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Play the mystery normally and select either of the Red or Blue paper when prompted (You will always lose 5 Stamina). Go to the dog's store and choose to buy a random discount item, and sooner or later you'll end up with the Blue Gem. It is only visible to you. Aka Manto asks children an impossible question to which any answer results in something terrible. You will then have to fight Aka Manto, killing him drops his 'CRESTFALLEN MASK''. Relatives Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Walkthroughs and Secrets for Aka Manto on the PC, with a game help system for those that are stuck Die to AKA MANTO (TRUE FORM) during the CHILLING CHRONICLE OF A CRIMSON CAPE mystery. Do whatever you want to with the exception that you cannot go to the forest location that opens up on the second day more than once. This phenomenon is known all over Japan, with countless variations on the same theme. Follow my Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/igxlinsanegamingxl/ Play through the mystery as straightforwards as possible and kill the Mad Janitor, doing so will reward you with his Fire Axe. eat dinner, light the fireplace). After the computer asks you to put phone to your ears pick 'Remember the note' as you will be taken to another choice. The first is to just play through the mystery as normal. Aka Manto (あかまんと), also known as “Red Cloak” in English, is an urban legend about a masked entity who wears a red cloak. When the computer ask 'Do you like it?" THIS WILL REQUIRE THE 'FIRE AXE' FROM DEFEATING THE MAD JANITOR IN THE MERMAID MYSTERY. The legend may be quite popular and may also have some reported cases but there isn’t anything solid. In the other-world event 'UPPER KINGDOM' select the third option 'fill an empty bottle with blood' to get 'BOTTLE [BLOOD]', then simply use the item. This could be trying to inculcate the dread felt when a student is faced with something he/she doesn’t want to do but must decide. 6; If you enjoyed the video, please hit the LIKE button! The locker containing the 'WOODEN BAT' now contains the 'TORCH'. Required fields are marked *. After his death, he returned as a malicious spirit and began haunting bathrooms and people who entered them. Go back to the bedroom and preform the proper prey and then inspect his foot, it will copy the symbol down into the pamphlet. © 2020 GIANT BOMB, A RED VENTURES COMPANY.

ending C for spine chilling is incorrect. Die to OETARU during the HORRIBLE HISTORY OF HOUSEHOLD HELL mystery. Killer Copyright 2020 — The Conspiracy Legend Blog. Ending 12 - Kidnapped by aliens - Go to the dog's … Aka Manto (赤マント, rode mantel), ook bekend als rode cape, Red Vest, Akai-Kami-Aoi-Kami (赤い紙青い紙, Rood Document, Blauw papier), of af en toe Aoi Manto (青マント, blauwe mantel), is een Japanse stadslegende over een gemaskerde geest die een rode mantel draagt en die verschijnt aan mensen die toiletten gebruiken in openbare of schoolbadkamers. Due to this, there are different depictions as to what the Aka Manto wears but the colour red is always common. It really helps! This ending will make you lose Kana as an ally. Aka Manto (Red Cape/赤マント) is a ghost who haunts bathroom stalls; usually the last stall of all the stalls.

You must investigate it a total of 5 times, with at least 2 times being before the end of day 3. Occupation Type Of Pasta at the cost of -3 REASON, and proceed to puncture Kana's eye out. Hobby As for tracing the origin of this tale, there isn’t a lot to go on. This is the only board ending that requires you to die, thus not being shown with a 'solved mystery' ending screen. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Aka manto’s appearance has changed over time along with the Japanese lexicon. Aka Manto is a fairly old yōkai tale and has been recorded as early as the 1930s. To stop the continuous annoyance, Aka Manto covered his face with a white mask so that nobody would be able to recognize him. Continue killing people within the bathroom stalls by tricking them (On-going) Do the mystery as straightforward as possible and choose to Investigate when prompted at the quarantine wing. Tricking people into their own demise Today, manto is the Japanese word for a cloak or a cape, and so aka manto is usually depicted wearing a long red hooded cloak. Copyright 2020 Dell Technologies. Aka Manto (Red Cape/赤マント) is a ghost who haunts bathroom stalls; usually the last stall of all the stalls. Well, probably not. Play the mystery straightforward and select the option to turn in the "JUST THE VIAL OF RAMEN SOUP" at the end of the mystery when prompted to. An interesting addition is that if the purple option and only this option is chosen, the victim will be allowed to live and leave freely. Gender Summoning the Aka Manto isnt much of a difficult task as he appears himself without any ritual or any work at all. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2003614045. The male police officer ran into the bathroom only to be horrified by what he saw. This legend seems to be more of an interesting tale but not one you need to be worried about when going to relieve yourself in a Japanese bathroom. YOU MUST HAVE A SOURCE OF LIGHT TO DO THIS ENDING. Your email address will not be published. He found the female officer decapitated with her uniform stained deep red by her blood. This next part is unknown but somehow Aka Manto died. Appearance. He was admired by all the teenage girls because of his amazing looks and this ended up becoming an annoyance to him. Make sure you're on patch 0.9.17h1, 0.9.17 was bugged and didn't show it. I personally love Japanese legends and yōkai as they almost always have a unique twist or feature to them. Others change the colour blue to others such as either purple or white. YOU MUST HAVE AN ALLY AND A SOURCE OF LIGHT TO DO THIS ENDING. You will then be teleported into another dimension Dilapidated Corridor where you get the option to sacrifice two guests or carve the cursed symbol, carve the symbol which will then start a fight with the Horrible Old Man and kill him. Alias 01: Games Media, Game » TIP: Getting the Crowbar or the Monkey Wrench (obtainable in the hardware store at the seaside location) is highly recommended to make the process faster.

