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I could hear you shouting like a maniac the whole game. This time around he wants to make sure he is more reliable so that his team can depend on him, as he is not sure if he should strive for the ace number or just the hope to bring the third years and the rest of the team to koshien.

❞, © TSUKKIMOCHI ; plot© yuji terajima ; daiya no ace. I want to play in the MLB. She begged to just talk to gem of a pitcher. While the baseball community was notoriously competitive with each other, everyone still knew everyone; if not personally, then at least by face and name. Carlos didn't expect that taking a break from playing football would lead to Shirasu cuddling with him beneath the leaves of a tree.

Despite them being from rival schools, they waited with bated breath for any and all news regarding the safety of the missing players.

This story is about how Sawamura Eijun dies and gets reincarnated to have a second chance at life. The MLB? Then he sets on a path to revolutionize Japanese baseball before joining the Imperial Army at the age of twenty-seven. And I gurantee if you go to Seidou it will only make your chances of making the MLB greater. ", The catcher snickered before saying, "Next time you cheer for us, we'll win again for sure.". Eijun could feel tears welling up in his eyes and spilling easily. "Mr. Sawamura, nice to meet you", the scout for Seidou high school greeted. In which Miyuki Kazuya keeps flirting with Sawamura Eijun, and suddenly Sawamura's flirting back and Miyuki doesn't know what to do. Some of the prompts split into sub-prompts, so different variantions may be possible... Don't be shy in choosing!

I was also gunning you and you sat at 152 KPH. After the game, he can't help but run down to the stand above the bullpen. Meet Miyazaki Adelaide, a third year at Seidou who has joined the baseball team as a manager and trainer.

When he looks at Eijun in front of the altar hosting the pictures and bodies of his parents, Kazuya remembers his own losses—the biggest loss in his life that he's done all he can to move on from, yet it still hurts to think about on some days. I'd really love to read what you're gonna write :)Maybe leave a comment so I'll know if anyone's interested.P.S. It all started from that semi-final game in the Fall tournament; and the words of a new first-year in Seidou that sparked and ignited many mixed feelings within the regulars.

Follow/Fav It's Okay. How will he prove that he is worth for the position of Ace? "Miyuki, stay out of this, you first year brat!"

She happened to stumble upon a baseball manga series called Ace of the Diamond.This is where are story begins. Come along in their adventure, filled with angst, humor, and wholesome moments. The next pitch came and this time Azuma was ready. Doesn't this matter to you at all?"

Rei and Azuma repeated with confusion._____________________. Will his fellow first-years and upperclassmen understand how he truly feels?

This is my first time writing anything and posting it, so i would really like some constructive criticism and opinions overall of the story's flow. "W-was that a knuckleball? Sawamura started from the windup again and threw the ball, this time the ball was slower than usual. ", Rei smirked right back. ", Rei stated, a smile on her face. A few years had passed since the accident, he was scouted by Takashima Rei, an Assistant Director of the Prestigious Seidou High School for their terrific Baseball Team. If you like it and decide to come here, we can offer you a full ride.". He is also the youngest to master all kinds of pitches at the age of 8. Sawamura suddenly finds a mysterious and suggestive collection under his boyfriend’s bed... what chaos and sweetness will ensue?! Wanting to cheer him up, his friends take him to a high school base ball game in Tokyo and he finds himself cheering on the losing team.

Swing! "N-Nii-chan. Summer days are long and hot, but they offer the opportunity for new experiences and to explore new places. ━━ ❝ you should ask him out. In which Chris is too late to come to Sawamura's rescue during the yips arc... What ensues next is all hurdles and heartbreaks. "Great now get on the mound, you're pitching".

Karasuno's Takeda Ittetsu has invited a bunch of powerhouse players to a dorm in Miyagi, but not just only volleyball players. Kazuya went off to Tokyo to play baseball and his little brother Eijun followed after him. "Well, let's see if he's worth the hype", Tetsu smiled, now watching with interest. Diamond no ace x reader oneshots! Are you too scared to pitch me a strike?". “Rei-chan, can I catch for him?”. Sure, if I'm definitley good enough for the Japan major leagues, but that's not what I'm aiming for. Their pretty much your spoilers. What if Sawamura was one of the greatest pitchers in Japan before coming to Seidou? "Ch, people like this guy piss me off" Sawamura whispered to himself. "Well, then what's your goal then? To return to their prior life before everything fell apart around them. After receiving a terrible injury at the end of his middle school baseball game, Sawamura Eijun is forced to quit baseball for the next couple years. "Jeez, you know you can be a real jerk sometimes", Wakana whispered under her breath, standing next to him.

Inspired by “A second chance at summer by Bluecaty15” “Rewrite the future by 86Keely” “The Trajectory of Laughter by pksamurai” I don't own any of the characters in this story, they all belong to Terajima Yuuji the author of Diamond No Ace. A shutout with only one hit, which was only a infield hit. "I can tell you're pretty hard on yourself.". "You have a big mouth. Inspired by “A second chance at summer by Bluecaty15” “Rewrite the future by 86Keely” “The Trajectory of Laughter by pksamurai”. Sawamura thought to himself. Things that made no sense as he doesn’t remember any of this happening to him and yet all of the things he was seeing were definitely of him and the others. What if he acknowledges that he isn't that smart, and knows that his only chance is to be recruited for a big baseball high school? It only took his grandpa a couple seconds to clear them out. Please consider turning it on! - "That wasn't a question." OOC. But Sawamura is eager to learn new things despite often making mistakes, which he tries to realize and prevent them in the future.

When Sawamura suffers from appendicitis in his first year, he’ll have a rather large group of mother hens who'll make sure that he'll heal appropriately. "Do you want to back right, I can make it happen for you but i have a condition after a wish always have a payment". ", Sawamura stated calmly, his eyes full of determination. Smart Sawamura Eijun; Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Fluff; Protective Kuramochi Youichi; Pining ; Out of Character (maybe) Summary. "Likewise", Sawamura stated in his usual stoic voice. When Sawamura came home from school, he was blind-sinded by seven scouts on his front lawn. "Well, everyone sounds like their trying to blow smoke up my ass.

We just won championship?

The team’s goal is to take the coach to the nationals but it’s impossible for him to …

", Rei questioned.

Azuma bit at the boy. "Hey small fry, if you even get one ball past me, I'll give you 1,000 yen." Eijun grows up hearing stories of his great-grandpa. ‘Yips’ the word causing his heart to race despite never having heard it before, he watched himself running in the rain with a haggard and haunted look on his face. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits. Eijun suddenly regains the memories of his futureself and is determined to fix past mistakes, at all costs. Show him who really owns who. Swing! The ball dropped out of the zone and into the dirt, making the catcher block it with his body. "Hey Miyuki, is this the new kid who throws heat? Eijun gets invited to the party in the forest of no return where a abandon mansion lies. He's fifteen when his life changes forever. Your review has been posted.

Sawamura smirked condescendingly, "Thank you.". I don't own any of the characters in this story, they all belong to Terajima Yuuji the author of Diamond No Ace. The GOM originally had 9 members but 4 of them disappeared during their second year of middle school after witnessing and being victims of the power corruption happening in the team.The four walked away from basketball as a whole and took interest in other sports.Kuroko Tetsuya: Plays soccerHinata Shouyou: Plays volleyballNanase Haruka: does swimmingSawamura Eijun: plays baseballCertain things lead the four to reunite and search for answers to why they are struggling to get past events of the past, they return to play basketball one last time. The whole team was watching with intense interest at the new recruit manhandling Azuma.


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