compare and contrast cinderella and adelita
There are many similarities between the two stories, however the substitutions of a fairy godmother to an old loving nanny without the mention of magic, the prince to an old childhood friend and the glass slipper to a shawl previously worn by Adelita’s mom make such a wonderful difference to the story! This book is a Mexican version of the famous Cinderella story.

We’d love your help. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. A Mexican Cinderella Story Adelita Day 1: Before starting the lesson I will ask students if they are familiar with the story of “Cinderella.”

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Tomie dePaola?s exquisite paintings, filled with the folk art of Mexico, make this a Cinderella story like no other. I would have my students compare and contrast this version to the version they are familiar with.

by Puffin Books.

In this story is not your typical "Cinderella story" there is no fairy godmother, or animals that can talk and turn into carriges. This product includes FOUR different graphic organizers to use to compare the following two stories: Cinderella Adelita: A Mexican Cinderella Story by Tomie DePaola Use all graphics organizers or select the ones that would work best for your class. This book could be used many different ways in the classroom. Pre/Post Assessment What does contrasting mean again?

Point of view5. Connections * Compare and contrast this version of Cinderella to other versions. Character changeStart by reading the original version of.

The pictures are also very descriptive and portray what is happening in the story very well. Once again, here are the questions I asked: I have a student work sample here Student Work Double Bubble Map Cinderella Stories.docx that will give you an idea of how my students filled out their maps. The prince ask for her hand and she says yes and even to her own wedding she invites her stepmother and sisters to attend. In the classroom, I would integrate this with another folklore/fairy tale story, or even make a lesson comparing this version with the original since their are some differences! The young man, Javier, falls madly in love with beautiful Adelita, but she disappears from his fiesta at midnight, leaving him with only one clue.

Representation is important! Adelita: A Mexican Cinderella Story is a just like the traditional Cinderella story, but with the Mexican culture. I also passed out individual maps to each of my students. I love the Disney Cinderella, so reading this book was so enjoyable to see the similarities an Differences between the two stories. Compare & Contrast: Cinderella v.s. The questions are: You can view this video Comparing and Contrasting Cendrillion and Adelita - Class Discussion to give you a better idea of how this part of the lesson might look like in your classroom. Th.

Adelita is the Mexican version of the classic Cinderella. We are really going to get the opportunity to see how our two stories are the same and how they are different. Again, I walked around the room as students were completing their maps, seeing how confident they were with their answers and that they were filling out the map correctly. RL. After a while, Francisco decides to marry again. I really enjoyed this Mexican Cinderella Tale. Explore universal themes in storytelling by comparing several versions of the Cinderella story, pointing out similarities and differences in the versions.In this learning unit, you’ll read three versions of the Cinderella tale (not included): The Golden Sandal, by Rebecca Hickox Yeh-Shen, by Ai-Ling, Fun distance learning reading activity with fairy tales. This book is about a young girl named Adelita who becomes the household servant after her father dies suddenly. Adelita comes down the stairs wears the same outfit from the party and says "are you looking for me?" The story is sad where she has to deal with her stepmother and eventually she kicks her out. Adelita is now left to do all the house work on her own.


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