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She is seen as a cold-hearted, prideful and selfish character, who is willing to do anything to put the odds in her favor.

She is not as cold as the front she puts up, since she feels lonely and guilty for what happened to Marina and Christian. He was portrayed by Álvaro Rico.

By the end of it, Polo is not able to stop Carla as she confesses to everything in an effort to save Samuel. @marquesitapon In the toilet, Polo is drying off, when Lu approaches with the broken bottle-neck seen earlier. First Appearance She is immediately remorseful and tells Polo that she didn't mean to hurt him; he remarks that he understands it was an accident. This could symbolise either her undying devotion to Guzman, or her belief that eventually, true love will come her way. Ander offers to take Polo home, and when they get there, Ander begs Polo to tell him the truth, and that nothing will change between them. This softer side emerges only when she is with Samuel and in the moment when she breaks up with Yeray. 1, 2, 3 She becomes so high that she falls in the pool, nearly drowns and wakes up the day after without remember anything.

Despite this, he had shown a fierce loyalty to those he had grown up with, and forced his mothers to still pay for Lu and Nadia's scholarships despite the way they had treated him. Our Lu Elite style guide shows you exactly how to dress like Lucrecia ‘Lu’ Montesinos Hendrich from the Netflix series Elite. When he is interviewed by the inspector, Polo does not tell her anything, simply remarking that he and Marina were friends.[1]. Her role model is her father, because he knows how to make money, establish his own business, and have it always under control. Guzmán tells Polo that he may be able to trust him after all. She used to have a left nostril piercing, but got tired of it.

When Christian is hospitalized Carla thinks the responsible for this is her father and feels guilty because she was the one who told him that he would have confessed everything and then he had the car accident. The first time, he was in a relationship with, The second time, he began a relationship with. When Lu organizes, or attends, a formal event, she usually goes all out. Like Blair, Lu is a sucker for a glamorous headband, hair slide or crown, and she wears these pieces consistently throughout season 2. The students at Las Encinas look on as the police arrive and arrest Polo.

[8], The tension between Polo and Guzmán comes to a head after the charges are dropped. In season 2, Carla states clearly that they will never be together again. Lu is clearly Elite‘s answer to Blair Waldorf, and I love it! Polo cannot stand to ask Guzmán for help, given his guilt, and suffers in silence with studying — he begins experiencing hallucinations of blood, a sign of guilt over his actions. Instagram Character Information Marina begins bleeding out and, afraid that he will be caught, Polo takes the watch and leaves her bleeding out in the school pool. Polo began experimenting with his sexuality when still in a relationship with Carla, and eventually discovered that he was bisexual.

On the day of the confrontation, Polo sits across from Carla as the process is about to begin. Polo calls of his relationship with both Valerio and Cayetana. Cayetana notices, and drags him from the pool.

Eventually, he returned to school but was subject to hate crimes and bullying by the other students, particularly from Guzmán Nunier Osuna. Romance(s) However, when Marina refused to hand over the watch, she and Polo got into an altercation which resulted in *scream* Carla’s henchman hitting her over the head with the prized trophy. Residence The sequins! Lu’s bitchy attitude and popular mean girl status aren’t the only similarities she shares with Gossip Girl‘s iconic Queen B.


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