tranquility. And to Mexico City.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador denied Monday that the notorious drug lord “El Mencho” is dead. Every day, she waits for police to uncover another mass grave, for the state prosecutor to release the description of another dead man. That you have to look at the characteristics of hands that were found, of the torso they found, of the leg they found — to see if it corresponds to your son. Sign up today for the best stories straight to your inbox. But that’s what her sister-in-law was telling her. And they sit at the morgue when a mother sifts through photos of body parts looking for her child. Jorge Abraham Chávez Morán — Silvia’s first-born son — turns 27 next month. Some to work for the cartel, others because they knew something they shouldn’t.

Jalisco had broken off from El Chapo's gang in 2014 and have been embroiled in a bloody war for Mexico's drug routes.

That’s the day to day of us.

No body unearthed to prove he was dead.

QUERETARO, Mexico. Over the next three months, Silvia had no news.

Then he vanished, How this couple ran a ‘redneck’ meth empire in an Appalachian county ravaged by addiction, How a Mississippi trooper almost took down the world’s most powerful cartel boss, Officer disabled after helicopter shot down by rising Jalisco New Generation Cartel. “He would have found the way.”.

Claims circulated on social media over the weekend that Nemesio Oseguera, the leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, who is also known as “El Mencho,” had died or had been captured by police. "I share my son’s picture every day,” Silvia said of her Facebook posts.

“When I go to the prosecutor’s office I say I am not looking for guilt or want to know why they took him,” Silvia said. What she doesn’t know is whether he’s dead or alive. Twelve articles of agreement were reached Wednesday in meetings of the 5+5 Joint Military Committee on the implementation of a permanent cease-fire in... RAMALLAH, Palestine It was an armed command.”.

That at that moment they tell you all those things?”.

South Africa recorded 74 new coronavirus-related deaths late Tuesday, taking the total number of fatalities to 19,539, said Health Minister Zweli Mkhize. In the state of Jalisco, where Silvia and Eduardo live, violence is an everyday worry. Sometimes she thinks the cartel threatened harm to his family in a way that allows him never to return. Silvia was frantic because she’d already seen the report on the news. Claims circulated on social media over the weekend that Nemesio Oseguera, the leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, who is also known as “El Mencho,” had died or had been captured by police. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. Two wall fans spun the hot summer air as the traffic noise from the street threatened to drown out her story. He said: "It was found that it was a rumour, that what was mentioned did not happen, that he had died or had been arrested are lies. “Don’t worry,” she told herself.

Cristopher Rogel Blanquet is a Mexican photojournalist who worked for The Courier Journal on this project. Months go by, and you can’t find them. According to reports in Mexico, there is a reward of around £8million for him. Two catrinas, stylized skeletons, on his neck.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. “What did he do to you?

“I think it’s just El Mencho trying to take complete control of all the drug trafficking and criminal activity going out of Mexico.”, When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Do you know which friend he frequented? She sifts through photos of body parts at the morgue, hoping to find a tattoo that matches her son’s.

“He is brilliant and intelligent in many things,” she said. A neighbor saw it all from her window and watched the crew beat Jorge unconscious. The protesters demanded that Lopez Obrador resign. Better known as CJNG, this cartel has plagued hundreds of mothers like Silvia in Mexico as they’ve watched their children disappear.

The name Chávez on his left arm.

Silvia is convinced Jorge was kidnapped by the Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación — the Mexican drug cartel so powerful it operates on every continent except Antarctica.

Desaparecido, it reads. “I think it’s a matter of control, of (the CJNG) eliminating their competition.

And yet, there’s no certainty that will ever happen. She is fluent in English and Spanish. “We were telling him that he was traveling,” Silvia said.

The neighbor hurried back inside, afraid to tell police. Reddit viewers were left in stitches at the clip, with one jokingly asking how much the pooch benches, Huge shark fatally attacked by deadly predator leaving 11-inch 'blade' in its back, A team of citizen scientists found a gaping hole on the thresher shark's back and pulled out an 11-inch long "blade", which they quickly identified as belonging to another ocean predator, Joe Biden’s net worth and how he went from ‘poorest man in Congress’ to millionaire. I’m not interested in anything else. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Sarah Ladd, a breaking news reporter at The Courier Journal since August, contributed research to this report.

Her 16-year-old daughter’s suicide for love. El Mencho — CJNG’s leader — has “zero concern for human life,” Donahue said from his Mexico City office. Still, narco groups sing about his enthusiasm for motorbikes and cockfights. She never imagined her family could be taken. He’d been beaten so badly that he had little memory.

