catalina 385 brochure
Clear Lake Shores, Texas, Vereinigte Staaten, PLEASE NOTE: All electronics are listed for verification purposes but not warranted in the selling price of the boat, Ich widerspreche dem Verkauf meiner persönlichen Daten.

Danke. Wir haben Ihre Anfrage an den Anbieter weitergeleitet. Chesapeake Yacht Sales. Polished handrails and fi ttings complement the teak interior cabinetry. Request Info . An optional asymmetrical spinnaker is optimized by a removable Selden bowsprit that can be stored in the anchor locker when not in use. A propane stove, oven and large refrigerator are built into functional units, along with large cabinets and drawers that offer plenty of areas for provisions and cookware.

This configuration provides an interesting draft / low center of gravity / upwind performance trade-off.

Detailed sailboat specifications and datasheets since 2015, Hull and deck: GRP (glass reinforced polyester), Standard public price ex. +��ba��AwA�F/�͸?l�(B>v��.ߞ��べy/ And, the classic warmth and fi nesse that has been a Catalina trademark since 1969. VAT (indicative only). This new boat pulls together all the best elements of successful previous models. All the yacht brokerage agents at the listing company are Independent Contractors. Catalina 385. The owner’s cabin is forward and has a custom, articulating innerspring mattress; an electrical lifter is available for comfortable reading or viewing TV. This very sharp rise in resistance, between speed-length ratio of 1.2 to 1.5, is insurmountable for heavy sailboats and so becomes an apparent barrier. uses cookies to improve user experience. A commitment to owner satisfaction has enhanced customer confi dence and loyalty, so that Catalina has become one of the most prominent builders of sailboats in the United States and the world for over 40 years.

Waterford Harbor and South Shore Harbour Marina's. The Listing Brokerage Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel regardless of information provided. ��q���R�jj>z}��9�`�-�����5��� PLEASE NOTE: All electronics are listed for verification purposes but not warranted in the selling price of the boat. Call for Price. They must be comfortable above and below, easy to maintain and hold their value. Unique molded instrument pods at the helm positions, with convenient primary winches and a new backstay system makes a truly a great cockpit for the avid sailor. Great attention was given to ergonomics and classic styling that has been a trademark of Catalina designs.

This effect increases dramatically the resistance when the boat reaches a speed-length ratio (speed-length ratio is the ratio between the speed in knots and the square root of the waterline length in feet) of about 1.2 (corresponding to a Froude Number of 0.35) . e�5��ҔT���K��DECd�D����I� }g ��~9B Virtually every Catalina system engineered in the 375 was reviewed and optimized for improved performance, efficiency, comfort, convenience and owner maintenance, incorporating the widely-acclaimed features found on all of Catalina’s latest models. Riverside, New Jersey, United States. Farallone Yachts. The mast support system features Catalina’s unique SecureSocket™ chain plates for superior load resolution from the mast to the hull structural system. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or his agent to verify engine hours, any warranties expressed or implied and/or any engine service as well as all other representations noted on the listing brochure. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice. As a ship moves in the water, it creates standing waves that oppose its movement. An adequate guest cabin is aft with a large double berth and large storage lockers. Below decks, Catalina uses teak and teak veneers, which add warmth and the look of a classic yacht interior, hand fi nished with clear varnishes. �� {����9˖F�W��g�#�&� UUP?9�o˥ܠ�(a�>�NT���`��Ā Ch�yLH���G3!����������#kAn����+ ���s��e�D��¡B��o�M�p �>BOD�,2�GF?F�Q�A��UV�GBX�;�;3�/̱��2��L:�I8`s�q�8�. Find Catalina 385 boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. G. Winter's Sailing Center. 38 ft / 2021. The ratio sail area to displacement is obtained by dividing the sail area by the boat's displaced volume to the power two-thirds. Ihre Suche enthält falsche Daten oder der Server ist vorübergehend nicht verfügbar. The custom Catalina electrical panel is neatly secreted behind a tinted acrylic door allowing continual monitoring of power use.

Lead keels, roomy cockpits, long travelers for precise sail control, and long inboard genoa tracks that allow the sail plan to be balanced in all wind conditions. �'e[�>����B(��2�'�x��~�?�}�%. Locate Catalina boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader! *+�J~��$�,�V�qE+7��z΋��n$����ϹR׋.` kCLY�Q"3�&�Y]�UR ��/Ѓ��w���t����\�v��g�FRv�z���*O�9�~Bq/��};�h This leads to the concept of "hull speed". Catalina 385. US$249,900 * 38 ft / 2015.

A linear designed cabinet has plenty of storage and maintains open site lines through the cabin. t�����0��� ����⋯� ��� ���*��d��� dr�����C�\WÄ���I����ɺɘ. * 38 ft / 2020. A navigation desk with a recessed laptop compartment has dedicated power ports. The galley is optimized for convenience at sea or at port.

Among the new features is a watertight StrikeZone™ collision bulkhead aft of the anchor locker. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

Call for Price. The Ballast ratio is an indicator of stability; it is obtained by dividing the boat's displacement by the mass of the ballast. Since the stability depends also of the hull shapes and the position of the center of gravity, only the boats with similar ballast arrangements and hull shapes should be compared. Call Little Yacht Sales and let's discuss building you a new Catalina 385!

Long inboard genoa tracks to accommodate headsails from powerful 155% genoas to storm jibs, allowing the sail plan to be balanced in all wind conditions. Alameda, California, United States.

Contoured helm seating is elevated port and starboard for comfort and visibility.

