2005 rmz 450 top speed
Honda is now on its 4th generation frame, and finally, after a lot of trial and error, they have worked things out with aluminum. 50,0 Nm (5,1 kgf*m) / 7500 rpm – RM-Z450L9 0 to 100 km/h (0-60 mph) Top speed CARBURETION SYSTEM Type Carburetor, 1x Keihin FCR40MX – RM-Z450K5-K7 Fuel Injection, 1x – RM-Z450K8+ ID DRIVE TRAIN Clutch Wet, multi-plate, cable operated Transmission 4-speed – RM-Z450K5-K7 5-speed – RM-Z450K8+ Final drive Chain Primary reduction - An impossible challenge? But in a crash, where you might have to go to the hot-start button, you'll lose time since it is still on the carb. ©2020 Ultimate Specs - Motorcycles - Turning was even more surprising; it was even better than the stability. And as fast as they appeared, they changed, showing the fast pace of testing at Suzuki. But with a strong swing the bike fires right up. This great power will have you pulling a gear high on a lot of turns, and here is where its superb clutch action comes into play. The RM-Z was looking to upset the CRF450R, which has a stranglehold on the class, if not the entire MX market. Still in a flurry of testing, the Suzuki engineers were seen even more frequently, causing some to speculate that they were changing the bike even more. It isn't slow! And both front and rear tires performed exceptionally and showed astonishing durability.Suspension set-up is extremely important with the RM-Z; the ride height is especially vital. With a more knobby tread and good suspension, dirt bikes were created with dirt, rocks, mud, and sand in mind, rather than a paved road.

The crank's placement seems to have struck a good balance.Yet another surprising trait of the RM-Z is stability.

The power is very strong at that low rpm, but it's the dial-a-wheelie type of strong, not the sudden wheel-spin zap. Opening up the rebound damping was also an option, but it wasn't as effective. My only question is: How's the durability? This could be one of the best-turning bikes ever. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. 995 mm (39.2 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting.

Cause I really like this bike and for a lot of the reasons I thought I hate the RM-Z.

But boy was I wrong, and now I feel like eating crow, but I like it! Compare with any other bike. Suzuki found in testing that this was the ideal setting, and most of our test riders agreed.Overall the Showa suspenders do a great job of providing a plush, controlled ride. When we were testing on the wet, rutted track of Racetown 395, the bike didn't have the opportunity to shake its head.

After three days of fine-tuning the suspension—finally with a little help from Karel—the RM-Z was amazing. Stalling wasn't an issue unless the idle was set really low, and the bike would usually fire right up. 995 mm (39.2 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting. Copyright © 2020 Dirt Rider. It seemed to stop the bike better because of the larger front tire. US$ 6499. Suzuki has set their '05 models up for very plush action, but after they get a few miles on them, they tend to blow through the suspension stroke with my weight. With this drive-train, the Suzuki RM-Z 450 is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of  . engine performance, reliability, repair costs, etc. Same goes for the adjustable bar clamps. Doesn't matter where you want to turn, the bike does it. Evidently it was production issues and making sure the durability of the final pieces was up to standard. We guessed wrong and thought the bike would keep with the Suzuki trend, setting standards for a light-feeling bike, perhaps on the twitchy side. The Suzuki RM-Z 450 model is a Cross / motocross bike manufactured by Suzuki . If you put RMZ450 forks and a Rmz450 swingarm on an RM250 it would work. If so, is it because the Honda is a better bike?" Rating: 3.8 Check out the detailed rating of off-road capabilities, engine performance, maintenance cost, etc. It brought back memories of the '97 CR250, which I thought was the most ill-handling bike ever.

The handling we just raved about can go right out the window if you're just a few clicks off on compression or let the sag ride too low (104mm is recommended). We were expecting a more rev-oriented power spread and an aggressive delivery, things that the RM-Z is not. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Bikez.com has been Hence our Honda test's title "Moving Target" (Nov '04). The suspension settings were particularly sensitive; one click up or down made a big difference. It has a planted feel and combined with the thumps of power, it has some mass to it.

You immediately get the feeling that the Suzuki is a much more traditional four-stroke than most of the other big-bores out there. Very little clutching. Starting with the engine and carrying through to the chassis, it is one of the easiest bikes to ride fast on. The initial stroke is compliant without being very harsh. Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. In fact, the RM-Z450 is extremely lightweight - and it has incredible performance to match. I can ride it substantially longer than other bikes without getting tired. Check out the detailed rating of off-road capabilities, engine performance, maintenance cost, etc. Especially watching from the outside and comparing what was happening to what I'd seem before. All rights reserved.

