dual in dual out muffler vs 2 mufflers
I understand your desire to use stainless steel. This way, the exhaust system will remain balanced. Where should the H pipe be? I do however like the sound of the Flowmaster 40 series. Sound? After some research on this forum, some people say a TrueDual system performs worse than a single muffler with 2-in/2-out. I can't really go in front of cats (not a lot of pipe before them (definitely no 18 inches). I really like the way a crossover pipe changes the sound of a system. Mandrel bent pipes decrease back pressure, and bolt-on installation is easy. In this guide, we'll talk about the differences between them and why you'd want one over the other. I've researched the same subject. Before the cats, between the cats and mufflers, or after the mufflers? i personally dont think the untrained ear will hear a difference. I recommend looking on YouTube and listening to some systems there. I have a '98 K1500 Z71 5.7L.

For now, I am considering running TrueDuals with an H pipe. The MBRP XP Series exhaust system is tuned for your specific make and model and is proven to give you more horsepower and torque as well as perfect tone.

Exhaust are something that can certainly start debates. Mounting hardware is included, though some kits do require drilling and some welding. Alright, what is the added bonous of having a crossover (X or H)? On a single exhaust system, the manifolds flow gases into a Y pipe, which joins the remainder of the system. Or know of a kit that is what I'm looking for? For your scenario, I would stick with true duals if you already have most the parts. There's nothing wrong with a 2 pipe system. I want stainless because I travel short distances; the system rarely warms up as it should. The main thing you are gaining with 2 mufflers over 1 is a different sound. It is the explosion of the gasses from the fuel-oxygen mixture.

What's inside: new arrivals, exclusive sales, truck news and more! Should I just look for a 2-in/2-out muffler?

They usually sound basically the same at idle, but when they wind up it kinda smooths the sound out. Is having all 8 cyl. The gasses blast out the exhaust ports between 80 and 100 psi pressure and fire into the manifold at speeds of 2800 fps. Kinda like using the exhaust as a vacuum system sucking it out. It needs scavaging, which a crosser pipe helps with. Here is an example of my down pipes and cat setup (similar to what mine look like, but I'm not sure if it is the exact same). On my 95 I have the Delta flow 40 series.

I was gonna do true duals but went with singles..no complaints. In my opinion the best sounding exhaust comes through headers, true duals with an X pipe. I like the Super 44's better than the 40 series.

But the fact of the matter is the hp advantages of a single 3 in exhaust vs 2 in 2 out vs true dual exhaust are minute on the horse power level we are talking about here. Not saying they don't make one, just never heard of one. You'll also be able to select your new mufflers, giving you control over the type of flow (straight-through, glasspack, Flowmaster Laminar Flow) and sound output. Usually about 18inches behind the header collector if you can go that far, but can be closer. So you're saying that a single muffler would be better than 2? Ebay has a lot of good deals once you find the part number you want. nubuilder, January 27, 2009 in Gen III and IV Small Block & Drivetrain. If I went custom, then I don't have to find all the parts. This reduction of back pressure will allow for increased horsepower. Summit or Jegs is who I normally use. Aftermarket single exhaust systems include wider pipes that will help the system breathe better as well as upgraded mufflers that will give you the sound you want, all with being able to work within the existing Y-pipe and converter (or DPFE). Have questions about exhaust? The availability of single and dual exhaust systems depends on the number of exhaust manifolds your vehicle has. It is going to be the easiest. Jul 21 2011, 3:42am you should definetly go with the dual x pipe setup its the best deal in my opinon seing as i have it on my 85 gmc 2500 crewcab.It sounds badass and is nice little performance upgrade plus i think it has helped with gas a little to. I see you guys have done some research since then. Glad to see this. Could it go after the cats before the mufflers (in the intermediate pipe)? However, some vehicles may have dual exhaust tips while the overall system is still single, or may split at the muffler, which results in a dual exit on what is technically still a single exhaust system. On a dual exhaust system, each manifold gets its own series of exhaust pipes. A Note on Flow Both resonators and mufflers are placed in the tubing that directs the exhaust from the engine our to a safe point outside the vehicle. I bought the truck with true duals on it. If I had a custom system done (cat-back), could the shop put in hole and nuts for the O2 sensors? 85 The XP Series uses existing mounting locations for installation, making it an excellent all-around upgrade. If the cats are very close to the header collector, or are not down under the truck (my Vmax has the cats up in the downward area near the engine/trans), then put the balance tube under the truck. A common misconception is that the difference between single and dual exhaust is equal to the number of exhaust exit points on the vehicle: one or two. I understand the desire to run stainless, but I have just never seen a stainless flowmaster 40 series. Doesn't seem to be as "tingy" as the original 40 series. In a true dual exhaust system, each exhaust manifold is attached to its own, independent exhaust system.

(Summit Racing only has a little for my truck). My buddy has the single muffler Duals out and he dosnt like it likes the sound of my truck better so hes doin the two mufflers. An H pipe is the easiest of the two to run. That is probably the best flowing to boot. Please refresh this page and try again. Does anyone know of a good online site that has a big salection for exhaust? I would put at least one flange that can be unbolted between the two sides or better yet, put a flange near each side so the majority of the crossover can be removed for maintenance. Just like the thought that an engine needs back pressure. Mufflers OTHER THAN Flowmaster or Magnaflow?

Exhaust Noise. Why are you so concerned about stainless?

The most aggressive sound offering, the Flowmaster Outlaw Exhaust System is available in several different dual-exit configurations, including a true dual exhaust. 50-state legal, a Gibson system provides deeper and more aggressive sound for the exhaust enthusiast. My ElCamino had a similar system of 2 1/2" duals, H pipe, two Hemi muffs. Can't really go in front of cats with the H pipe. For your scenario, I would stick with true duals if you already have most the parts. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. They do make stainless mufflers along with the aluminized. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. It is going to be the easiest. The second pipe will allow for increased air flow through the system, which can reduce back pressure at various points such as the manifolds and in the muffler. When selecting an aftermarket exhaust system, it's important to decide between single and dual exhaust. Well got a truck that needs a exhaust put on it and plan on gettin the flowmaster super 44 series.


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