doom slayer in halo fanfiction

If what VEGA said was true, then this Doom Slayer was even more powerful than even the Spartans that already existed in this universe. Jeff said, picking up the missle launcher from the ground while Gary started up the Warthog. You remind me of Dr. Hayden in numerous ways, which I do believe is a good thing.". Gor ordered. Muffled sounds of rattling bones droned on for a bit before slowly coming to a halt. But these disappearances go a lot deeper than our main detectives initially thought. Wordlessly, he ran a few scans on the armor, muttering to himself as he tapped a few buttons. "This ain't good," one of the Marines said, his eyes locked on the unmoving form. "Fuck!" Inticing their curiosity with more questions, stories, and laughs as they had fun sharing what's left of Gary's Alderaan bud.

The Night Sentinel was carrying some sort of glassy blue orb with a pulsating human face inside of it. Not an intrusion into another consciousness, but a welcoming handshake of pathways and information. As this continued Marvin's ammo supply started to dwindle.

It's not safe. Sounds like they have a long and hilarious history with big guy over here. Cortana. As when many warriors first met, conversation without words flowed freely between the two of them. Alternatively titled "Universal Doom: Chapter 20".

He wasn't so bad.

The Golden plated Elite spoke after hearing the loud clank of armor echoing around the hangar. "Your world is doomed. "You know, I never got your name."

Let us push deeper into this place." We must proceed.". He tossed a frag grenade into the middle of the distracted group of Jackals. The Doom Slayer walked up to the forerunner console, pressing the hologram in front of him. Have you found the control center?" After ripping the last one in half with his bare hands and drenched in Sangheili blood. "Let him go, Chief.

The Golden armor plated Elite studied the unknown humanoid warror as it fought his warriors in hand to hand combat, something he respected as a warrior himself. To remedy the problem of random activations, I have deactivated the sensors completely. Xisuma follows him back to his home where they grew up, back to the Fortress of Doom.

What tis that creature? Keyes explained as the Doom Slayer entered the shuttle cockpit after fixing his chainsaw. She had underestimated VEGA. The armored man made several gestures trying to communicate that Daisy was to leave. An in-depth exploration of many aspects of the DooM universe's story, levels, artifacts, demons and more. 100 Stories. She seemed to calm down a little, perhaps feeling safer. But what happens if the girls from Helltaker are part of Doom's Hell, and seek to join his side? A marine yelled, tossing a grenade over. Foehammer spoke over the comm. Looking up she saw that the monster that had been holding her cage was laying on the ground cut in half. "Success!" "This is a definitive loss.

A Sangheili Elite watched the demon on the hill tear off the Jackal's head from it's torso before tossing it aside. Meanwhile... At another part of the Truth & Reconciliation, the knocked out bodies of both Jeff and Gary woke up inside a room. Cortana explained. The volume within the room rose dramatically as the present sangheili roared with vigor. "I am so fucking lost right now. The figure's arms fell limply to its sides. I do what is necessary to protect humanity," the Master Chief replied. The Elite corporal yelled, firing his plasma rifle at the sprinting green armored figure. Parangosky had then asked VEGA questions of her own: What was the dimension he was from? In second thought, I would like a large Kig-yar special with a liter of Truth Soda." After the small skirmish, he waved over to Jeff and Gary to move up. Jeff asked, loading another rocket into his SPNKR launcher while he sat in his seat on the Pelican. "Let's get moving, Foehammer. As long as it was here it would receive no rest. The hologram depicted that of a human woman. Marvin realized they were finally coming to the edge and caught a glimpse of the giant skull looming above them before one of his legs caught on a rogue skull. We'll search around for a security panel to open any locked doors. Instead, he chose to appear as a circular symbol that Parangosky did not recognize. Elena freezes - she’d be hyperventilating if she could breathe - as his gaze sweeps over her then pauses.

It was done.

Soon as everybody is topside!" This one is strength and death, and cannot be eluded." "Oooo. Metal and electronic equipment lay about in pieces. Die you bastards!" You gotta find the Cartographer!

Both of you, no questions asked.". Instead, he sat as a cube, a plain and simple box that was rather suited to his full name: Black Box. In an instant he went from near death to perfectly fine. "Sir! "Where it leads. The same applied for the Doom Slayer. ", Parangosky raised an eyebrow. He then reached behind the figure's helmet. Daisy's nose perked up at this. Sgt. Watching the cloaked aliens walk around the bay armed with their energy swords. The Pillar of Autumm started it's blind jump into slipspace after it was chased by Thel Vadamm's fleet. This furry thing was being taken there.

Daisy had picked up on a few words her friend had spoken over the years but these two spoke none of them.

A Marine mentioned. His departure signaled that this meeting was now over.