The only slight possibility an individual has to get away alive is if he/she chooses no colours at all.

Play the mystery as straight forwards as possible, simply let Shriro-san die. During an event that leads to the fight against him, The player will be given 2 choice: either to choose between Red paper or Blue paper , regardless of their choice, the player will always lose 5 STA from an ambush by Aka Manto, either from a knife stab or a strangulation. D is correct, but dying to either scissor woman A only gives you the slit mouth ending screen and no Ending C for the actual mystery. Ignoring him or replying that you do not need any paper will make him go away as he will see he has failed to get you to want some of his toilet paper. Re-roll the downtown dog shop to get over 100% doom. © Valve Corporation. Lose by doom with YGOTHAEG, THE IRRESISTIBLE GAZE as your old god. (TIP: Under offensive actions there will be a button to the side of the main panel called 'UNPLUG LIFE SUPPORT', allowing you to to deal 15 damage to the DREAM DEVOURER at the cost of 3 REASON.). At the same time, the battle background also change to Another World. You can't cover the mirror (at least currently) so you can skip that step. Just complete the mystery as straightforward as possible. All Rights Reserved. Then select 'we must puncture her eye now!' /. On the next screen select the 'REMEMBER THE NOTE' option. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. Could you help out and Suggest a Topic for a Future Blog Post? Start by doing the side quest 'FOREST SUICIDES' by investigating the forest twice. In some cases, choosing the blue option will get your blood sucked out instead of getting you strangled. According to the tale, he was originally a handsome high school student who always wore a deep red cape. This will irritate the Aka Manto but he will eventually disappear and the individual should get away alive. Near the end of the mystery where you are connecting to the computer modem it will asks the question "Do you like it?" Deceased Play the mystery like normal and at the end chose the 'PEEK INSIDE' option at the ending of the mystery. This ending allows you to keep Kana as an ally. Ending 9 - Inner ear bursted - Die to OETARU during the HORRIBLE HISTORY OF HOUSEHOLD HELL mystery. When you go to fight the mad Janitor, under Defensive Actions panel there will be a button to the side of the main panel called 'FORCE MANHOLE OPEN'. Aka Manto is quite a difficult boss due to the nature of his introductory event. If they ask for blue, all the blood is drained from their body. Why don’t you start the discussion? With this item in your inventory, explore the Seaside until you've see an event called LIGHTHOUSE RUMOR. You can't cover the mirror (at least currently) so you can skip that step. In the Shiro-san encounter actions panel, there will be a button called 'W-WHAT'S THAT?' Like me on Facebook ► https://m.facebook.com/IGXLInsaneGamingXL/ Aka Manto (あかまんと), also known as “Red Cloak” in English, is an urban legend about a masked entity who wears a red cloak. say no. Aka Manto Say yes. Aka Manto | Full Gameplay Walkthrough | Escape Ending. If you enjoyed the video, please hit the LIKE button! While the rest of him has remained more or less the same, a change in the Japanese lexicon has led to a change in Aka Manto’s appearance. Under the attack options panel, there will be a button to the left called 'SACRIFICE THE OTHER GUEST', you must sacrifice one guest and then kill him.


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