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Wow, he must have been something else.

", a reference to the same phrase being used by Lorenzo, with whom he shares a voice actor. That's why you'll never be a champion. But thinking you're going to win is even crazier! Syrus Truesdale: Whoa... this is a lot better than what my mom usually writes me. From the ordeal, Chazz obtains a spirit partner in the form of "Ojama Yellow", who Chazz finds annoying. Chazz Princeton: It's multiplication. Dr. Vellian Crowler: [about Jesse Andersen] This seems familiar. Zane Truesdale: Until then [high five each other], Zane Truesdale: Me too! Chazz Princeton: [turns to yell at Ojama Yellow] Actually I wasn't!

. Alexis Rhodes: [fantasizes running to Alexis across a field of flowers] Sy-rus! After beating Bastion, Chazz discards his Ojama cards, considering them to be too weak.

Slots at Duke and Princeton and Cal are finite. Some of his catchphrases in the Spanish dub are referring to Jaden as "basura Osiris" (literally: "Osiris garbage/trash" but "garbage/trash" used as a synonym of useless, is what in English is "Slifer Slacker", in fact sometimes uses "osiris inútil", which would be, "Useless Osiris/Slifer") also He sometimes to says "adiós muy buenas" when he wins a duel, or he thinks he has won (it would be the equivalent to "you go bye bye" in English and, roughly translated it would mean the same as saying in US "have a nice life" in an ironic tone or to the UK expression: "good riddance to bad rubbish"). Jaden Yuki: Hey, I always plan on passing, it just doesn't work out that way. Their attack points are lame, and their effects are lamer! Pierre the Gambler: Look Shepperd, I want to duel Alexis, and I'm not leaving until I do.

I studied mechanical engineering at Princeton and worked on solar energy after graduation. Yu-Gi-Oh! Chumley Huffington: If you don't win, you'll be on the next bus outta here. Ojama Green: That you should eat desert first? GX series. Ojama Yellow: That bathing is optional? I went to M.I.T. Yugioh (Various x Reader) Chazz Princeton. Thats all you need to know. 3 Nov. 2020. What is that? Some of us actually plan to pass this test! You know, like you were an Egyptian pharoah, and I was your guardian high priest? Dr. Vellian Crowler: Alright, if you insist. You should be cowering in fear! I even have the note right here! Syrus Truesdale: Who's the short fat bald guy? Chazz Princeton: Sure, they look weird, they smell funny. Aster Phoenix: Three monsters? During the match, Jaden shows Chazz his old black uniform, and Chazz eventually regains his senses, tearing off his white coat (after recovering from the shock of its inability to conceal food stains) to don his signature black one once more. Slade Princeton: Congratulations. Chumley Huffington: Just smile and nod Sy, smile and nod. Quotations by Chazz Palminteri, American Actor, Born May 15, 1952. It's awful! During his time in the Society of Light, Chazz acquires the Beetron Union Monsters. The Shadow Duelist: That's because he's Jaden with a southern accent. But like you, they won't be staying long! Eventually, Chazz, along with Mindy, Jasmine, Alexis and Atticus were the five remaining students in Duel Academy who were not consumed by Darkness.

Includes: Jaden, Chazz, Syrus, Aster, Jim, and Jesse. I never went to film school, but I studied storytelling across mediums - poems, literature, film, and journalism. [points]. 1. Thus Princeton became the choice for my graduate study location. Chazz, back to his old self, retrieves the Ojama Trio to destroy "White Knight Lord", the card representing Sartorius' evil, but in doing so, willingly loses the Duel to an effect of "White Knight Lord". What's the job? Czar: You know, talking to yourself is pretty crazy. Alexis Rhodes: Uh, try to remember that's it's just a card you're looking at. Princeton is no longer a thing for Princeton men to please themselves with.

So come on Dr. Crowler, get up, and get your game on! The Shadow Duelist: [floats away into a cloud of fog] I'll duel him and beat him so badly, he'll leave this realm, once I seal his soul in the Shadow Realm. During his Duel against Don Zaloog, Chazz combines elements of his "Armed Dragon" Deck with "Ojama" monsters and debuts new support cards for both themes to create an "Ojama"/"Armed Dragon" Deck. Because of this, all the Slifer students, convinced he did like the Slifers, began rooting their appreciation despite his protests: in turn, Crowler announces Chazz had chosen to stay in Slifer, much to Chazz's distain. GX Quotes." Chazz goes on to Duel the Academy's strongest student, which happens to be Jaden. He was welcomed back to Duel Academy, but forced to restart his studies out of the Slifer Red dorm. Though their rivalry continues, they form a bond to their shared battles in various arcs. Chazz Princeton. Chazz Princeton: Sure, they look weird, they smell funny. Jaden Yuki: What if I lose? Jaden Yuki: [Syrus wakes up] Maybe next time sleep would be better than an all-night Slifer Seance. Chazz Princeton: Since I stopped getting the respect I deserve here. Originally a rival of Jaden, Chazz gets annoyed by Jaden and hated him. So, let's Alexis! What's wrong with you Jaden? Yes? If Chazz wins, Alexis must date Chazz, though Alexis won.

Dr. Vellian Crowler: I *can* beat you, I *can* throw down, and I *will* get my game on!


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