bosch ice maker self test
Remedial action: Conduct an appliance self test. Use the height-adjustable feet. If the E10 code returns after you restore electrical power, replace the main control board module. 0000003026 00000 n If the temperature is too high, wait a few hours and check whether the temperature has approached the set value. �HU������/�`ž�qtt ��>lO���:j�[6b��i�h!t�r��{�c�E�E׊BL�6���؀�m�O�:G1|�9�GO8�!�@� C��;�6P>T#e^P;Dhw��%;��wf���Z��Ƹ� 鳧��9ֶNF���ৃ�l��a�q%pJvQ�2����e��}:�FiV7�����(�K?j�f��Kp Z0��7�?�Ft��C�2�.+�˪��7��z�rv�=�Zށ���ӓ��x���_||�-/��������Ꞟ��sۀ^. Fault: Temperature display freezer compartment 4 flashes. h�\VX�֞ {��A�!�@��83 Temperature-controlled drawer temperature sensor is defective. Loose or sticking drawers, baskets or storage areas: Check the removable parts and, if required, reinsert them. • For 5 minutes after the ice maker begins a “harvest” cycle. Remedial action: Checkthat the power is on. Do not store bottled or canned drinks (especially carbonated drinks) in the freezer compartment. Cause: An appliance door has not been closed properly or has been open too tong. [global.cookielaw.txt.checkbox.performance], [global.cookielaw.txt.checkbox.targeting], [global.cookielaw.txt.checkbox.thirdparty], Shop Filters, Cleaners, Accessories & Parts, [global.productdetail.lbl.retailerreview]. Fridge compartment Sensor break / short circuit. Unplug the refrigerator and reconnect any loose connections on the wire harness on the display control module and the ice and water dispenser control module. 0000008462 00000 n The chat feature uses third party cookies to preserve your session information. Wait 10 minutes for ice, water, & the Thermister to chill to approximately 32 degrees and check resistance. If the E15 code returns you restore power, replace the display control module. Bosch’s patented ice system produces up to 40 glasses of filtered ice daily. 0000020364 00000 n

0 Remedial action: Set a warmer temperature.

The Crisper Drawers and Chiller Drawer can be removed for cleaning. Main voltage is to high.

1-800-944-2904 (toll-free), from anywhere in the U.S.A. Internal ice maker fault. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website.

Choose a symptom to see related refrigerator repairs. Place the Thermister in the middle of the ice & water. 2. 112 0 obj <> endobj Receptacles are touching each other: Move bottles or receptacles slightly away from each other. Remedial action: Connect the mains plug. 151 0 obj <>stream If the water inlet valve has sufficient pressure and is getting power, but the ice maker won’t fill with water to make ice, replace the water inlet valve. Dual Compressors and Evaporators - Precise cooling and humidity control, … We would like to invite you to take part in a short one minute survey. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Thermistor defaults: ( 140F or – 40F ) Unplug the refrigerator for 3 minutes to reset the main control board module. We found the ice maker clogged with cubes, and more or less stuck, this morning. Fast, same day shipping. Replace the water valve that feeds water to the ice maker and water dispenser if it no longer controls the flow of water. Bosch Ice Maker Parts & Repair Guide W elcome to Acme How, we are the premier provider of Do-It-Yourself repair guides on the web. xref Replace the main control board module or display control module if damaged. • While the control board is running self-checks. 0000001829 00000 n 365 day right part guaranteed return policy. By using our site, you agree to our use of cookies. Refrigerator compartment temperature sensor is defective. Learn what to check if the inside of your fridge is wayyyy too warm. The appliance is not level: Align the appliance using a level.

Unplug the refrigerator and reconnect any loose connections on the wire harness for the main control board module and the display control module. Reset the control, as above. If you wish to be contacted by us, please use our regular contact form here, contact Customer Support at (800) 944-2904, or chat online with a Customer Support representative.

If the E11 code returns after you restore electrical power, replace the display control module.

Please enable javascript to view the website .. <<3ECE032293D70E47B8C474B1E60F24BC>]>> 0000001096 00000 n 0000004254 00000 n If several warning messages are displayed simultaneously, deal with each message individually. Check main voltage, Largequantities of fresh food placed in the appliance, Large quantities of fresh food are being frozen, To switch off the warning signal, press the alarm button 5, Ensure that there is adequate ventilation, When the fault has been eliminated, the alarm button 5 goes out shortly afterwards. Fault: Temperature differs greatly from the set value. The jam was cleared. x�b```f``Y��$w31 �P������C��$�¡��K���X�o�_ x�#�qUù ���w{j˵*h=�.i�~�@��J�oBC���k���ǧ��J0`�v�Iͅ���|\�mp�e���"N s��o&df�4y�|*�c:c�PmR������q���" at an average of 8 cubes an hour, you should have 80 to 96 cubes. Outstanding service – before and after the purchase. Check the display control module and ice and water dispenser control module for burnt spots on the circuit boards or visible damage. 0000008720 00000 n


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