Any time the bike started to dance around or feel stiff, we found it was riding too low in the rear. They're plenty stiff so bottoming isn't a big concern. Contact US. Tod Sciacqua 5'8"/ 170lb./ Vet ProAs you can read in the test, I was the biggest skeptic about this bike. So with such a good bike, what was the real reason for the delay? On harder terrain, the initial stroke gives a bit more feel to the rider and you notice the bottoming a little more when the ground doesn't give. It may not feel like it makes a ton of power, but sometimes a spread like this can be very deceiving. The shock has a tendency to use up the stroke quickly.

All the while Suzuki Racing is continuing to race a "works" RM-Z even though the bike could qualify for the production rule, like the still-unreleased KTM SX 250 four-stroke did. Damage control? Telescopic, cartridge-type, 22 compression and 20 rebound settings, 12.2 inches, 310mm of wheel travel, Link-type, spring preload fully-adjustable, 16 compression and 19 rebound settings, 12.2 inches of 310 of wheel travel. It is also seemingly unaffected by ruts.

It makes big-stroke power and torque from a very low rpm, and pulls smoothly.

MSRP depend on country, taxes, accessories, etc. Sure, there was some damage control going on due to its late arrival, but it wasn't to the level our speculation led us to believe. Dirt Rider may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. But first we'll look at why the bike was late.Suzuki was making a bold statement about a year ago when they announced they were entering the most hotly contested class in the dirt bike market. A Bonnier Corporation Company. The RM-Z is no exception. 2005 Suzuki RM-Z450 - Test Ride & Review - Dirt Rider. This finding was backed up at I-5 MX. Dirt bikes are essentially small motorcycles that are designed for off-roading. The bike gets traction on even the slickest surfaces.A power spread like the RM-Z is good for working through a four-speed gearbox. Prototype bikes quickly appeared at test tracks and international races. In this version sold from year 2005 , the dry weight is 101.0 kg (222.7 pounds) and it is equiped with a Single cylinder, four-stroke motor. Compare with any other bike. As for stopping power, the Suzuki RM-Z 450 braking system includes Single disc size  at the front and Single disc size  at the rear.

Dirt Bikes aren’t really designed specifically for high speeds or maintaining high speeds over an extended period of time. Jimmy Lewis 5'10"/190lb./Vet Pro. The thump-a-matic power it makes right off idle is very welcome. The First Rmz 450's (2005) had larger axles front and rear. - Yamaha YZ450FSE - Special Edition (2007). The larger 90/100-21 front Bridgestone helps things out here by gripping in places thinner tires don't. A little extra high-speed compression helped.

Third handles a lot of corners and most straights, and fourth is for when the track opens up. It feels like there is a high-ratio to get the motor spinning, and it is a high reach to get the full stroke. We ran the bike on a high-speed GP course, and found that fourth gear's legs were plenty long enough for the fastest stuff you'd ever encounter on an MX track—even with stock gearing. There's a saying: Better late than never. Most of the parts were done many months ago, waiting on the last bits that weren't ready. I really have nothing bad to say about the RM-Z. I've found most RMs to be aggressive bikes, demanding a ton of rider attention, never allowing me to relax while riding. I don't seem to have to shift much. With a first gear that is low enough for the tightest of turns, there is little need to be shifting much.

The RM-Z is good enough that we're out right now racing it against the CRF to see where it stacks up. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of  and a maximum torque of  . Power builds so smoothly that there isn't really a hit or surge through the entire power delivery.

The bike is an able jumper, too. The front end is very planted, and steering control is great. About - With the press introduction still not set, it leaving us wondering: "Do they want the RM-Z in dealers before any press hits the streets? On soft terrain they are magical. 2005 Front Brakes Dimensions - Disc Dimensions, Telescopic, cartridge-type, 22 compression and 20 rebound settings, 12.2 inches, 310mm of wheel travel, Link-type, spring preload fully-adjustable, 16 compression and 19 rebound settings, 12.2 inches of 310 of wheel travel, Engine size - Displacement - Engine capacity, Recuperation 60 to 140 km/h in highest gear, Fuel Consumption - MPG - Economy - Efficiency. And with a crowded production line pumping out a lot of other very-important bikes—like the GSXRs—it is hard to slip any dirt bike in, even one as important to Suzuki as the RM-Z. February 24, 2009. And we say: Better watch out for the late ones because they get to see what they're up against. These do fit although the rmz 450 swingarm is 25mm longer. Some might say as impossible as building the best motocross bike in a year's time.Opinions, I love four-stroke motocrossers, and I have a feeling that the Suzuki RM-Z450 could be way up on my list of favorites. We found ourselves doing this a lot, and the clutch seemed up to the abuse without so much as a squeak.


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