camera shake effect

Next, hold alt and click the stopwatch for that parameter. Inside After Effects we’re going to take a look at our footage, and the example we are using was a shot on a tripod with no movement whatsoever.

Whether it’s a short film for YouTube or a corporate presentation, elevate your production in no time at all. Action movies have nailed it.

Select footage in your Premiere Pro timeline, right-click, and select Replace with After Effects Composition. 4. The pack includes a tutorial on how to create your own in After Effects. So I’m personally going to go with a second number of 0.5 degrees. Get 10 unique transitions with thousands of possibilities. RGB, strobe, blinking, flickering, and glitch effects can all be applied to the camera or individual elements. We actually literally do this by typing into this space here wiggle. Create Null Object, Apply Camera Shake. Try to only scale up as little as necessary, because the more you scale up the more likely it is that your video quality will suffer. And what’s really nice is that this usually doesn’t take a lot of computing power, so you should be able to see results pretty quickly. The final expression replaced with numbers in our example looks as follows: So for us we’re going to use the example where we ask After Effects to wiggle our video 2 times a second, and each of those times we want it to move 40 pixels. Bring up your scaling parameter like we’ve done for the others except this time with the shortcut s.  Now if we just try to type in a wiggle expression like before, we’re met with a strange problem. But you don’t need to have millions of dollars to simulate an earthquake or a car crash in your videos. This is technically a digital zoom and not getting closer or further away from our subject, but if we keep this to a very small degree of movement, it shouldn’t be too noticeable. The pack was created using genuine camera movements rather than digital adjustments to make an authentic camera shake. By downloading, you agree not to resell or redistribute these free assets. This free pack for Premiere contains six different types of shake to choose from. These camera shake presets are free to use in any personal or commercial projects. In order to use any sort of an expression, you’ll need to open up that parameter and have the stopwatch visible for that … If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below. Shake the Camera or Text by Motion Array. So how do we add camera shake? Adding Wiggle Expressions to Multiple Parameters.

You don’t want it to be distracting. Open your Premiere Pro project, Replace with AE Comp. What this does is tell After Effects that the constant w is equal to this expression. Adding camera shake to your footage is a technique that you will likely find yourself needing to implement as you continue to take on new video projects, clients, and styles. What you should be left with is a movement to your video that results in what you asked for, 2 times every second the position moves a total of 40 pixels in any direction. Chances are you don’t want that much rotation. Stick around for some hints and tips on how to implement them at the end of the list! What this does is tell After Effects how frequently we want the wiggle to happen, and then how much physical space we want our position to wiggle, in pixels.

Finally, consider which elements within the video you want to apply the shake to.

We couldn’t leave out all you Final Cut Pro X video editors, could we? It’s also fully customizable to give you exactly the result you need. Basically what this does is tell After Effects that this is the overall expression we want to apply and that we want to apply it equally to the horizontal and vertical scaling parameters. This package includes 10 transitions and is ideal for enhancing any kind of text animation. Perfect for applying camera shake to something specific within the video, like text or particles. A really high frequency could end up looking like a vibration so use this carefully. If you simply want to copy and paste, the expression is typed out here: And what we’re left with is a manufactured camera wiggle that goes a little above and beyond the common method. Or maybe, something else entirely! Drag and drop them onto your 1920×1080 projects. By simply changing only those two numbers, you can really dial in a camera shake that looks close to what you envision. Diagonal shakes can be used to add effects to earthquakes or just stylish transitions. Shake up your audience and get from one scene to the next in a slick camera move. Grab the Pick Whip tool from your footage layer and parent it to the Null object. Then we’re going to add a semicolon and add one additional line. With many of these effects, there are plenty of settings you can explore to get the perfect results. These options are fun. There’s a small problem though. But make sure you’re using them with a 16:9 aspect ratio to get full use out of them. So how do we add camera shake? Scale or use Motion Tile to fill the canvas.


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