cart narcs assaulted

Poor lady, Must be hard to shop with 3 bulging dicks in her back. @_john_healey_ u have to follow this account 11w Reply. Also if your job is looking out for carts why are you watching her doing her shopping in the store?? Post your photos and videos of carts improperly parked here. And that could even be dangerous later on if he faces the wrong person who isn't all right in the head and decides to do something to him worse than this lady. Fucked is what he is. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Sebastian's behavior is getting more antagonistic.. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. no comments yet. If we really want to change parking lot etiquette in our culture it needs to be organic. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. JavaScript is disabled. The Cart Narcs even go as far as to go get the offending cart and park it behind the person who mishandled their cart responsibility which, as you can imagine, went about as well as you’d expect. If every store had an Aldi cart return system his channel would be donzo. This was the best cartnarcs video ever. 100% Upvoted. I don’t put my cart back now just in hopes of Cartnarc finding me! After passive-aggressively laying on his horn for several minutes, the Cart Narc points out in the time it took him to honk he could have (you guessed it) put his cart back. Honestly I would have punched the guy too. Leaving your cart in a location that impedes other peoples ability to park or walk on the sidewalk is indicative of a people that are not considerate of those around them and is egotistical. I agree, totally an ass in a way. I mean it’s easy for me to hop out and move it before starting to unload, but it’s just one more annoying thing we have to deal with. Guess what? Loved it! Technically, they are harassing people. While I do get what Cart Narcs are saying, that people should properly put their carts back, they are going about it the wrong way. share your ^thoughts | look at my ^programming. Close • Posted by. stassjaq. @big_red9718. Like, we tell folks things like "if you see something, say something," which gets people into this mindset where everything they see is something they can "fix," some way they can make the world "better," as long as they make a big enough deal about it. View replies (1) nathan_hind. I have seen a video of one of the Cart Narcs, Sebastian, basically insult a woman with a disability calling her a "lazybones." “Americans are facing an epidemic perpetrated by the laziness of their fellow citizens,” Cart Narcs, a segment on …

Luckily large weirdo so generally safe. What up with the blur? But watching him trashing homeless people and then rewatching his confrontational behaviour seems like he does not give a fuck about what he claims to. Leaving your cart in a location that impedes other peoples ability to park or walk on the sidewalk is indicative of a people that are not considerate of those around them and is egotistical. 2.8m members in the PublicFreakout community. You don't change anything by being ignorant. do you also leave shopping carts in handicap walkways?? Cart narc asshole sucks. Channel Name: Cart Narcs, Video Popularity: 89.35%, Video Length: [07:19], Jump 5 secs earlier for context ^@04:27, Downvote me to delete malformed comments. The Cart Narcs are Assaulted! Like throwing drinks at people, stealing/breaking their glasses, and pepper spraying them for words they said. Not everyone is blurred in every video so I think they must find them afterward and request a waiver to be signed. The Sewers. @brettscimone you have to see all of these!!! I hope the people in this guy's community get together and kick him in the nuts every day until he stops. 10 months ago "I have three bulging dicks in my back" level 2. Especially with his automatic assumption and insult about her condition. View replies (1) big__alert. nicolehealey11. This post gives me pure joy. And he does a wonderful job. You must log in or register to reply here. They’re walking a very fine legal line and sadly they think they’re completely justified. Striking how that limp has an off and on switch! 8w Reply.

I have seen a video of one of the Cart Narcs, Sebastian, basically insult …

My son was a cart courtesy for three years. Not to mention dangerous, you don't just put a car in the rear of someone backing up. Also doesnt help that his voice sounds snarky and annoying. All had to do was keep it about the cart. Really, the cart corrals exist for a reason! 6:25 "you're not inside of my body so dont ever insult anyone like that"Cart Narc " I doubt anyone is getting inside you're body anytime soon". Yeah it's TRUE about not being able to see disabilities but he makes a super valid point that she is able to do all her shopping and at the very end when it's time to put the cart away... all of a sudden her disability is sooo crippling that she can't return her cart.

Post your photos and videos of carts improperly parked here.

I love this. Harassing conduct may include offensive jokes, slurs, name-calling, physical assaults or threats, intimidation, ridicule, insults, offensive pictures, and more. Cookies help us deliver our Services. With enough people complaining about feeling "harassed" (Whether it is or isn't harassment), I would guess managers would want this guy out as they pay their employees to take in the carts for them and this guy can't get everyone in the lots to do it on their own all day every day. They either ignore him or actually return the cart. He's been to pretty bad neighborhoods doing the same thing. 11w Reply.

... Cart Narcs - Double Narc. I live vicariously through the cart narcs videos because I don't want to deal with the bullshit that comes with calling someone a lazy asshole in real life. And this is just going to make me think twice about using it if I'm going to be called out with a camera in my face by some righteous dickwad who only cares about me not looking disabled enough for him to judge me worthy of the placard my doctor told me to use. OffTopic. "Lazy-bones-itis" isn't helping anyone. Yeah but if you’re fine enough to throw drinks at someone, scream at them and run around your car getting papers, then when you’re 20 feet away she starts quickly running over to pepper spray you, I’m sure she’s fine walking 20 feet to move a cart, former cart pusher here.

Fortunately, that was just "Bang" and not bang. This entire thing makes no sense. I just call people out when I'm around in my normal life. Counter sue for what? They have also stated that the purpose of their videos is to "shame" people who don't put their carts away, which is basically ridiculing them. You go on a crusade - it doesn't even really matter what that crusade is against - and somehow you're the good guy, putting down all the bad guys. Also, as evidenced in this video, the Cart Narc put the cart in the way of her car when she was backing up, if that cart caused damage to her car, that's basically vandalism. If you have trouble with any of the links above, please contact the user who provided them. Yes, because parking lot etiquette is the biggest plague in American culture.

My guess is he wasn’t able to be an officer so he settled lmao. Also if people's identity is released, they might be harrassed. Not some asshole who pretends to be childish, who sticks a camera in your face and vandalizes your car with a magnet or sticker. If we all put our carts away were actually making their jobs the boss will find something for them to do.


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