Had to get all the lore for this too. These ones weren't very tough, but he could already see several more coming closer than he'd like. After saving another galaxy from Hell's invasion by Emperor Palpatine. The sword welding elites charged after the Doom Slayer, thinking this was just an ordinary demon. She had underestimated just how advanced and powerful his creators were, how advanced and powerful he was. "Do you think some one is watching us?"

After the defeat of the Icon of Sin, the Doom Slayer is summoned to save another world that is about to face the torment of Hell. "Daughter of Captain Jacob Keyes, you graduated with honors from the UNSC Officer Candidate Academy on the colony of Luna. Several pieces of broken bone had lodged themselves in his torso.

Thel was interrupted from his thoughts when a hologram flickered to life from the storage device. We've reached found a entrance to a security substation. *Cough*. The man in green quickly put a stop to the shaking, grabbing the cage from the armored one's hands and putting it back on the bloodstained ground. Suddenly the slope started to ease up. Meanwhile on the Truth And Reconciliation, a few Sangheili Elites were chatting amongst each other in the hangar. "This is Bravo 022! Marvin then heard the rabbit, who had been clinging to his back, suddenly break out in alarmed squeaks. ", "We should go through the portal," Keyes replied. The Spartan leaned forward and pressed his fists in the console, obviously tense. Stacker yelled, as the UNSC Marines, Doom Squad and the Master Chief charged the Covenant held beachhead. This is Plasma Pizza. This man, whose height and physical body were dwarfed by the Spartan and the sangheili, somehow still remained as the dominant force present. Hell, if it is, Chief, I doubt I'll live long enough to find out which.". There was a brief moment of pause as VEGA wirelessly connected to the Slayer's armor and accessed its systems, then he appeared on the holographic projector again. Gary replied, then looked at Jeff. It's massive sharp teeth cast a foreboding shadow on the large stone doors leading into the skull's throat. Now, he doesn't know what to think, what to feel. Halsey had given this super-A.I.

Evil X’s name, as I have it in other places, is Xanon here. Rtas said, responding to the human admiral. We don't have creatures like that here. Gary explained, from behind the tree. Thel gaze lingered on the Spartan. on her right. "I see…" VEGA said, replying to the gesture. "Hey Doomguy? Marvin yelled running over to the table. Some separated from the main group and clambered up the walls of bone. "I've done some crazy shit, but I think that topped everything." "Still ain't getting a read on that signal. that Parangosky had ever seen.

Despite their relatively equal rank among their kind, they still distrusted each other. "Aye. "Were it so easy," Thel said, speaking directly to the Chief. A few stuck out of his arms and legs as well.

"Hellknights!" Thel listened intently as VEGA recounted the events of Reach. During that time, VEGA had demonstrated to Parangosky just how powerful of an A.I. Gary complained as he heard running footsteps ahead and tapped Jeff's shoudler. SSGT. While Jeff, Gary, and the Marines followed right behind, killing any grunts the supersoldiers may have missed. "Yo! "I have confined Black Box to that terminal," VEGA's calm voice said. "I think Doom Squad would fit perfectly, Sir. Its matrices are highly unstable.". "The Captain has dropped out of contact, Cortana. VEGA was an Intelligence far beyond anything the humans or Covenant of this universe could create, giving him nothing short of the power of a god over the inhabitants of this world. As every warrior knew, talk was cheap, and it only held merit when supported by one's actions. The Shipmaster ordered, then became dumbstruck as the Halo ring appeared seconds later after the ship exited from slipspace.

The Chief said nothing. Cpt. VEGA was somehow capable of wirelessly maintaining his presence within ONI's database, despite now doing it through the systems of the Doom Slayer's armor.

The Doom Slayer picked up the strange box from Gary's hands and curiously studied it. But you had something they didn't, something no one saw but me. And most importantly, who or what the hell was this Doom Slayer that he had been referring to? He looked at Thel. "Thank you, VEGA," Parangosky said shortly. Instead the ring in the center of the room lit up with glowing red energy that grew into a red and black portal. Cpt. "This crystal was designed to be inserted into A.I. "That's bad news. Think he messed up because this ain't a library. "Uh... Two blue things that looks like they would hold off a entire battalion of stormtroopers and two AT-STs." Jumping down that would be suicide, but then again, facing off against the thousands of Demons that were descending upon them from all sides was even worse. With one final push the table was pushed back, the stone doors flying from their hinges. Gary asked, quickly making something up. Several bandoliers of ammo were strapped to the man's chest and torso. Keyes ordered, then gave the Doom Slayer a curious stare. "Hurry, Chief," the message said. They let me pick. Mine own Slayer's mark hath been engraved onto this cage. Catching them by surprise as the Doom Slayer killed one with his rocket launcher and glory killed the other by sawing it in half with his chainsaw.

Jeff explained over his comlink, before entering the facility behind the Doom Slayer. The homing beacon activates the tether remotely and guides the item through dimensional space and to its location. ", "Thee must cometh from very far away." We need a button!


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