chris boucher story

The closest he had come to playing on an AAU team, where he might have been seen by a college coach, was not very close at all: That March he had taken the initiative to fill out an email form on the website of a team called QC United, in hopes of being invited to a tryout. ", Rwigema and Appiah soon offered Boucher something better than an AAU tryout: a spot on the prep-school team they were starting at Alma Academy, which was still in Quebec, but a 4½-hour drive northeast of Montreal. Boucher's first shot was an open three, from the left corner; he says his nerves got to him, "and my arms were shaking all the way up until the ball left my hand."

Loic was in the crowd at the Little Burgundy Sports Centre the day Boucher played.

As a result, he wasn't selected in the NBA draft that summer. Often he'd listen to Bob Marley, the island reggae bringing some sun into his mind, and he would imagine how his life could be different. But still, the impending matchup intrigued him. With the temperature in the mid-80s, they wore basketball shoes, T-shirts and shorts, and headed off in the late afternoon on the trail to Spencer Butte, a popular, one-mile ascent. There was no reason to stay for the men's game that was to come. window.gdprTextData = {"buttonText":"I Agree","cookiePolicyLink":"http:\/\/\/news\/privacy_policy.html#Cookies","cookiePolicyLinkText":"Cookie Policy","privacyLink":"https:\/\/\/news\/privacy_policy.html","privacyLinkText":"Privacy Policy","termsOfUseLink":"http:\/\/\/news\/termsofuse","termsOfUseLinkText":"Terms of Use","text":"NBA sites use cookies and similar technologies. By using NBA sites, you are agreeing to our revised Privacy Policy<\/a> and Terms of Use<\/a>, including our Cookie Policy<\/a>"; From Montreal to junior college to Division I, then the NBA G League to the NBA ... how a kid escaped hardship and a basketball prospect rose seemingly out of nowhere. Saint Lucia was a free-and-easy place for a boy, and their extended family, much of whom lived within blocks of each other near the capital of Castries, could handle raising him.

In a National (technically, international) Prep School Invitational game between Alma and New Jersey's Blair Academy, Boucher scored 29 points—only missing one of his 14 shot attempts—and had 12 rebounds, five blocks and no turnovers. Boucher appeared in 20 games with the Santa Cruz Warriors in 2017-18 and posted 11.8 points, 7.5 rebounds and 2.1 blocks in 22.2 minutes per contest. The 6-foot-11 unicorn went undrafted as a result, but Boucher signed a two-way contract with the Golden State Warriors shortly thereafter, giving him an opportunity …

Rwigema recalls that when he spoke with Boucher's father, "he basically said to me, 'My kid is useless, he isn't going to do anything with his life, but if you think you can save him, go ahead.'"

Although Oregon fans nicknamed Boucher Swatterboy, and he's bulked up (relatively) to 200 pounds, his Instagram handle is still Slimmduck, making him a Tall Fir for the 21st century—and the tallest of a crop of Canadians who've been successfully replanted in Eugene. Subscribe to the magazine here. They liked him because he had skills, and he could make a show with the flames." That wasn't because QC United's coaches, Igor Rwigema and Ibrahim Appiah, didn't receive it. Rwigema and Appiah's initial plan was modest: Have Boucher get his secondary-school diploma, then spend two years at Alma in CEGEP—the Canadian equivalent of college prep—before evaluating his options. "I said, 'I don't have money like that, but if you all want me on the team, I'll go,'" said Boucher. Current Contract. 4 Oregon, His parents signed off, in different ways. Box 500 Station A Toronto, ON Canada, M5W 1E6.

Chris Boucher left Saint Lucia on a plane for Montreal when he was five months old. He worked at a St-Hubert restaurant where, as his best friend and former coworker, Morgan Michael Asibey-Bonsu puts it, "Chris was the best grill man. He was thinking no further ahead than making the current situation work, because it gave him a consistent living and training arrangement after a childhood that even his mother characterized as "unstable" in an email to USA Today last year. After the split he lived with MacVane—until he had a falling out with her new boyfriend, who by the time Chris was 15, no longer wanted him around. Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines. Boucher came to campus on May 15 and committed that same evening, having been convinced that he was a better fit for the Ducks' wide-open playing style than for the physicality of the Big 12.


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