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Position of this disk goes to you until another inquisitor is assigned to hunt for the Jedi and Padawan."

Through his position as an ISB Agent, Kallus hoped to achieve greater prominence within the Empire. How will this affect him? While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. One that once again the empire was threatening to tear apart. Agent Kallus - Inner Monologue, a star wars rebels fanfic | FanFiction From the shadows of a rocky structure, I watched the rebel ship depart. Conflicts of interest seem to be everywhere. Once I'm treated, I will be as good as new. Kallus hated disorder and rebellious activity, and made it his life's work to ensure stability within the Empire. At least not intelligent ones, as I heard the Bonzami answering with a murmur far beneath the surface. "In war we fight for peace. He thought back to the clone wars and before. In doing so, it felt like a betrayal of the worst kind. It was right then and there that Kallus saw what he had to do. It had both his parents last words on it. Kallus went back into his cabin. Once I returned to my original state of mind, I arranged my leg into a more comfortable position, checked if the distress signal was still on its way through the unfriendly atmosphere and into the vastness of space, and tried not to wonder how much I'd missed from my life by serving a delusion. He felt it. A darkness growing within the circus, disguised by entertainment and false smiles. He knew he was with the Chiss for a reason, but with every passing year in which he didn't hear anything about his former superior officer, he was more uncertain about his feelings. "Is that a loth-cat?". Position of this disk goes to you until another inquisitor is assigned to hunt for the Jedi and Padawan.". I sniffed again, then laughed at the irony of the situation. The 9 year old triplets aren't the easiest to take care of especially not when Jacen and his twin brother Milo are around. Or so I hoped.„At least THEY care about my absence" I sniffed, then found my mind wandering off again. Then I laid back, trying to find cover before the freezing teeth of the raging storm could get a taste of me. Sabine Wren has been battling with her conscience for years, ever since that dramatic battle over Lothal. File notes: master Kanan Jarrus, parents Mira and Ephraim Bridger (the voice of freedom broadcast), force sensitive, blue single bladed lightsaber with attached blaster (damaged). Zeb dragged a hand over his face and rolled onto his side, bringing his knees into his chest.

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Ahsoka Tano aka Fulcrum (Skywalker's apprentice). He had to at least try and fix this. Kallus clicked on the attached video in Ezra's file it began to display the video of his parents execution.

Was known to have a Single bladed green lightsaber and shoto as a Padawan. Kallus finds himself simultaneously lauded and hated, trying to keep his head down and get a certain lasat out of his thoughts so he can do his job properly. Status: Jedi Padawan, street rat, thief, rebel. The oldest kit Logan named after Kallus dead father, the middle, Elizabeth, named after Kallus's dead mother and the youngest is named after Zeb's "Brother" Ezra. Kallus walked away from the stormtrooper to his cabin. A day ago I was attending my duties, hunting rebels, dealing with deserters, so confident in my position. Then I laid back, trying to find cover before the freezing teeth of the raging storm could get a taste of me. On it was lots of information on both the Jedi Kanan Jarrus us and the Padawan Ezra Bridger. He'd prefer to avoid broken fingers and busted lips but Sabine is one of his greatest and most loyal friends. It was almost like he heard the events second hand.

This is a pure DOMESTIC FLUFF fic.

Still he had to try. He saw the stormtrooper that had handed him the holodisk. Wears mostly green with a plate of armor on one arm. „No, I don't feel compassion for him. With the end of the war rapidly approaching, the Jedi find themselves facing threat after threat. Kallus felt it like a slap to his ears, and it twisted a knife in his gut. Calling him Alexsandr didn’t change the fact he was an Imp, no matter how much he wanted it to. Mandalorians are a complicated people. A collection of mostly unconnected ficlets and vignettes encompassing all Star Wars eras that will be added to periodically. I added after some seconds of being in a dilemma.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. What if people aren't satisfied, what if they aren't feeling safe? „Or… is it truly?"

All he could remember was the singular thought that once it hit his brain, it wouldn’t leave:Kallus.". Everything they did was to protect it. The information on her shocked Kallus. That is it. Kallus decided that the best place for him in this rebellion was as an insider. ", A sputtering pain started working its way across my leg, for which I was thankful.

But at the possibility that Eli did not survive the encounter he felt both, with such overwhelming force that the edges of his vision darkened, and a stronger feeling long-buried threatened to resurface. At least, not if they cooperate. „STOP!" Please consider turning it on! What I hope happens with Kallus in session 3. Zeb has been perfectly happy at his school, working on the tech crew for his school's drama club. The warning, incomplete as it was, was sent. Your review has been posted. These people were top priority on the wanted list not for being rebels but because of things that they had no control over. They took away his childhood and everything that made him Ezra Bridger. Will he became a spy or not?

Should he choose to stick to his duty with the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet - or should he follow his heart and find Thrawn?In other words: two of our favorite characters decide to follow their hearts for once, but they find the road ahead is not quite as easy-going as they had expected at first. "This is a men's room." What he learns makes him question the empire. She had escaped. 10 years after the end of rebels Sabine finds Ezra. Jacen needs a caretaker. "Sentences and thoughts were crawling into my mind, filled with doubts, finding those small cracks on my determination and sanity, chewing their way into my subconscious.

Maybe it’s a mistake (it most definitely is), but Zeb can’t resist what Kallus offers. Agent Kallus stood in the doorway, ramrod and proper as always. Truly enough, the Empire is is strict with those who stand against its might, but not with the civilians. Maketh looked around and noticed for the first time that it was a men's bathroom she ducked into. I snapped at myself sitting up, and then shut up immediately, grabbing the now even more painful leg that got contracted in the process. Ezra's birthday was empire day. It was natural, doing what I'd always been doing.

"Sir, the seventh sister as well as the fifth and eighth brother have been confirmed dead. Every member of the Ghost Crew had a very valid reason to be against the empire. To protect the people without bloodshed, but mandalorians just want to protect their people too.

It had been going on ever since I - we - got here, yet it didn't seem to have any intention of stopping anytime soon.


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