“You are in shock. It was many hours. The day Jorge was taken, Sylvia had to wait for store owners to deliver groceries and return before she could leave. “Where can so many people be? For the rest of Silvia’s life, she’ll wake to the light of day and the sound of her own heartbeat and wait for the description of another dead man in hopes it will be Jorge. In a way, kidnapping El Chapo’s sons served as Mencho’s coming-out party. Through the collective, Silvia knows mothers who’ve found their children — some dead, but one alive after 10 years. It can be found in small towns and unexpected places from the suburbs of Tacoma, Washington, and the sandy beaches of Gulfport, Mississippi, to the hills of North Carolina and Kentucky horse country. US: Michigan expects voting results sooner than planned, US: Miami 'will not tolerate' violence on Election Day, 2020 US Election Day: Americans abroad also have vote, Turkey should try to mitigate quake losses: Opp. Democratic nominee Joe Biden took an early election night lead Tuesday, outpacing US President Donald Trump in this year's race for the White House... JOHANNESBURG

“He will appear.”. Who is El Mencho, the most powerful drug kingpin in the world? CJNG, headed by an elusive drug kingpin known as El Mencho, is maybe the most ruthless. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. Authorities have few photos of the elusive El Mencho today. Then the city police arrived.

I love you very much, and I will never stop looking for you. She went to Colima after authorities uncovered mass graves there.

However, the cartel has been wounded in recent months by the extradition of his family members to the US.

“Leave him!” the woman screamed. “You know you’re alive because you listen to your heart and see the light of day, but we are gone.”. “You wonder: Where are the missing?” Silvia said. She went back to the prosecutor’s office. “You feel dead in life,” she said.

That seemed the whole of the investigation.

Kristina Goetz is the narrative editor at The Courier Journal and lead editor on the project "El Mencho's American Empire." “We think you cannot confront violence with violence.

I have to find you.”. Silvia belongs to the support group Por Amor a Ellxs, or, For the Love of Them.

Over the weekend, thousands of people protested across Mexico because they are unhappy with a number of things, including the country’s security, the government’s coronavirus response and the president’s approach to taxes. By the time she arrived at the right office, it was 2 a.m. Officers made her wait, then pelted her with questions.

But she thought such kidnappings were one in a million — just people mixed up with drugs. But he didn’t.

Karol Suarez is a Venezuela-born journalist based out of Mexico City who covers Latin America. In his home country, he has covered the armed uprisings of Michoacán and the recent Central American exodus. “It’s not uncommon to have young kids recruited, kidnapped from their families and forced to work for CJNG, and they desensitize them at an early age to become sicarios, or hitmen,” said Matthew Donahue, head of foreign operations for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

“… Although it hurts you, you have to accompany them.

“That’s the most terrible thing, because not only do they kill them, they mutilate them.”.

Unlike the more militant approach of past administrations, the president has advocated for addressing what he believes are the root causes of violence such as job insecurity, the lack of education and poverty.

How did the Democratic presidential candidate earn his fortune? What I want is to find my son — alive or dead — but to find him.

A miniature tsunami hit coastal areas of Turkey that was triggered by an earthquake in the Aegean Sea, according to the head of Bogazici... TRIPOLI, Libya Romero on the right. “This is a change in strategy,” he said. They offer one another support, help with legal advice. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism and communications from the Yacambu University in her native Barquisimeto in Venezuela. Silvia Morán walks on Libertad Street where her son Jorge Abraham Chávez Morán was taken by an armed command on July 19, 2017, in the... Silvia Morán walks on Libertad Street where her son Jorge Abraham Chávez Morán was taken by an armed command on July 19, 2017, in the city of Zapopan, Jalisco. “The plan was to kill them,” a DEA source says.

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By then, it was late in the night, and neighbors had gathered outside her house. The next day, the prosecutor’s office called to say Silvia should go to the morgue. This cartel has plagued hundreds of Mexican mothers as their kids have disappeared.

“We are very tired of people saying, ‘They did something wrong.’ And that 'all the disappeared are criminals.'". Lopez Obrador likely made the comments in order to get in front of unproven claims that the government may have taken down the organized crime leader. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador denied Monday that the notorious drug lord “El Mencho” is dead. There’s no way to know for sure. They took out a notebook, but the investigation didn’t seem genuine. The day passes, and hope continues to fall. She covers social-political issues in the region, including presidential elections, civil unrest, Central American migration, natural disasters, the environment, travel and sports.


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