blind mice puns
Buy one, get one furry. Q. What does a cat eat for dessert? The mice keep stealing the bait from the mousetraps I bought. What does a mouse's cousin use to paint her nails? A. What did the happy cat say? I’m paw.


What goes dot, dot, dash, squeak? A. (Details on page 3). What do cats build to prepare for war? The Purrrge! Why did two mice fall in love? What do you get if you cross a cat with a parrot? Q. Q. A frog … because he croaks every night! Q. Q. What do you call a cat that works at a printing shop? Thoughtless spouse attacks sightless mouse. 105. A re-tail store! They have a lot of cat-titude.

You have entered an incorrect email address! 13. 74. Purr-suasive. Kelly Clarkson’s “A Mewment Like This.”. Why did the tomcat end the relationship? Petsylvania. What do pet cats like for dessert? Q.

A. He didn’t want to be furgotten. A. SHARE Hulton Deutsch / Contributor/ Getty Images. Why are cats great economists? Q. "At the first God made the heaven and the earth."? What do you get if a mouse gets into your freezer?

Deadly Funny Rodent Point to Ponder: If North Korea strapped explosives to rats and dropped them on Europe, would that be Boombonic Plague? 16. A mouse-tache. A. She was quite a purr-fectionist. What is a cat’s favorite vegetable? 38. What snack do cats like on a really hot day? He barely lived to tell the tail. A purr-suasive kitty. Why did the three blind mice move out of the farmer's wife's kitchen? It turned out that she had it on paws. Why don’t you ever see kittens traveling in packs? What is a cat’s favorite movie? He comes to you. He was guilty of paw-session of narcotics.

Each store is an independent business owned / managed by a member of the Blind / Low Vision Community! What do you get when you cross a rat with an elephant? Why are cats great salesmen? Chocolate Mouse. mouse JOKES (random) Hickory hickory dock. A. Q. What do cats order at Mexican restaurants? A lawn meower. Mouse jokes from Beano's genius joke meisters (mice-ters)! What is the difference between a comma and a cat? What happens when you mix an alley cat with a chick? How many rats does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Three blind mice, three blind Mice See how they run, see how they runThey all ran after the farmer's wifeWho cut off their tails with a carving knifeHave you ever seen such a sight in your life?As three blind mice! What do you call a cat that gets what they want? Cats hate riding in cars because it makes them too light-headed and kitty.

Why doesn't Edward Scissorhands like mice? Q. Why are cats such great singers? Became the president of the United States. What does a 20-pound rat say to a cat?

It was his breed and butter. Where do cultural mice go to view famous paintings? Where does a cat keep its coins? Q. Because not many of them know how to dance... One of them says, “I think the book was better.”. Dogs can’t operate an MRI machine… but catscan. What do you do when a cat burglar breaks in? They run down the clock. To find Pluto.

Q. Why did Mickey Mouse go off into space? A. Stalagmice. What is a cat’s favorite magazine? Q. Q. What was the cat doing on the computer? Why did the cat go to rehab? Cat puns are always so much fun. How many mice does it take to screw in a light bulb? What type of religion does a cat believe in? Because she had it on paws! 123. She was a pawsh cat. What diid one mouse say to the other while they were chewing over a film reel? Q. Shaken and on mice. A. You could step in a poodle. A. Budapests. Why do cats have fresh breath? Q.

Your lap. Three Blind Mice.

Why does it take cats so long to decide on anything?

Mice to meet you. Q. They’re just too hiss-terical. Which strategy do mice use to win sports matches? Now he's heading to the basement to look for mice.

Q. What is a cat’s favorite type of water? 127.

Do you want to read a bad cat joke? A Grand-paw. Of Mice and Men. Q.

What does a cat shout when you step on its tail? A hamster. A bit worse fur wear. A striped jumper!

What is the black cat’s favorite time of day? Three blind mice, three blind Mice See how they run, see how they run They all ran after the farmer's wife Who cut off their tails with a carving knife Have you ever seen such a sight in your life?


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