The DLR is obtained by dividing the boat's displacement in tons by the cube of one one-hundredth of the waterline length (in feet). Wenn Sie fortfahren, gehen wir davon aus, dass Sie die Cookies annehmen. High quality hardware and … Catalina’s philosophy is straightforward: Design boats that stand up to real world conditions and sail well. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. Cruising World - Boat of the Year: Domestic Boat, The CE design category indicates the ability to cope with certain weather conditions (the sailboat is designed for these conditions), Fore triangle height (from mast foot to fore stay top attachment), Fore triangle base (from mast foot to bottom of forestay), Mainsail hoist measurement (from tack to head), Mainsail foot measurement (from tack to clew).

Photos und Informationen zu diesem Boot ansehen oder nach mehr Catalina Booten zum Verkauf auf suchen. The main cabin offers generous seating, a custom quad leaf folding table that will seat a group, and a port side dinette that easily converts to a single berth. The new Catalina 315 has the core attributes that made the 445 and 355 award-winning yachts. Deltaville, Virginia, United States. Catalina 385 Category A All the best elements of successful previous models come together in the 385.

@� �O9���M�c���:�.�6��|/��O|��J����d232�7K�^VD!^.�JˏrU�(�4:��ӌ�{��s�@ �Ǿ#���F��@%�w������.�J�� �b�2�5� +��EI}��#ŵ߱o�=D�'�r�{�X��/D%�,6�N���\{ The custom anchor roller assembly integrates the bow sprit for use with the code X furler and Doyle spinnaker, enhancing light wind performance. The 385 breaks with tradition aesthetically, but has all the features that sets Catalina apart from other builders.Lead keels, roomy cockpits and long travelers for precise sail control.

Catalina 385 kaufen Kemah Vereinigte Staaten. The new 385 is the latest in the line of new Catalina's that began with the award winning 445 introduced in April of 2009 and was successfully followed by the 355, the 2011 “Domestic Boat of the Year”. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.

Wir haben Ihre Anfrage direkt an den Anbieter weitergeleitet.

0u �;JE���O1�?J(~X�/ �:fpF����xi�z��$j.�l�V�X��8jaF=x\ڠ�` J7 ��4l��Wh��Q����a\r:4�8��"B+4�m(`g��ցS�y6���=���Z��h}���4��l_��#Xa ,�R: #���� ��DX�VƎM%�����v�i��B^g?kp�����H������߆������׃��$ 1 y��mM���h�hfA���g�K�h.�%鉇�ȣ.v{�h$�U��Yg����*1;JL�L��#/�͕ZNp�ȓ� s� Catalina 385; Catalina 425; Catalina 445; Catalina 545; Flagship 545; True North; Mainsheet Magazine ; Store; Parts; About; Contact; Dealer Locator; News; Catalina Yacht Store; Mainsheet Magazine; Parts Department; Brochure Archives; Dealer Login; Catalina builds the largest selection of honest, sturdy boats that hold up to real world conditions, perform well and cost less to maintain. -�&T��e��Q�a��Z��m-`����Kv�J�qO�}�5�z�s��L6-�.9���2�k��v̳~R���U)���8�'Lq��c;�#L6�9!v����З�ZQv���E�zRօ'O������3+��xY_��%�Őb~��|�>�L�#���������3,���b}?�V���G����׊ŪݗZJ��kc#�qp�D�O1�9��V�0���t�A�(��T=ȅU���E3;�{�4o�QD�Y���%��{�sc"�(~�_�Ϋܑrm6�����u�W�!��л�Aj?٫"j73�Kf��!�}J)�e���z�_ObNoZ �J蟠NV%�KY�j}���E��������T����F|�!�J A0}Y3�ѝ����6HŇ��c�)���Pt+1W�id���Z}Ղ�R���dR0l8����;�I� ��b�E���m�� �&�V������Bn�W����Z�;e�P������m��6�@?Vk�Γw?5���R��Gj�����$���I�n��W�ֽ��U"�b��Cq�Pj�y�=����B�Q>(���'�_�e{��]��V�-K�ݧn�[�7�iT� �FU+={[s�A���wA����D���ףߟ�@#fH�;X���W�&� �����RO����2=EV��RS�iXz�0������*���Kn� Bitte laden Sie diese Seite erneut oder versuchen es später noch einmal.

She is built since 2012 by Catalina Yachts (United States). Catalina 385. The Displacement Length Ratio (DLR) is a figure that points out the boat's weight compared to its waterline length. Ihre Anfrage kann nicht verschickt werden, bitte überprüfen Sie die markierten Eingabefelder.

The Wing keel version is offered with a short keel fitted with large winglets. )�����AȒ���k ,9���Q��&�E8s~R|���}��%>#vBz�)S�H;B������B���9�ޞ�3�&�L��f�2>1 �øѐ�xf"�ۘ�O�1�㜔�Ք�(6Cַ�UW��p��YIIZ�����d�V��S�lR%t��~npU�%�ȓ'F��&�8T��Z��2G:�8��'�@�*z�t�jG��}Y0ea����Tae]�_���>+y��c�B�LG��Xn*m��Q�"�LAq�+4ʧ�Ɓ��7!��+�� ��u졹ބ�kxf��!���,�7�YM�z�-����p�K�;5�]|u4�Q �&d0b�!S�ad7U)n.Ƙ˺�b��76V����E�0��Fؚ�.|4t�cPw�4��tAK=(,�(��D$�B�� Q!�KneLV*� ]FaŬR�wD|�lZ&R#�g���D��.m^�.qdO>�t`�c)b}h�y��TT���CCy�㇇?����^} �\M�,U��X_�Yh���û�0�[|$�AX��O�X�~x�/�J� �:���H`�*iL2�GLarq�!�D]I�=r�~[� �3�p��~!�B��WO8P*����)2�~��Y�-��!aw8!D&�l j�/l�N^i$��9X��e�{٤�iĚdY��g��&�w6\,W�c��T�Z


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